Francis Turner Submissions
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The Tick-Tock of Donald Trump's Inauguration
Inauguration Day 2017
Now playing in a cold cinema near you
Frozen Theater
Strange aquatic life spotted Down Under
Boomerang Starfish
Time lapse from diskette to flash drive
Computer Memory Family
Everything is bigger in Texas - even their mailboxes
Welcome to Texas, USPS
Skeleton cleanup in Aisle 5
Halloween Crime Scene
The Donald putting a curl into a whirl
Donald Trump Rabbit
Doing more with bacon wraps
Bacon Tacos
3D Printers - make whatever you want
3D Bankrupty
Beware of chickens in public libraries
Chicken Literacy
Some plants don't like Mondays
Monday Flowers
Bubba eats his veggie porch lights when they burn out
How to shear a dog as a shadow of its former self
Shear Dog
When it's time to cut back on the caffeine
Wired For Coffee
Supporting act for a Halloween party
Kitten Skeletor Costume
Looking for a little bull to go with your whine, are we?
Sharing The Bull