Keith Blake Submissions
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As you slide down the banister of life
Irish Banister Blessing
Lucking out on the drive home
St. Patrick's Pot of Gold
Latest in city graffiti removal
PacMan Road Crossing
Nothing but the freedom of the open road
Born To Be Wild
Just completing my preparations for St. Patrick's Day
Going Green for Ireland
A little bit of electrical tape can make a day
Trooper Tape
Many hands make light work
HandyMen Teamwork
Blending in with the tide
Sea Girl
Bonding with the missing link
Tie Wrap Security
Restoring a previously-restored Classic Car
Uplifting Antique Car
Signs of the food times
Lord Of The Fries
Carrier pigeons that were faster than speeding bullets
Urgent World War I Message
Some welding classes don't last very long
Welder's Last Stand
Jethro working on one of his pet projects
Driveway Paving
Do you have a fear of Clowns?
Clowns Have No Fear
Learning the sixth basic ballet position
Painful Ballet
Experienced family law and divorce attorneys provide quick results
Divorce Lawyers
Pain-full sit-up exercises
Computer Exercise
Electrical receptacle with a lot of power
Water Short
Some close-up pictures are too close
Leopard Surprise
Spring ahead or fall behind, one foot at a time
Daylight Savings?
Nurses couldn't explain low attendance numbers
Suspicious Blood Donor
When tie wraps work better than duct tape
How To Fix Electrical Poles
How to recognize an unsafe contractor
Golf Cart Construction
Bending over backwards to deliver a hot tub
Tipsy Crane
When life's a beach Down Under
Pasha Bulker Beaching
Does this cake bug you?
Tasty Cream Filled Center
Facial care in the U.S.
American Mustache
Designer fashion shoes - from courtyard to Redneckarian
Hi Heel Running Shoes
Change of flight plans in China
Buddha Plane
The fans are doing better than the Texas Rangers this year
Hold On, Let Me Catch The Ball
Best place to buy Zookeene, Hallopinyo and Bail Pepr
Texas Roadside Produce Stand
Why pickup trucks are meant for 'pick up'
Redneck Towing
Preparing a 30' X 30' TV dinner out of snow
Front Yard TV Dinner
Big game hunting on the road
Boar-ing Nature Tours
When he wants a bath he gets a bath
Bath Laugh
Dog breeds for children
My Dog is Bigger Than Me
Rolling Stock - full-time service for a temporary spare
Tire Substitute
Truck turning lights for tailgating drivers
Blinky Thing
How to relax during a boring lecture
Attentive Student
Re-invented moments in history
Historic Texting
Where there are almost no shortcuts...
Road To Success
How not to safely secure a load
Trunk Load
Split decision on cutting edge road safety picture
I 'Saw' An Accident
Bubba provides mooving hairstyles for his cattle
Texas Cow Cleaner
Truck parking spots on the Canadian prairies
Napping Semis
Watered down version
Wet T-Shirt Contest Winners
So close but yet so hard!
Frozen Fish Meal
U.S. Air Force unveils almost-invisible fighter plane
Stealth Fighter
Building fire sparks new artist portrait
Fire Face
Finger gesture from bird swarm
Angry Birds
First Marry, Then Bury
Just Buried
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