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Going round in circles trying to find your own home?
Circular Residences - Roundabout Directions
For New Zealand tourists who have to go...
Shanty Town, New Zealand - Potty Pic
Which end are you driving from?
Front and Back Beetle
Looking for more 'weighs' to lose your pickup?
Last Ice Fishing Trip
When you know it's not a good day to go to work
Work Not
Can you find the fox in this fox hunt?
Fox Hunt - Head Hunter du Jour
Down South Deluxe Transportation
Texas Limo
Next time don't get so excited about visiting a nursery
Early Spring Planting Yields Extra Returns
Narrow tunnel vision requires a traffic light
Light at End and Start of The Tunnel
What a tree-mendous idea!
Save A Tree
How to ruin a romantic evening
Romance Lost
Not all Hummers are what they appear 2B
Hummers Only Look Tough
Moses parts more than just water
Moses Parting the Ice Field
A computer geek with lots going for him
Computer Multitasker - He Be Da' Man!
To Air is Human, To Fore-Give Divine!
Police De-Tail: Down-Wind Protocol
Mind over matter doesn't matter at this intersection
No Go Intersection
For days when you just don't have time for your diet
Very Fat Burger
Can you spot the female bird?
Birding Skills 101
Why it's easy to find beer in Paris!
Camouflage Beer Bus
If Ikea made cars...
Chinese Puzzle Car
Third World Luxury Ride - includes 'Rear' air conditioning
Hybrid Thai Car - Thai One On!
Bubba spares no expense to protect his vehicle
Redneck Car Lock
How Bubba adds real gas to his fireplace
Starting Your Fireplace On The Roof
Nothing gets your attention more than an attentive tree
Tree's Right Of Passage
Thirsty military personnel face daunting Iraq mousetrap
New Threat In Iraq
New jet design for military passengers
Multi-Pilot Jet
Don't trust a duck - they're not all they're quacked up to be!
Duck Heist - Ducks Gone Bad
Special intersection crossing for senior citizens
Geezer Crossing
Couch Potato takes on new meaning @ Bubba's home
Couch Throne
Even the honeymoon suite is just Duck-e!
Hunter's Dream Wedding
Tennessee's only upside down attraction (Pigeon Forge)
Upside Down Amusement
A real big bike for tall men
Tall Guy Bike
Take it easy - sit in a Gold Glove!
Baseball Chair
Seen any Flying Cathedrals lately?
Flying Cathedral Excuse
Don't get caught bearing down the road with this street gang coming your way
Street Gangs In Canada
Unexpected Air Show aerobics
Flying With Angels
Fall Fishing - When it's not a good time to go fishing
Bridge 'No Fishing' Zone
Just when you think there's no way to sustain life on Mars
Proof That There Is Water On Mars
Why get a new one when the old one keeps muffling along?
Slovak Muffler Accessory
Who needs a truck?
Pane-Full Motorcycle
Had enough? Time to spill the beans...
Last Day On The Job
Show us what you've got, computer nerds!
Geeks On Display
Amish faith in a troubled world
The Power Of Faith
When a close screen makes for a close shave
Nerd Shaving
Finally - the secret to Coca Cola's success revealed!
Coke's Special Ingredients
Looking for a short-term Army job? Testing for duds is 4U...
Worst Job in the Army
From the Department of the Obvious
Tim the Tool Man's SUV
Can Never Have Too Many Tools
Looking for more South Africa dinner suggestions?
Kayak Tours for Lunch and Dinner Guests
Kid's last 'Say Cheese' picture
Pre-Dinner Photography
Where not to take your car for your next oil change
Mechanics Gone Wrong - Car Teeter Totter
Where not to take flying lessons
Learn To Fly
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