Mike King Submissions
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Finding the unexpected in a Detroit suburb
Detroit Discovery
Puppy with a lot of heart
Cute Puppy
Gopher it - she's worth it!
Hand Me Down Valentine
Men vs. Women drivers
Scientific Driving Test
Going places where no SUV can go
Redneck Carriage Car
Planning your next 'Down Under' fishing charter
Fishing Trip in New Zealand
Handpainted marketing of cell phones throughout the world
Best Hands-On Coverage
Driving down the center line of life
Line Driver
Charming chubby-size clothes
Chubby Free
Are you as open as a child?
Babble Language
Slight improvement from China's hole in the ground
Cone Crapper
A deer way to learn about motorcycle safety
Deer Hitchhiker
How to uninstall a suspended or drop ceiling
Drop Ceiling
How to avoid getting trampled by a hippopotamus
Hippo Race
Amorphophallus Titanum - blooms 3 days in 40 years
Largest Flower In The World
Digital sign spells end of analog pedestrian
Walk Sign Ending
How to whittle a pencil
Pencil Shavings
Some things decline in value
Free Nobel Peace Prize
How soon is too soon to start baby on soda pop?
Better Start In Life
Bodybuilding exercise at the local chain link fence
Redneck Abs
Tourists on parade in Vietnam
Paddy Field Canal
To the victor go the spoils
Bread Tug Of War
Siting in on chickin' pickins
Hen Pecked
Waiting for sunrise in paradise
Brushing bicycle hair with a unique bike rack
Bike Comb
Finding an alternative for Mom on the farm
Redneck Calf Feeder
How to bypass a catalytic converter
Redneck Muffler Repair
Putting out fires one small fry at a time
Fireman Poster Boy
Changing times require a different outlook
How Things Have Changed
When it's time to look after the kids
Kid Straps
New position open in Oshawa for a Dentician
GM's Scratch and Dent Sale
Where bootwear is preferred over sloppy floppies
Redneck Sandals
Making her happier on Christmas morning
Hoover Happiness
The great thing about Christmas is seeing the joy on children's faces!
Christmas Joy
Looking after each other
Mom Lookout
How to safely remove top-heavy loads
Safe Removals
Fishing just got easier for Bubba!
Floating Gazebo
Was George Washington a racist?
NAACP Cover Up
Native Indian's wife offers mythical inspiration
A Woman Named Five Horses
Add a little whine to your marriage
Long, Happy Marriage
Does your wife thrive on cooking, cleaning and dusting?
Hardworking Wife
Bubba introduces his submersible pool cleaning SUV
Pool Cleaner
Toothpaste for a rattlesnake
Rattle Spit
Fresh paint job for once-clean clothes
Paint Pants
It's so convenient when food jumps right into your plate
Be GarFul
Slight of hand becomes figure of speech
Hand Speech
Improvements in telephone technology
Phones At Six
You must try this recipe!
Grandma's Beautiful Pies
Finding the limits of a Redneck yard security system
Property Boundary
Wall of History for a worldwide traveler
Suitcase Recycling
Do you suffer from double blurred vision?
She certainly knows how to grow tomatoes
Tomato Treat
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