Howard Chapman Submissions
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She said I wouldn't have to wait long
Ready Soon
Hanging out with your best buddies
Definition Of A Good Friend
He didn't know which stick you threw
Got Them All
Some airforce trainees don't make the grade
Air Force Pilots
Scandal in Solomon Islands
Topless Kate Middleton
Now you can do wine tasting at every bicycle stop
Bicycle Water Bottle Holder
What some Australians look like 'Down Under'
Small Aussie Babies
Thinking Down Under
Australia is OK
Batman's new Moustache Goatee
Batman Beard
Latest in husky Australian swimwear
Fit Yourself Swimsuit
Blurred vision for impaired drive-hers
One Too Many
Cycle drinking on the road
Prepared Cyclist
Cooking for non-arachnophobics
Spider Cookies
Body bags for laid-back construction workers
Redneck Patient Transfer
I wonder what they taste like when they're not inverted...
Boneless Inverted Pork
Putting on either a front or side view to start your day
Morning Face
Pygmy Hippopotamus pet relationships
Hippo Nose
The feeling you get when you've run out of coffee
Voice-Over-IP communication in Russia
Ukraine Skype
We're expecting people over Easter so I did my bit and tidied up the toilet
Easter Preparation Down Under
Technicians who double as sheep herders
Afghan Livestock Management
Primates cheer for their local team
Baboon Chorus
T-Shirt for good-food moments
Bacon Thoughts
Yard security in the Aussie Outback
Long Snake
Tongue dropping weather for a giraffe
Novocaine Feeling
Looking forward to a 'long' holiday Down Under
Australian RV
Better yet, don't even look at 'em
Tool Rules
Working around obstacles on the lawn
Lawn Mowing Neighbour
Cultivating Australian taste buds
Things That Taste Like Chicken
Discover the best kept secret in men's clothing
Latest in Men's Wear
Phone booths adjust to changing times
Super-Hero Changing Station
Does your company plan to target a gloomy solution?
Dour Solutions
Chocolate cake with half the calories
Bird Chocolate
How not to calibrate a video surveillance system
Security Camera Setup
The Vatican's new official Papal breakfast
Guinness establishes hand-e solution in Ireland
Irish Handcuffs
When you gotta go, you gotta go quick
Restroom Fast Break
Aussie tabloid outspoken about Prime Minister Julia Gillard
Flying Start in Sydney, Australia
What goes around comes around
What happens if you don't go through trials and tribulations
Ups And Downs Of Life
Bedspread cycling burns off calories in bed
Morning Cardio
Tips for finding lost computer files
Missing Windows File
Nosy animals in the Serengeti National Park
French Kissing in Africa
Bring lots of cheese and crackers
In Case Of Accident
Message for poor parkers
Alien Parking
Never kick them on a hot day
Meadow Cakes or Elk Cookies?
I should have gone to bed earlier last night
Early Bird
Is he a square root?
Imaginary Boyfriend
This Australian is sword of on the cutting edge
That's Not A Knife
Friends forever stick together
Brotherly Love
Are these D or E cups?
Coffee D Cups
Understanding 'where to go' in Spain
Spanish Restrooms
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