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Meet people online @ MySpace - or at least half of them
The Art of Cropping
Find out how you can own your own bank!
Bank Deal
Talk About 'Odd Couples'
Dancing With Soon To Be Stars
Religious sand sculpture from Maryland
Jesus On The Beach
For the little things you'll forget
Why Men Need Post-It Notes
'No, Bubba - fix the catch sink, not sink catch it!'
Stool There
It's graduation time in Lancaster county
Amish Prom Limo
Astro Giraffic Park - the new Land of Trans Fat
McDonalds Reaches Africa
Bubba's multipurpose pliers
Redneck Water Taps
Nothing much to choose from
The Evolution of Man and Woman
Why I'll Never Complain About My Kids Again
Ring Leader
The result of cutbacks in the Pentagon's budget
Military Cutbacks
How Bubba Sprite-ns up his lawn
Redneck Sprinkler
Lesson in self-induced electrocution
Water Transformer Hazard
Bubba's DVD gas caps come in byte sizes
Redneck Gas Cap
Safety first when working on God's creation
In-Spired Safety Tip
Custom lip balm for the gorilla' your dreams!
Kissing Test
Bubba's stepping up in the world
Redneck Ladder
Yule never know who you meet under the mistletoe!
Under The Mistletoe
Classics in the Wong Time and the Wong Place
Beijing Olympics Fakebook
Getting hosed at the pumps?
Gas Financing
Sharpshooter that knows the straight and arrow
How To Shoot A Bow
What Santa Gives Naughty Kids
Christmas Present for Naughty Kids
Amazing dog on a skateboard
Skateboard Dog
Canines on the prowl
How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?