Who’s There Bird
Here’s looking at you
Hiding in plain view

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Self Portrait for Squirrels

Coming or going, mind the steps!
Escher Dilemma
Be careful, gents, when you use the ladies restroom
Restroom Buttons
Latest Word Search Puzzle: Retro Cross #24
Word Search Puzzles
Private ferries get most passengers across safely
Thailand Ferry
One of the hazards of haying in Saskatchewan
Badger Bale
Brick siding for a sliding illusive building
Camouflage Garage
How to draw attention away from a truck driver
Moosejaw Driver
One brick short of a full load
Short A Few Bricks
Some bicycles need a lot of security
Bike Locked Down Securely?
The caring arborist supports a just cause
Tree Nurture
Jethro's trip came with elk cookies for the journey
Winter in Wyoming
City Salmon are preferred over Wild Salmon in Portland, Oregon
Salmon Street
Who took my lipstick?
Lipstick Dog
What police are selling Down Under
Dodgy Coppers
Agnes jumps into her freezer to cool off on a hot day
Personal Pool
King size Coke for 10 cents!
1957 Woolworth Menu
Avoiding bumps along life's journey
How To Argue With A Woman
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