Mike King Submissions
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Lighting up Bubba's house with Crisco shortening
Redneck Candle
How Bubba impresses the girls at Wal-Mart
Hot Pipe Car
Turning a disability into an advantage
Disabled Help
Feeling much stronger than you look
Cat Abs
How bubble gum extends the usefulness of ordinary shoes
High Heel Gum Shoes
Capturing wing scapes
Bird Cam
Texas Titty Bar
Redneck Calf Feeder
Air race casualty - no bull
Shredded Tweet
English lessons, one politician at a time
Redneck Word For Today
Lighting the candles at your own 100th Birthday Party
Centennial Puff
'Fitting' South African road warning sign
Bumpy Road
Be careful what you ask for - you just might get it
Never Do Anything Wrong
Luxury treehouse for pampered campers
Tree Loft
Be careful when you're
Texas Drought
Floral print clothing for inspired ballerinas
Flower Dress
Watts-A-Matta U Engineering Graduates - 'Best Practices' Project
Crossed Wires
Puppy with a lot of heart
Cute Puppy
Harley motorcyclist rides shark down highway
Shark Bike
Find your hole family tree!
Hands On Tree
Best Redneck Dye It Plan
Eat More Greens
Stress in the mall parking lot
Handicap Parking
How to measure flatulent velocity
White Out
Looking for the cheapest iPad?
iPad For Sale
Thomas the Tank's split personality
Two Track Train
Does your wife thrive on cooking, cleaning and dusting?
Hardworking Wife
Finding artistic use for chicken wire
Chicken Wire Art
Bubba experiments with new car upholstery fabric
Car Seat Painting
Obama sends water filtration system to New Orleans
Waterfall Windows
Make a joyful noise - keep singing in the shower!
A Picture Of Me In The Shower
Magic trick in the bakery shop
Hidden Pastry
Learning the ropes early in life
Men In Training
Gucci's new line of discount designer shoes
Foot Wear
Wildlife survival in Monticello, Utah
Locked Up Bull Elk
Biting sermon from the pulpit
Pastor's New Teeth
Best sleeping spots for senior citizens
Once A Kid, Always A Kid
Tourists on parade in Vietnam
Paddy Field Canal
How Sleeping Beauty became an instant celebrity
Thumb Queen
Riding the seeds of opportunity
Flight of the Ladybug
Make it your Goal to reach your destination safely!
Soccer Overpass
Here's to ewe!
Sheep in Wool Clothing
Life's too short to walk around angry
Sing It Out
Looking for the wong wires?
Something Wong
Michelin's retire-meant plans were once on a roll
Tired Tires
Life is made of choices: my way or the highway
Signs for the Modern Woman
Making a quick exit before the final curtain call
Coffin Escape
Toothpaste for a rattlesnake
Rattle Spit
Marriage problems that are good for your relationship
Husband Space
How to uninstall a suspended or drop ceiling
Drop Ceiling
Finding the limits of a Redneck yard security system
Property Boundary
Aarav wanted to test out the merchandise before Mom bought it
When You Gotta Go
Fresh paint job for once-clean clothes
Paint Pants
A-truck-tive sign language
Up-Set & Hungry Trucks
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