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What happens when you flip a Jeep upside down
Jeep Words
Got the little sucker!
Kid Suction
Demonstrating the benefits of Yoga
Why Guys Go To Yoga Classes
Finding the easy way around town
Wheelchair Mower
Swimming pool safety for daredevil Redneck high-divers
SwimChair Man
How to quickly prepare gourmet food
Redneck Sushi
Origin of the first Hot Buns Bakery
How Big Are Your Buns?
Computer links to the music world
Computer Saxophone - Pretty Saxy!
Don't forget the child support check along with the candy & roses!
Happy Valentine's Day to Our New Father
It all depends on how you cut it
Newfie Pizza Order
Sharknado Bassinets are popular with Rednecks
Jaws Baby Feeder
NFL looks into under-inflated AFC title game footballs
Brady Balls
Dealing with illusive and transparent relationships
Transparent Plot
How not to whitewash your car
Revenge of the Birds
New visual guide to finally understand ceiling fan switches
Fool Proof Lighting
What happens when you've had too much sun in Mexico!
Thongthing Special
How to handle communicable diseases
HAGS Disease
What snow can do 4U in Navan, Ontario
Spooky Barbecue
Buy Jack Daniels by the barrel
Costco Whiskey
Why it's tough to be a referee during the Holiday Season
Hockey Players Are Mean
Amazing what one can do without a C-section
Big Birth - They Start Off Big At This Hospital
MacDonald's opens new feeding trough in Hay River
Only in Canada: MacMoose
Perfect for no-return sales to Bubba!
Redneck Revolver
Bring on the Bud Light and the remote, eh!
Male Cat
Many drivers miss this exit
Exit Not Found
Mood swing ring for the cheap husband
Menopause Jewelry
Let the Midnight Madness Black Friday sales begin!
Black Sheep Friday
Remembering the horrors of Black November
Ode To A Turkey
How to tell if you're celebrating a Redneck Thanksgiving
Redneck Thanksgiving
How to save lives by using commas
I Like Cooking
Help is on its way for devastated earthquake victims
British Generosity
Halloween costumes that need to go on a diet
Mutant Ninja Halloween Costume
Drinks for wine trick-or-treaters
Halloween Boos
Recommendations for your Halloween clothing
Custom Halloween Costume
Finding the perfect gift for her
Opinion Scale
Throwing money down the drain?
TP For Those With Money To Throw Away
Control Diabetes - make it free for everyone!
Diabetes Sale
Gratuity guidelines for poor service
Tip Discount
When something smells hot under the hood...
Why I Was Late For Work
When music conductors direct the flow of traffic
Musicians Parking Lot
Footprints In The Sand - updated version
Wi-Fi Password
When you're old, status and pumping rust take on new proportions
Dreaded Furniture Disease
Expressing the grounds for divorce
Communication Divorce
Which end of the bed do you sleep on?
Morning Breath - From Man's Best Friend
Look Ma, no hands!
Daredevil Selfie
Little Johnny regifting at an early age
Why waist time @ boring staff meetings? Sleep it off with this hairstyle!
Haircut For Staff Meetings
One man's garbage is another man's treasure
Yard Sale Crap
When deep sea creatures come a little too close
My Last Swim In The Ocean
Loser by a hair
Trivia Contest
Caught on tape - Checkmate!
Cops Beating A Black Man in NYC
If dogs were veterinarians
Colorectal Exam For Dogs
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