Mike King Submissions
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The Easter Story
Jerusalem Obituary, 33 A.D.
Outraged Lehman Brothers employees blockade bank headquarters
Lehman Brothers Protest
Here's looking at you
Who's There Bird
Letting 'er rip during class
Flatulent Speaker
House welcoming hair care party for pets
Dog Hair Condiment
Impossible engineering projects
Constructive Illusions
Feel captive to your computer apps?
Microslave: You're Not Going Anywhere Today
May this police dog never get you in the end
Karma Bite
Find out where the Kids got in
Childproof House
Giving your face a rest at the beach
Beach Trick - Head's Up
How Bubba and his friends greet looters
Redneck Neighborhood Watch
Portuguese Pillar Parking
Portuguese Airport Runway
Everything is big in Texas - even their hood ornaments
Texas Truck
Motorcyclists with a stroke of good luck
Circle Stroke Bikes
Inspiring relationships of the year
My Mom's The Best
Finding a place for aging wine bottles
Wine Bottle Recycling
Noone tries to steal Bubba's spare tire
Redneck Fifth Wheel Drive
It's So Cold That...
Scooter Granny leads the race
In The Fast Lane
Middle eastern cuisine is a runaway hit in the neighbourhood
Fox Kabob
Walking along the longest Tibetan Bridge in the world
Tibetan Bridge
Little Johnny finds a new way to cut class
Chair Boy
Rare photo of the U.S. Border Patrol at work
Border Patrol At Its Finest
TP supplied by man's best friend
There When Needed
And the survey says...
British Survey
Where to store politicians' promises
Political Promise Transporter
Would you prefer wood opulence in your bathroom?
Wood Soaking Tub
Time for sleep after a long day on the job
End Of Shift
When you want to grow your own food
Bacon Seeds
Sage Advice: Solving yard work problems in Texas
Sage Camouflage
Where do we go after death - wanna find out?
Is There Life After Death?
Marital bliss squeezed through the hands of a lawyer
Divorce Defined
Finding the unexpected in a Detroit suburb
Detroit Discovery
Puppy with a lot of heart
Cute Puppy
Gopher it - she's worth it!
Hand Me Down Valentine
Men vs. Women drivers
Scientific Driving Test
Going places where no SUV can go
Redneck Carriage Car
Planning your next 'Down Under' fishing charter
Fishing Trip in New Zealand
Handpainted marketing of cell phones throughout the world
Best Hands-On Coverage
Driving down the center line of life
Line Driver
Charming chubby-size clothes
Chubby Free
Are you as open as a child?
Babble Language
Slight improvement from China's hole in the ground
Cone Crapper
A deer way to learn about motorcycle safety
Deer Hitchhiker
How to uninstall a suspended or drop ceiling
Drop Ceiling
How to avoid getting trampled by a hippopotamus
Hippo Race
Amorphophallus Titanum - blooms 3 days in 40 years
Largest Flower In The World
Digital sign spells end of analog pedestrian
Walk Sign Ending
How to whittle a pencil
Pencil Shavings
Some things decline in value
Free Nobel Peace Prize
How soon is too soon to start baby on soda pop?
Better Start In Life
Bodybuilding exercise at the local chain link fence
Redneck Abs
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