Keith Blake Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1023

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When rolling stops aren't adequate
Did I Say Stop?
Global Warming forces polar bears to find other work
Polar Bear Photographer
Washing your hands with anything to do with Jack Daniels whiskey
Daniel's Lotion
The secret of enjoying a good wine
Wine Secret
Light Sleepers vs. Heavy Sleepers
Heavy Sleeper
Sampler and Analyzer with split spit screen
Rust protection systems in China
Rust-ic Truck
Converting sports cars to demo derby clunkers
Sports Car Delivery in Texas
Surviving another stress-full day at the office
In Deep Water
Minions serving despicable villains in the car
Trunk Minions
Scuba diving safety tips for boat decks
Octopus Prey
Attractive lure starts off budding romance
Bulge That All Women Love
Suspended hammock tents provide good bear practice
Bear Pinata
Obedience training starts in the pantry
Maybe Shame Will Stop Her
The spell checker appears to have failed
Dent Wizard
Why you might want to own your own business
Work Hard Philosophy
How crop circles are really made
Crop Circles Secret
Home improvement ideas start in the parking lot
Lowe's Holes
Throwing the ball with man's best friend
Can We Play Now?
Rolling Stock - full-time service for a temporary spare
Tire Substitute
Judging each other from a safe distance
The Stare Down
Stair exercise workout for the weight challenged
Stair Choices
Something smells fishy at the Fish and Chips shop today
What A Deal
Fame claimers in recent years
Popular Trends: 2010-2012
Energiser Bunny caught and charged
Engineer-designed house sets new illustrative guidelines
Centex Home Design
Aftermath of a hurricane in New Jersey
Hurricane Irene
Recipe ideas from Indonesia
Thai Cooking
Deflecting a power-full pitch
Why Helmets Work
Strong competition in the small world
Insect Food Fight
Charge your iPhone with your breath
iPhone Charger
Bladder control warning for the hot tub
Incontinent Pool
Making waves on the highway
Long Hair Van
A better way to open a bottle of beer without a bottle opener
Cell Phone Bottle Opener
What do cats dream of?
Barbie Cat
Bulk sales of sacramental bread
Communion Wafers
What don't you understand about the word 'No'?
Trash Bin Parking
When you park in the park with double the trouble
Circle Parking
Offshoot games for Pet Rocks
Fidget Spinners
Crosswalk for gentlemen
Denmark Traffic Signals
Fashion models reveal identity on Iran streets
'Cover Girl' Magazine
When it's a good time to pay attention to traffic
Where Safety Begins
High above the birds that fly
Hawk View
Sharing a friend's power in New Jersey
Friendly Neighbour
Road crossing for workers with heavy loads
Italian Board Walk
I think I'll hang out there for a while
Hanging Around
Lifelike Da Vinci Impressionists
Statue Pose
The down side of being an elephant veterinarian
Let 'Er Rip
Experienced family law and divorce attorneys provide quick results
Divorce Lawyers
Rated #1 by the owner and his mother
Self-Assumed Quality Service
Signs of the food times
Lord Of The Fries
Why drinking fountain water will never taste the same
Dog Bidet
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