The Importance Of Education

Food For Thought at Happy’s Market

Education is important but cold beer is importanter

  Here’s to  a  Sign  of the start of a  Redneck’s  School  Year

Payday came and with it beer. - Rudyard Kipling

The truth is more important than the facts. - Frank Lloyd Wright

To educate a man is to unfit him to be a slave. - Frederick Douglass

The important thing is never to stop questioning. - Albert Einstein

The important thing is not the camera but the eye. - Alred Eisenstaedt

I never let schooling interfere with my education. - Mark Twain

Native ability without education is like a tree without fruit. - Aristippus

Give me a woman who truly loves beer and I will conquer the world. - Kaiser Willhelm II

The most important political office is that of the private citizen. - Louis D. Brandeis

Education is the process of casting false pearls before real swine. - Irwin Edman

Courage is very important. Like a muscle, it is strengthened by use. - Ruth Gordon

Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one. - Malcolm Forbes

In heaven there is no beer...
That's why we drink ours here. - Unknown

I have a strong sense that I have to educate people about disability. - Oscar Pistorius

I had an Irish Catholic education. Horrible nuns, vindictive and cruel. - John Lydon

It is more important to click with people than to click with the shutter. - Alfred Eisenstadt

There's only one thing that can kill the movies, and that is education. - Will Rogers

The most important of my discoveries has been suggested to me by my failures. - Sir Humphrey Davy

Human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe. - H G Wells

I got something important here to read and sign and I gotta consecrate on that. - Archie Bunker

An inventor is simply a fellow who doesn't take his education too seriously. - Charles F. Kettering

True navigation begins in the human heart. It's the most important map of all. - Elizabeth K Lindsey

Love and respect are the most important aspects of parenting, and of all relationships. - Jodie Foster

Education is when you read the fine print. Experience is what you get if you don't. - Pete Seeger

The most effective kind of education is that a child should play amongst lovely things. - Plato

Our eyes are placed in front because it is more important to look ahead than to look back. - Unknown

His lack of education is more than compensated for by his keenly developed moral bankruptcy. - Woody Allen

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why. - Mark Twain

What is the first part of politics? Education. The second? Education. And the third? Education. - Jules Michelet

One of the most important tasks of a manager is to eliminate his people's excuses for failure. - Robert Townsend

The test and the use of man's education is that he finds pleasure in the exercise of his mind. - Jacques Martin Barzun

Whatever their other contributions to our society, lawyers could be an important source of protein. - Guindon

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals. - Zig Ziglar

Education: that which discloses to the wise and disguises from the foolish their lack of understanding. - Ambrose Bierce

There are only three colors, ten digits, and seven notes; it's what we do with them that's important. - Ruth Ross

Weaseling out of things is important to learn. It's what separates us from the animals... except the weasel. - Homer Simpson

Business meetings are important because they're one way of demonstrating how many people the company can operate without. - Unknown

Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught. - Oscar Wilde

Education commences on the mother's knee, and every word spoken within hearsay of little children tends toward the formation of character. - Hosea Ballou

The fruits of philosophy are the important thing, not the philosophy itself. When we ask the time, we don't want to know how watches are made. - Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

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