Howard Chapman Submissions
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Talented engineer flush with new ideas
No-Restroom-Break Scooter
Understanding 'where to go' in Spain
Spanish Restrooms
What goes round comes round
Circle Of Fear
How to hide unwanted veggies in Little Johnny's lunch
Broccoli Muffins
or 'How To Make A Blonde Pirate Patch'
How To Become A Pirate
What computer keyboards and astronauts have in common
Where Astronauts Hang Out
Pygmy Hippopotamus pet relationships
Hippo Nose
Hoping that your beer will be there when you get back
Leave My Drink Alone
Aussies know where to go for a good workout
Jim Class
Perfect Pose for Perfect Friends
Puppy Circle
A canine's survival guide to stocking up for hard times
Nothing In The Fridge
Planting the seeds of inspiration Down Under
Herd Starter Kit
When malt or grain is good enough for the scotch
Whiskey Silly
Panorama du jour - overlooking the beach from a precarious perch
City Overview
What texting was for Grandpa's car
Typewriting While Driving
Some school zones have very precise speed restrictions
Speed Limit Fraction
The art of uncooking in Australia
Aussie Salad
Thinking Down Under
Australia is OK
What 'passes' for art in California
Bad Dog Sculpture
Giving an astronaut a pie in the face
Houston, We Have A Problem
How Aussies react to legalized marijuana laws
Cooling off after another hot flash
Menopause Sucks
When it's cheaper to buy one at a time
Pen Sale Not
Dessert celebration for big diners
Cookie King
Feminist fashion on wheels
Her Rollerblades
How to move customers to the right entrance
Dude Door
Herro - here is Chinese script for Robert E. Lee
Lobert Ree
Watch out for strange Aussie crosswalks
Drone Crossing
Signs of an almost-well-disciplined organization
United Procrastinators
Spoon fed reminder to return to work
Coffee Spoon
Believing that you can do anything you set your mind to
My Life Goal
Queen Elizabeth greets former IRA commander
Her Majesty's Service
Bubba's dog P's brings up lots of Q's
Dog Training
Tarantula Chronicles Episode 2
Bathroom Surprise
Premature denture preparation in the park
Tooth Loss
Hidden secrets to 'wet' the appetite
Bookshelf Stash
Swimwear design for a stylish Redneck
Beach Bum
Batman's new Moustache Goatee
Batman Beard
Moving high-heeled footware
Roller Blade Heels
For those who can't take in enough bacon
Bacon Inhaler
There are 3.14159 apples in an Apple Pi
Edible Pi
Muriel couldn't handle any more than two pints with her pub lunch
Scooter Down
Lessons learned on the golf course
Golf Like I Do
Voice-Over-IP communication in Russia
Ukraine Skype
Looking across the harbour, Ethyl and Muriel felt up to the challenge
Down Under Statue
An Aussie politician putting his best foot forwards
Skateboard Statue
G'day from the waters Down Under
Welcome To Australia
Lending too much of a helping hand
I've Got Your Back
How to limit your consumption of beer
Dog Beer Conversion
Deciphering your Doctor's lockout prescription
Doctors' Strike
The feeling you get when you've run out of coffee
Inspiring walnut bathroom vanities
Bathtub Opulence
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