Martin Grosse Submissions
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If Leonardo da Vinci had painted Michael Jackson
Leonardo da Vinci's Unfinished Portrait
For inflamed management
Anger Management Suppository Bullets
Beer brands around the world
Guess the Beer
Doing punitence @
Just Lettuce Know
Anything dead between two slabs of bread
Road Kill Grill - You Hit It, We Spit It
T-Shirt with a time-critical message
Bomb Squad Notice
Where playground security takes bottom priority
Future Corrections Officer
Judges had a tough time finding the male contestants
Miss Iran 2001 Contest
Jethro only smokes one cigar a day
Serious Pipe Smoker
Nutrition God's Way
Bible Bar
Ladies like to handle this cactus
Touchy Subject
Guaranteed to suck your funds dry
Bloodsucker Bank
There was this pain-in-the-neck guy at the party...
Safety Pin Face
Misunderstood sharks that just want to cuddle
Ocean Tears
Romance just around the corner
Hold On Tight
For those 'In-the-doghouse' days
International Sign of Marriage
The start of a stress diet
Bread Additive
German football fans prepare for gold crown
Germany In World Cup Final
How to grow longer eye-lashes
Eyelash Embroidery
Latest signs of prohibition in skid row
Alcohol Research
How to impress your first date
Tractor Car
Ever had to make ends meet while you stretch for your next meal?
Heavy Meal Deal
Keeping a-herd of the pack with a hi-tech vehicle
Cattle Herding in Africa
This cat may be strong, but smell isn't everything
Super Cat
Some things don't go well with Coke
Coke Dispenser
How they clean streets in South America
Columbia Street Party
Make Your Reach as High As Possible
FishSun - Touching The Sun
This dog sets high goals
Frisbee Dog
Something that does grow on trees in Newfoundland
Newfie Cab Driver - Can You Guess His Number?
When your cargo letsgo
When Not To Stop Too Fast
Can't 'bear' the thought of another year?
Polar Bear New Years
Why bacon is for Periodic Element nerds
BaCoN T-Shirt
Good to know that English tourists are welcome around the world
Inglish Spikkers Welcom
Your free 'hot' coupon
McDonald's 'Sue Me' Coupon
Animated sitcom characters try out Halloween stunts
South Park Jack o'Lanterns
Free Mammogram test for your Trick or Treat
Best Halloween Costume 2003
Cat food substitute, when available
Before Morning Coffee
Even Ronald has to go sometime
How Bubba keeps his office compliant to ISO Standards
Redneck Office 2001 Compliance
When does your marriage license expire?
Expired Marriage
Bubba's favourite figure of speech
Engineer's Bra Design
When wedding vows get in the way of the ceremony
Redneck Marriage
For days when you can't get enough gas from your car
Pipe Dreams by Exhausting Cars
Go, Jean-e, Go!
New Rolling Stones Guitarist
Celebrity twins' secrets
Fat Twin Sisters
Taking the train before taking the train
Frankfurt Subway Entrance
Only downside to this rental car is its clingon grip
Downer Rental Car
Car turnover advice from your local police
Empty Your Car Sign - Street Smarts 4U
Strong-willed Asian message
Chain Gang Message 4U
'Eggs Over Hard' for a soldier's fast breakfast
Fried Eggs - Military Style
Boat ramp loading and unloading made easier 4U
How To Load/Unload Your Boat
Dethroned by a little hairball
Back Of The Line, Harry
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