Howard Chapman Submissions
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Who's inside your house?
Owl Pottery
Blurred vision for impaired drive-hers
One Too Many
OCD Nightmare
Leaning Straight
Medicine to cure any remembrance of sickness
Redneck Flu Shot
Carter couldn't understand why his milk sales were so low
Weekend Delivery
Bubba uses Pabst Smeer Beer to get rid of garden slugs
Slug Beer
Cycle drinking on the road
Prepared Cyclist
Pleasing the unhappy Australian shopper
Satisfactory Shopping
Putting practice Down Under
Aussie Golf
Who changes the TP in your house?
Finding a niche in Left-Handed products
Left Handed Cup
Who can last the longest in the bathroom?
Challenge Accepted
Ask Gary Burghoff to help fight your next speeding ticket
Radar Speed Check
Take the stink out of your flatulence
Deodorized Pads
When a photo op takes precedence over helping someone
Falling Picture
Making sense of confusing English terminology
Captain Literate
Preparing to enter Aussie tranquility
Bland Entrance
Batman's tractor turns up Down Under
Aussie Batman
Wilbur wanted to tie one on
Bacon Tie
Cookbook for a bachelor's kitchen
Cooking For Guys
What Bill Clinton gives thanks for this Thanksgiving
Thanks A Lot America
Frustration with learning German
Why Germans Don't Play Scrabble
Making a point about trampoline safety
Pointed Trampoline
A day without smiling is a wasted day
Special Touch
A sign of extreme road rage
Move Over Car
Cooking for non-arachnophobics
Spider Cookies
How to cut corners on a bathroom design
Tight Fit
Jared's last day of work at the local tattoo parlor
Last Tattoo
Surviving another day of newspaper drudgery
Media Bondage
Looking for the good stuff with a friend
Buddies Raiding The Fridge
Things weren't going well for Little Johnny that day
Messy Temper Tantrum
Bubba is pleased to take part in medical emergencies
Redneck Patient Transfer
How to tell when it's time for your next glass of wine
Wine Flowchart
For those who prefer fish products floating in their wine
Salmon Wine
Criminals - have you considered Chicago or Illinois?
Indiana Security
Are you an amateur drinker?
Wine Time
Sticking to script on TV taping @ Marvel Comics
Cellophane Spiderman
Wool he make it in time?
Sheep Backpack
Where safety comes first
Business In Front, Party In Back
Shopping for grass fed produce
Organic Pears
Camping for motorcycle hawgs
Bike Trailer
Looking for a bathroom bidet?
Long Reach TP
Howard starts off his day with a coffee boost
Morning Coffee Break
Job searching Down Under
Career Choices
How to overcome laziness
Symptoms of Laziness
Avoiding bumps along life's journey
How To Argue With A Woman
I'll take two of them!
October Madness
How to teach a dog to read your mind
Good Boy
Putting on either a front or side view to start your day
Morning Face
Either you love bacon or you're wrong
Bacon Lovers
A heartwarming Outback welcome from Aussie residents
Glendambo Welcome
How Australians save money on expensive security alarm systems
Guard Roos
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