Francis Turner Submissions
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Now playing in a cold cinema near you
Frozen Theater
Doing more with bacon wraps
Bacon Tacos
3D Printers - make whatever you want
3D Bankrupty
Time lapse from diskette to flash drive
Computer Memory Family
How to shear a dog as a shadow of its former self
Shear Dog
Supporting act for a Halloween party
Kitten Skeletor Costume
Bubba eats his veggie porch lights when they burn out
Some plants don't like Mondays
Monday Flowers
The Tick-Tock of Donald Trump's Inauguration
Inauguration Day 2017
Strange aquatic life spotted Down Under
Boomerang Starfish
Everything is bigger in Texas - even their mailboxes
Welcome to Texas, USPS
Skeleton cleanup in Aisle 5
Halloween Crime Scene
The Donald putting a curl into a whirl
Donald Trump Rabbit
Beware of chickens in public libraries
Chicken Literacy
When it's time to cut back on the caffeine
Wired For Coffee
Looking for a little bull to go with your whine, are we?
Sharing The Bull