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Safety in numbers
Protective Wings
How to block a water spout
Owl Spout
Have some fun, my sharp-witted friends
Test For Older Kids
Understanding Jewish dietary customs
Chinese Christmas Food
Bubba liked to clean up on the job site
Backhoe Hot Tub
Job search for clue-less employees
Now Hiring
Hearing through the noise behind you
I Can't Hear You
Golf is a game of integrity
Golf Rule Changes for Senior Golfers
A moving staircase that doesn't move
Escalator Performance
Bubba makes it a family affair in the restroom
Redneck Turkey Shoot
Bubba prefers duck tape over duct tape
Redneck Trailer Hitch
How to enjoy the traditional celebration
I Love Thanksgiving
Un-beer-lievable chess pieces
Beer Chess
Golf - now the official alternative to the NFL
Golfers and Scotch
Dedicated to the son I love
Hummer Memorial
Remembering those who gave everything
Veteran Thanks
Remembering those who made Freedom and Peace possible
Fallen Heroes
Brought to you by a Soldier
Life of Freedom and Peace
Free Speech, where the pen is mighty grateful to the sword
Memorial Day Heroes
A soldier's Memorial Shadow
RIP Remembrance
The seed of Freedom's tree
Patriot Blood
In remembrance of aging combat Veterans
Memorial Shadow
Honoring all who served
Veterans Day Holiday
Capturing magical moments inside the tube
Waves of Hawaii
Get the drugs faster, with fewer inside effects
Puff Inhalant
When friendship is the best medicine
Bed Friends
ATV transportation to the Dark Side
Lancaster, Pennsylvania streets after a garage sale
Amish Sailboat
Boo Who?
Witch Kiss
Dining recipes from Bubba's gourmet cooking class
Redneck Hot Dogs
When angels simply continue to fly
Halloween Broomsticks
Family members that stick out for each other
Look Alike Family
Where the surf is always a short drive away
Surfing Car
Grow a thick NASCAR-approved hedgerow
Hedge Race Car
Food For Thought as Scrat gets closer to his goal
Ice Age Cake
Had enough caffeine this morning?
Coffee Thread
Text messaging in the early 1900's
Texting In The Old Days
Finding a place for kneeling NFL players on the battlefield
NFL Military
Walking the plank to save the boss's boat
Sailing For The Boss
Don't steal - the government hates competition
Illegal Immigration
1/2 second before Tsunami hits Sumatra Island
Pre Tsunami
Bill often has bad hair days
Horn Guy
Chalkboards replaced by earthboards
Math in Africa
Putting your best face forward
Restored Beauty
Parenting secrets - teach your kids to get along
Get Along Shirt
Looking good for Mom and Dad
Little Johnny Bath
It's all in the mind
Picture Perfect
Swim lessons in India before monsoon season
Parallel Diver
In memory of those who lost their lives during 9/11
Twin Towers of Hope
U.S. message to al Qaeda and the Taliban
New World Trade Center, New York
Non-suit Country Builders
Men in Denim
When farm kids get bored
Bale Face
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