Mel Hardman Submissions
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World's first back-wards composer
The Beatles putting the other pool in LiverPool
Peeling back the layers of personal privacy
Tear-Paper Wall
Wooly Jumper or A Sweater with Big Pockets?
Running out of time - holding on to the last minute
Cut-Off Deadline
Don't settle for imitation Soccer or fake World Cup football
Real FootBall
Beatlemania! With The Beatles
With Or Without The Beatles
Homer Simpson as a Spanish conquistador
Politically-incorrect Prince Philip eyes the lady in red
Frisky Prince Philip
No more a 'Wimp Chimp'!
Chimp Weightlifter
Kim Jong-Un unveils North Korea's first sports car
Hyundai Competition
Mouse acrobatics at Whistler's Peak 2 Peak Gondola
Mountain Highwire
Stock market slide based on Dow'r Jones
Standard & Poor's Downgrade
Looting and fires in England's capital
Madness in London
Putting the King of the Monsters in his place Monty Python style
Godzilla vs God
The only grinning falcon on the 'net
Peregrine Falcon
The ins and outs of spaghetti slurping
Spaghetti Digest
When it's pouring cats and kittens
Driving Rain
Elvis does give a hoot!
Owlvis Presley
Smokin' comedians in their prime times
Groucho Marx and Jimmy Savile
A hundred reasons to go for a walk
Happy Centipede
His English clothing - one coat with many arms
Prince William's Coat of Arms
Who can feel safe with King Kong and Godzilla in town?
King Kong vs Godzilla
The challenge of rolling out too big an Easter egg
Easter Egg Hunt
T-Shirt sales for Rabbis on the go
Eggsellent bobybuilding technique
Sp-eye satellite explores the galaxy
Space Eye
Little Johnny's 'Wait - Lifting' tips
Baby Weightlifter
Taking on second wind at the Winter Olympics
Sumo Skiing - Pairs
What happened after Moses took his medicine
Moses' Headache Relief - the Sequel
Are you having an On or Off day?
BiPolar Bear
Trouble with him is he's all torque
Bolt Cutter Man
Quickest way to remove bugs from your computer
Computer Bug Removal
English New Romantic movement meets the Golden Arches
Boy George or Boy Gorge?
Laughing all the way to the bank!
Sports Hernias
'Reptile Dial' - latest in pet dating services
Crocodial Love
They start playing football in Europe at an early age
Football Chicks
For birds of prey lovers, the letters in 'SUPER BOWL' are arranged incorrectly
Superb Owl
Yanked off the dance floor while laying an egg
Pulled Chicken
The hazards of vertical electronic traffic lights
Walk Sign Timing
The Joe-kster's previous life as a Whoopee Cushion
Watch Out for the Joe-kster
Almost as good as real exercise!
Lightweight Dumbbells
One of the nine pipers piping - blowing in the New Year
Squirrel Bagpipes
That Poirot's not dead!
Dead Poirot
'Falling' in love with a scream machine
The real story behind the famous 17th Century Amsterdam painting
Rembrandt's Anatomy Lessons
When push came to shove
Tiananmen Square Protest
Ice skating around the Google-sphere
Google Ice Skating
Stephen King's novel twist to New Year's Day
Shining New Year
Playing along with the traffic lights
Walk Sign Guitar
Joe’s impression of downhill skiing
Merry Christmas from
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