Mike King Submissions
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Regifting for the bride not to be
Wedding Dress For Sale
Words of car theft encouragement
Items Of Value
Signs from God
Church Sign Messages
How  about these ideas for a change?
You Want Change?
How Sleeping Beauty became an instant celebrity
Thumb Queen
When quality goes down in an auto body shop
Car Plunge
One brick short of a full load
Short A Few Bricks
Tweetment vs Oinkment
Bird Flu vs Swine Flu
Log out for this Colorado driver
Outback Bumper
When bad gas is a buy-product
Toilet DispensHers
Craving attention in all the wrong faces
BoreRing Person
New Orleans water filtration system
Waterfall Windows
She asked her husband for an 18 carat necklace
18 Carat Necklace
Anger management in the parking lot
Why not use up the spare electrical boxes?
Electrical Box Extension
Scientists baffled by low crime rate
What Was Missing in Japan?
Bubba's iron doubles as a hot plate
Redneck Coffee Pot
Should you get protective film on a new car's hood?
Paint Protection
Bridging the gap - highway edition
Mid Road Parking Spot
Aarav wanted to test out the merchandise before Mom bought it
When You Gotta Go
When paragliding turns into pair-a-gliding
ParaPlane Ride
Some families find it difficult to survive diets
Mommy's Diet
Why NFL quarterbacks need to keep their names short
Short NFL Quarterbacks
Mobile police force for gun-n-run security
Texas Motorcycle Seat
This undertaker is ready to go - are you?
Undertaker Bike
Dog grooming takes on a new face
Face To Face
Inspiration for a country under siege
New American Postage Stamp
Signs that grab your attention
Sharp Sign
How to get the best, closest at-home shave possible
Redneck Shave
Harley motorcyclist rides shark down highway
Shark Bike
Some skydivers just don't get the point
Painfull Skydive
Learning the mane points about horse braids
Braided Horse Tail
Make your child's dental visit fun and memorable
Pet Dentist
Pointing out stunning mannequins on Broadway
Mannequin Pointer
Climbing tips for those with an axe to grind
Fireman Ladder
Where the squeakiest wheel gets the grease
Woodpecker Trio
For cooks who haven't got all day to prepare a meal
Ultimate Stove
What a hand-some family you have!
Family Hands
The sun doesn't go down - it goes sideways
Sun Wagon
Guidelines for door-challenged employees
This Is A Window
Your husband called and said you could buy anything you want!
Family Jewels
Shopping specials... if you can count
WalMart Math
Tame your home office cords - clip 'em together
Office Cord Support
Stop smoking tip: Butt Out!
Butt Meter
Thomas the Tank's split personality
Two Track Train
Passing by a good relationship
Gay Football
If the downspout can't handle the heavy rain, then let's help it
Eavestrough Help
Top down push-up exercises
Family Exercise
Luxury coach bus for a carpenter
Cabinet Bus
Post-operative shoulder surgery without the pain
Shoulder Tattoo
Shopping for the hard of reading
Other Door
'Fitting' South African road warning sign
Bumpy Road
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