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The easiest flower to grow and bloom quickly
Fast Flower
Greenhouse effect pops up throughout Europe
Global Worming
The other black golfer, now that Tiger's lost his swing
Black Golfer
Choosing the best Kiwi topping
Kiwi Hair Brush
Conan “hands” over Tonight Show to Leno
Jay Leno Saga
God threw a coin down (and Monty brought it back up again)
Guatemala Sinkhole
How do you spell luxury in Belgium?
Close shave for a Kiwi
Kiwi Shave
In Holland, houses are supported by Poles
Amsterdam House Poles
Teen's round-the-world setback while living her dream
Abby's Wild Eyes
Time to face the music
Organ Transplant
the Joe-kster's 'Out'look on life
Bald Plug
Would you prefer a circular squirrel?
World's 1st DJ turntablist - hip hop in the 1700s
Bach Scratching
Restoring nature to its natural beauty
Paradise Reclaimed
Build a bridge and they will come
Where fine Rabiis shop
Design flaws of the German Luftwaffe
Steven Spielberg releases Jaws IV in Israel
Jews: The Revenge
Finding the best surf spots in Hawaii
Hawaii Surfing
By the 6th day, God was running low on ideas
They start playing football in Europe at an early age
Football Chicks
Final escape on Shark Week
Highwire Shark
UK police constables now come with extended warranties
PC World
The real story behind the famous 17th Century Amsterdam painting
Rembrandt's Anatomy Lessons
The beginning of the wireless age
Wireless Technology
Britain revives space history legends
Cat treat or mouse-stake?
Monster Mouse
How to score your own goal at the 2014 FIFA World Cup
Championship darts in heaven
God Darts
Bloated currency - Britain's Pound Sterling has seen better years
Five Pound Note
Quicker technique allows for faster patient billing
Dentist Drill
Almost as good as real exercise!
Lightweight Dumbbells
The medical truth about Johann Sebastian Bach
Do British police lineups tickle your fancy?
Bobbie Tickle
Through the denture looking glass
False Teeth
Dow Jones coins dramatic change in methodology
Paradigm Shift
Shortest version of Titanic on the internet
Titanic Trailer
When to wear your hard hat
Hard Hat Safety
Dirk Bogarde or Dark Bogarde?
The only grinning falcon on the 'net
Peregrine Falcon
T-Shirt sales for Rabbis on the go
Peeling back the layers of personal privacy
Tear-Paper Wall
Absolute confidence in latest security system
Police Drone
That Poirot's not dead!
Dead Poirot
World's first back-wards composer
eyeGoogle, do you?
Google Glasses
Putting your best foot forward
Toe Trucks
Einstein's Food For Thought
Make Loaf Not War
Stretching your imagination in Africa
Stretch Elephants
Running out of time - holding on to the last minute
Cut-Off Deadline
Meat Loaf's suntan recipe
Meat Loaf
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