Karen Moore Submissions
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What do you lose every evening at 6:40 P.M.?
Patio Losers
It was love at first bike
Biker Love
Cupids 'n arrow chairs bring you closer to your loved one
Romantic Table
What the Cardiologist gave his patients on Valentine's Day
Valentine Heart
'Fall' Leaves - Childish leap of faith
Soft Landing - Kowabunga, Dude!
From the inventors of Spam-a-Lot
Spamdex Pork Shorts
Bubba's tips on how to pull out a dent
Redneck Dent Repair
Sign of the times?
Changing Priorities Ahead
Where Robert Pim Butchart proposed to his wife Jennie
Conversation Chair
Picket Carrying member of the World's 1st Dog Union
'Not On My Shift' Dog
Sleep right cat jammies
Cat Nap Cuties
Latest weather report - 'weather' you like it or not
Sunday Weather Forecast
Did you meet him while you were in Scotland?
Ed In Burgh
Guessing your age through chocolate
Chocolate Math for 2019
Teenage Chinook Salmon on the Wet Coast
Salmon Bikini
Freudian Sip - for wine psychoanalysts
Wine Therapy
Truck or helicopter delivery?
Helicopter Mother Load
Not just for kids - on a roll for the ladies!
Rolling Shoes
Beaver fever runs high this Holiday Season
Canadian Christmas Tree Harvest
Water hazards are no problem for young golfers
Canine Golf Caddy
Who needs Bud Light when you've got Canadian Heavy!
Canadian Christmas Tree
Bears don't just poop in the woods
Bear Clawed
Speedy boat service between Horseshoe Bay and Bowen Island
Bowen Arrow
It's easier to Wait for Weight Loss
A Balanced Diet
Only 4 tickets left!
Evel Knievel Tickets
Looking for 'clean' dog joe-ks?
Dog Laundry - Hung Out To Dry
Wide angle perspective of an inviting dinner snack
Dinner Preparation: Here's looking at you!
Even blind kids can have fun at Sechelt parks
Braille in the Park
Turning a water-damaged condo into a winter sport
Ice Climbing Building
A computer geek's Christmas version of 'Hosanna in excelsis'
Cleaning the driveway snow with the tools you've got
Newfie Snowplow
What you feel like the morning after
Feeling Inebriated?
Tree growing around - or ahead of - a rail: Illusion Du Jour
Tree's Rail Growth
Let your feet do the talking!
Tongue Shoes
Looking for the true secret of happiness?
The Meaning Of Life
Wade on over to Bubba's grill
Waterfront Dining
Anyone for a Murderous Mocha or an Equal Rights Espresso?
Legal Grounds
Nap time is a community affair
Benched Puppies
Mountain madness in Boulder, Colorado
Boulder and Bolder By The Moment
Had a grip on the moon lately?
Holding On To The Moon
If you can't play nice...
Lacrosse Etiquette
Safety Last for this Russian worker
Russian High Chair Construction
Always use Condiments
Practice Safe Eating
Eggsellent overview of the life cycle of a chicken
Life Cycle of a Chicken
Two dollars for the price of one
The New U.S. Dollar Coin
When pencils were in limited supply
Shakespeare Pens
Perfect match for designer shopping carts
High Basket Sandals
Prevention by brushing up on the Bible
Truth Decay
Days when you feel like the wrong caged animal
How Is Your Day Going?
To Study or Not To Study - that is the question!
Study to Fail
Sill-e signs at B.C. Ferries
Step Lover
What the world needs more of these days
Happy People
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