Keith Blake Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1024

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How dogs can make good snow angels
Passing a dictionary test without diction
Eye Halve A Spelling Checker
This cylist is over the hill and over the flames
Cyclist Roast
Returning to the Star Wars Canine Galaxy
Chewie, We're Home
Why clans huddle together in the Scottish Highlands
Scottish Weather Forecast
Create your own high performance Energy Meter
Wife Consumption
Bubba looked forward to his first salmon feast
Fish Diet Meal
Ive always wanted a vacuum cleaner that could do that
Vacuum Clean Coffee
French Street under seige
Texas 4 Months Apart
Grocery store fires cashier - calls it a 'Miss-Steak'
Steak Sale
Is there any lean, gluten-free bacon?
Bacon Munchies
Ingenious kitchen cabinet organizers
Corner Drawers
Little Johnny's survival techniques in Winterpeg
TyrannoSnowRus Rex
Reconditioned tri-mobile is Bubba's favourite European car
New Audi
Gandalf fights battles on his own time
Lord Of The Watch
How an Illustrious Sir moves up the line
Shriners Pony Ride
Darth Vader visits the power of the Dark Side
Awkward Family Reunion
The State of Vermont official logo
Pure Maple Syrup
A wedding dress completely made out of divorce papers
Paper Wedding Dress
Giving a hoot in the Holiday Season
Eastern Screech Owl
Some people thought that Teresa had the biggest melons at the fair
Bird Melons
Saving pennies to paint your car
$383.00 Paint Job
Who is the biggest clown?
Superman Rebuff
How to extend a window frame for a better view
Window Recliner
It's all downhill from here...
Wind Down Highway
Confined bird becomes a foul fowl
Fowl Soccer Coach
Shoplifter conversion tip
World's Greatest Typo
Head over heels for downhill cycling
Cycle Circles
Harnessing a buggy ride wrought from horseshoes
Iron Horse Carriage
Putting a face to a park resident
Tree Eyes
Even statues need to beware of theft in the park
Lost Luggage
At least the tree lived through the car accident
Wrap Around Tree
Can you find the leopard in this picture?
Spot the Snow Leopard
May you rust in peace
Water Tank
Native Indian translation for bad hunters
Vegetarian Hunter
How to make pet-friendly Tofu
Cat Tofu
The best coffee is almost on the house today
Free Coffee
Your mom's toilet paper is on its way
Special Delivery
Personalized doormat sales are looking up this year
Doormat Spy
Why Mayan Mazda carries on: Best Deal. Ever.
End Of World Car Sale
Dollar stores are not known for the quality of their goods
Kitchen Thing
Driving down the illusive trail
Tree of Dreams
Can I put bigger tires on my wheelchair?
NASCAR Wheelchair
Making a pointed billboard statement
Point Of View
One size carpet fits all lawns - includes full grown tree
Tree Carpet
Introducing a Dentist that doesn't hunt lions
Vegan Dentist
Building a truly waterproof barrier
How To Build A Fence
Meanwhile in Japan...
Portable Samurai
Parking ticket issued to Austrian artist Erwin Wurm
Bent Car Sculpture
Looks like we took a wrong turn at Albuquerque
Crossed Paths
Ford has a better idea?
Ford Mistakes
Got an oil change today - was not disappointed
No Muff Too Tough
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