Gwen Laxton Submissions
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Signs of a men-only golf course
Ladies Golf
The evolution of laptop computers
Monkey Business
Wilbur didn't notice that crack forming just behind him
Leading Edge Climber
Little Johnny thought he had it tough eating vegetables
Eat Your Dinner!
Why WOULD you want to sit on this fence?
No-Sit Fence
Creative solutions to today's water shortage
Drinking Friends
Special cake topping for the wife's birthday
Doctor'ed Birthday Cake
You can't rescue what doesn't want to be rescued
Animal Rescue
Waiting for the perfect opportunity
Cat Stalker
If the shoe fits, wear it
Cat Box
Games for the masses
Team Foosball
Cat fun in the sun
Modest Feline Sunbathers
Is ice cream good for your soul?
Just Desserts
Wife copes with dehabilitating disease and stress
Doctor's Advice for Husband's Survival
Tips on health and nutrition
Essential Medical Information
What happens when the owners are gone...
Home Alone Pets
Chemical analysis of business practice
Administratium - Heaviest Element Discovered
Foam packaging makes the trip so much safer
Static Cat
Reverse engineering Facebook logic
Facebook Friends
Planning for car surgery
Doctor's Flat Examination
Taking care of the glass-eyed patient
Excessive Wind Joe-ks
Tail gunner takes action only when required
Court Martial at 5:00
Making yourself presentable for the Gynecologist
For Women Only
Organ donations for organ donors
Operating Room Scraps