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Busting the myth that the Titanic was a big ocean liner
Titanic Size
A red Cardinal makes the yearly migration from Florida to Ontario
Spring Forward
Please wait while Spring is loading in Canada
Canadian Spring
Spring Ahead or Fall Behind?
Spring Is In The Air
Tall delivery of expensive merchandise
Vase Bike
Un-frogettable recycling ideas for the garden
Tire Frog
Playing soccer on vertical pitch makes for great scenery
Extreme Soccer
Climbing towards the high end of the scale
Keyboard Stairs
Hi, my name's Cliff - drop over some time!
Himilayan Cure for Constipation
Stick family graffiti in Saskatchewan snowfall
Canadian Vandalism
Promoting cognitive learning to media relationships
Brain App
Not a care in the world, until last week...
I Lost It All
Standing out among scooter safeguards
Hair Helmet
Pied piper finds the perfect standalone dance partner
Dance With Me
Road sign for aging pedestrians
Dear Crossing
Measuring up for the Indian Army
Best Chest Forward
Turning into a country where one keeps their mouth shut
Country Irony
How to build your own stalagmite
Cold Faucet
How Rupinder won the trucker's fix-a-flat contest
India Road Assistance
Longevity at the baseball park
Together Since
A dog's 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the driveway
Dog Patch
Throughout the good times and the bad times
How Men Think
You'll look sweet upon the seat of a bicycle built for three
Tri-Cycle Tour
Youre never too old to keep trying
Skateboading For Seniors
Canadian parliament passes anti-Islamophobia motion
ISIS Control
Heat exchange pipe systems in the Middle East
Pipe Exhaust
Pope Francis lifts the ban on condoms
Breaking News From Rome
Friends Without Phones - communication retrolution
No-iPhone Kids
The pot calling the kettle black: Middle East hypocrisy?
Forbidden Israeli Passports
The agony of de-feet
Stretch Line - Down To The Wire
Gas blowout spotted on Canadian prairies
Flatulent Cow
When storing nuts can be pain-full for a squirrel
Hang Time
Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump shake hair together
A New Era
Daisy, Daisy on a scooter that's built for two
Scooter Duo
Platform heels - latest in flowery footwear
Flower Frame Heels
Things are rolling along on the farm
Wheel Chair
Have you exercised today?
Daily Exercise for Seniors
Pierre Elliott Trudeau on abstinence
Should Have Pulled Out
Teamwork in action
Couple's Return Policy
How they started a wheel-e good marriage
Wheelchair Wedding
Leading down the road to winter survival
Sheep Path
Cane you make it over here, George?
Cane Swimmers
Donald Trump Looks Over The Wall To Canada
Canadian Welcome
Cape Breton awaits arrival of Obama and Michelle
Obama Moving On
Snowman security
Car Snowmen
Trudeau Jr. balances weight of Carbon Tax on taxpayers
Prime Minister Moonbeam of Canada
Stop and Go on winter roads
Go Winterized
The progress of Man from Prehistoric to Post Fast Food
Evolution Of Man
Looks like it's to cold to change the sign
Cold Sermon
A brewhouse that hires thought-provoking employees
Something Witty
Looks like there's sunthing wrong here...
Sun Top Roof With Sun Substitute
Finding a relationship with someone close to you
Be Someone
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