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When a soft landing can lead to a good meal
Bad Day Flyer
When guys may want a 2nd delivery opinion
He Looks Just Like His Father!
Some things just don't change
Ancient Politician
Signs that it might be getting cold in Canada
Cold Canada Winter
At least this guy's brakes work!
Break In Motion Brake
Revised Medicare required to stay within expenses
New Medicare Program for Senior Citizens
It's not always what you drive, but where you park
Close Call Parking
Japan's last earthquake - caught on film seconds before occurrence
Sumo Skiing - Newest Olympic Event
Significantly reduce unwanted extra pounds
Healthy Breakfast
Could he be playing Beaglethoven, Muttszart or Poochini?
Piano Dog
Frozen Buns' day when maybe you shouldn't 'go'
Cold Outhouse
Care to take up surfing instead of swimming?
Surf-In Lunch Snack
Holding up your end of a good relationsheep
Pulling The Wool Over Your Eyes
Juggling too much at work? Look outside your box!
'Outside The Box' Juggler
Delta's new economy fare to combat high fuel prices
Economy Flight Plan
How to prove that you shouldn't be going to work today
Calling In Sick - Snow Job for the Boss
What happens in Vancouver when it snows
Vancouver Snow Plow
Heard you were constipated.  But not any more, right?
TP Protector
For serious drag racers who haven't got time for Pit Stops
No Pit Stop Car
How kids in Ohio get an early break for holidays
Early Christmas School Break
Most pilots park at the airport when invited to an out-of-town BBQ
Drop In For Dinner
Second case of Bird 'Flew' reported in Florida
Florida Bird Flu
Do you have doubts about lending your car to a woman?
Good Advice
How to get your bike back home if you run out of gas
Gas Saving Motorcyclist
When it's safe to go fishing for a Great White Shark
Lost Uncle
Always take the wrong fork in the road? No more!
'Forks For Dorks' Car
Perfect present for the grill of your dreams!
Frilly VW Bug
Rednecks build their fences one can at a time
Redneck Fence
You have to know what your priorities are...
Reuniting with long-lost family members
Family Reunion
Bubba's Tornado/Flooding Survival Checklist
Redneck Hurricane Survival Kit
Looks like they had the right sign on this vehicle
'Turn Me Over' Pickup
Some drivers like it hot at the speedway
Racing a 'Hot Rod'
Looks like you can get Domino's Pizza anywhere
Domino's Delivers Everywhere
And the five finalists in the Miss Afghanistan contest are...
Miss Afghanistan Finalists
Nemo 2: Nemo Lost - not coming to a theater near you soon
Nemo Found @ Japanese Sushi Bar
Homeland Security deploys best line of defense
Ultimate Border Control Protection
Has someone caught your attention lately?
Who's There?
He loves me... He loves me not...
Love - Hate Attitude
Low-tech Atlanta wireless computer
Redneck Wireless Internet System
This lunch includes free delivery
Lunch Time
World's smallest working revolver
Swiss Minigun
Pappy's Redneck 101 training class for Grandson
Hillbilly Tooth Fairy
Cat Woman and Rat Man are still around and happy as ever
Cat Woman and Rat Man
Why you should be careful when choosing an engagement ring
Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring
Ever wonder what Mona Lisa does when the Museum is closed?
Mona Lisa - Behind The Scenes
If you can't find anything else in New Orleans, you'll find this!
New Restaurant Opening in New Orleans
Thieves may get more than they bargain for with this bait car
Anti-Theft Car Device
Best protection from baby's best friend
Baby 'Sitter'
Be careful where you park at this preschool
Preschool Parking
So that's why they call them long neck giraffes!
LONG Neck Giraffe
Nothing but the best for Bubba when he goes camping!
Redneck Portable Camping Potty
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