Mike King Submissions
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On the lookout for Trump dodgers, eh
Canadian Border Patrol
Slight of hand becomes figure of speech
Hand Speech
Battle of the snow blowers takes a frosty turn
Grown Up Men
Counting how many mouths to feed for dinner
Woodpecker Trio
Specialized formula provides nutrition for your dog's needs
Dog Shampoo
Driving down the center line of life
Line Driver
Fine dining in da Ghetto
Dat Donuts
Seeing the light at the end of the Roman tunnel
Irish Birth Control
Leading consumers to the best dress forms
Mannequin Pointer
Making atonement for a broken commandment
Irish Alzheimer's
Piano Lessons for Adult Nerds
Pianist's Challenge
If this isn't the cat's MEOW!
Cat Tattoo
Looking forward to the dog days of summer?
Lazy Dogs
Zadok often has frank discussions with his two friends
Conversations Down The Path Of Life
Holes that remind you of just how tiny we are
Holes of the World
Bridging the gap to paradise
Walkway To Heaven
Let Little Johnny choose the best dog food
Finger Lickin' Good!
Clearing out the toys to make way for a good friend
Room For Two
Wool you be my best friend?
Sheepish Grin
How to turn water into de-vine
Hair Growth - a Sign of the Times
Caregiving ideas from remote corners of the world
Someone Cares
Some things decline in value
Free Nobel Peace Prize
This driver wasn’t 'cut out' for this job
Cutting Edge Delivery
Reasons to stay single
Couch Dog vs. Paint Shop Pros
Community asks seniors to clean up their act
Clean Senior Citizens
Goodbye batteries?
Smallest Petrol Engine
Where even the sign is private
'Do Not Read' Sign
How to avoid getting trampled by a hippopotamus
Hippo Race
Why reading a book can't match a close-up experience
Lion Tamer
Dog grooming service is just a drive around the block
Dog Haircut
Post-operative shoulder surgery without the pain
Shoulder Tattoo
Gopher it - she's worth it!
Hand Me Down Valentine
Shunned by her first true love, Amy plans for Kindergarten revenge
Childhood Romance
New position open in Oshawa for a Dentician
GM's Scratch and Dent Sale
Cat in the act!
Reach For Your Dreams
Run for your life!
Grizzly Shoot
Top down push-up exercises
Family Exercise
Hog hunting in South Louisiana
Hog Hunter
Medical student lands Louisiana State Record 359 lb Grouper
Grouper Record
Why you should keep your legs closed while skydiving
Painfull Skydive
All the neighbourhood kids want to get on the band-wagon
Wagon Races
Some steaks deserve high risks
Meal Squat
It's all in the hands...
Family Hands
Setting a good example at 'Home'
Homework - Latest Pole
Susan Sues after an eye-opening Down Under operation
Cataract Surgery Lawsuit
This undertaker is ready to go - are you?
Undertaker Bike
How to remove an uncooperative old man at a concert
Taking Too Many Seats
Paris has much to offer to bald people
Hair Cut Toupee
Helping Americans move to Canada
2 Republicans And A Truck
Looking through a calculation
Transparent Touch Calculator
The Day Obamacare Died
Official Pace Car
The U.S. Presidential Election is just around the corner
Obama Gone Yet?
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