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How to use winning cipher code numbers
Lottery Keys
Resolutions that Bubba can keep!
Redneck New Years Resolutions You Can Keep
When it's painful being on top of the Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree Top Pain
Fix your marriage - take your wife on a LONG vacation
It's Safe To Come Out Now, Honey
When Christmas Carols fall on deaf ears
Home For Blind Carol Singers
Be sure to check your oil level this Halloween
Pumpkin Engine Check
Dressing up as a scary ride for Halloween
Costume Ride
Pools keep out non-swimming zombies
Hampton Inn Zombies
Oktoberfest takes on a decidedly pork taste
Bacon Beer Mug
Fontastic approach to graffiti removal
Comic Sans Graffiti
Bubba's travel companion for those on the go
Portable Outhouse
For Seniors who need extra income
Living within tree house surroundings
Tree Houses
Computer animation one step at a time
ASCII Art - Walking Man
Love - the most glorious two-and-a-half days of your life!
Love Quotes
This sinks' 4U!
Goldfish Sink
Got time for another request on your last day?
Last Request
Use this technique to tune up your antenna
How To Improve Your Car's Radio Reception
i-Glass Auto Delivery
Instant Beer Refill
This fire hazard requires extreme measures
'No Fart Forest' for Extreme Fire Hazards
How observant are you?
Find 11 Faces
Ford's $7 million 2007 Shelby GR1 car of the year
2007 Ford Shelby GR1 Concept Car
Moving towards portable percussion
Drumset Motorcycle
Road safety is more than a T-Shirt reminder
Good Driver
Canucks turn pond hockey into quite a racket
Canadian Tennis
Camilla Toonie - new money standard for Canada
Canadian Banknotes - Extreme Makeover For Toonie
Orange road safety cones for those who should know more about safety
Safety Nap
Lending a helping hand to reach the last two beer bottles
Typical Males
When the time's right for microwaveable soup
How To Microwave Soup
An innovative way to score 2 basketball points
Painful Slam Dunk
Unusual alternatives to common high-priced medicine treatment
Alternate Uses For Brand Name Products
Top homicides of the year
2003 FBI Serious Crimes
Prawns dancing the night away
Disco Prawn