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A bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work
Fish Diet
In memory of those who lost their lives during 9/11, September 11, 2001
In A Perfect World
An Extract from a 13 May 1955 'Housekeeping Monthly' Article
The Good Wife's Guide
Where Earthlings stand in the grand scheme of things
Astronomy Perspective
If you gotta go, do it in style!
Texas Outhouse Art
Dad and Son talk -be-fore it's too late!
Fatherly Advice
Ever heard your father say any of these gems?
Father Sayings for Father's Day
Tandem biking - latest rage for Florida Snowbirds
Florida's Retired Bikers
Just what Italians need to catch speeding drivers
New Italian Police Car
Watch for the 'big' one next time you're out in tall grass
BIG Texas Rattlesnake
'Hop' on to a Beer Buggy near you!
Happy Hour Bike Club
Everything I need to know, I learned from the Easter Bunny
Easter Bunny Wisdom
Speak geek if you want to hire a geek!
How To Hire Engineers
Texting Abbreviations for the Elderly
Crowds panic as flood threatens Ireland...  what “ales” you?
Irish Flood
Phoenix Faces 13 More Years of Summer!
Groundhog Crisis
Sliding market for Oscar Mayer products in Montana
Wienermobile Crash
Santa was blown in from Brownsville, down Mexico way
The Night Before Christmas In Texas
Santa's flying machine runs into an F105
Ultimate Christmas Yard Decoration
Learn To speak Redneck
Redneck 101 - How To Speak Redneck
New Hoover vacuum cleaner makes men's housework a breeze!
If Men Did Housework
Snowbirds go nuts down South!
Florida Squirrel
March 14th is Pi Day
Pumpkin Pi
Revenge of the non-vegetarians
Help Stop The Violence
Adding insult to injury in the parking lot
Lost Car Keys
Mother Mail - don't mess with Moms!
Mom Posting
Texas bull is built tough and lasts a long time
Benini Ranch Sculpture
Inbreeding among cats causes surge in food defects
Inbread Cat
Why Men are NOT allowed to write advice columns
Joe's 'Dear Abby' Page
Bubba and friends relaxing on top of their new water taxi
Redneck Water Limo
Texas fish adapt to global warming
Fish Eyes
Google's new 'Map Marathon' directions
Google Marathon Maps
My Momma didn't raise no fool!
Redneck Air Conditioner
For aging Boy Scouts - always Be Prepared!
Boy Scout Scooter
Sharing peanuts with your friends
Almond Treats For The Bus Driver
Bird tagging in Arkansas
Tasty Migratory Birds
Why there's nothing worse than an oversensitive woman
Women Get Frustrating As They Grow Older
Calculate your wife's raw score
Marital Rating Chart - Wife
Home for owl rehab friends
Owl Door
Be prepared for blizzard conditions
Cold Weather Travel Warning
Calculate your husband's raw score
Marital Rating Chart - Husband
How to remove the good clean taste of spring water
Dehydrated Water
Help cure those who suffer from Invisiblemanitus
Invisible Homeless Man
New Line 6 on IRS Form 1040
New IRS Form
Spiritual version of the famous Christmas story
'Twas the Night Before Christmas
Stick Man exercises for combat duty
Animated Army Training
Guide for getting the most out of your work tools
Tool Definitions for Dummies
How to play golf in Scotland
Golf Instructions
How do I re-tweet?
LOL Tweet
How to create a successful business plan
Building Permit
Why it won't let you down!
Viagra Ingredients
Heart-warming story ends notion that golfers aren't good husbands
Good Golfer
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