Warren Ralston Submissions
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Awards for people whose achievements cannot or should not be reproduced
The Ig Nobel Awards
End of story morals
Aunt From Desert Storm
Why it's great to be a man
Fear that there is no heaven
Afterlife Life
Churches overrun by pesky squirrels
Squirrel Baptism
Don't forget to set the degree to 375 ovens
How To Cook A Turkey
Dr. Seuss prepares for Halloween
Cat In The Hat Costume
When you've gotta pass gas out of your airplane, ask an air traffic controller
Air Traffic Control - Gas Tank Advice
Lending a helping hand to a tired dog
Running Out Of Gas After Walking Around Block
Making every clock step a silly one
Ministry of Silly Walks Watch
Prepared for a Halloween feeding frenzy
Baby Shark Costume
Grandfather knows how to clean the dishes
Clean As Cold Water
A little prevention goes a long way
Father Load
Stolen AC units present hot options
Church Karma
and What's on Second
Why In Left Field
Secret to catching bigger fish
Fish Fingers
How to espresso your need for a cup of coffee
Coffee Yawn
There, I toe'd you so!
The Story of 20 Toes
Hamming it up on the Star Wars film set
Ham Solo
From Planned Parenthood to Surprise Parenthood
Bonus Baby
How to create a recycled tire yard security system
Tire Alligators
Some license plates are worth stopping for
U.S. court case sets new Atheist Holiday
Atheist Holiday
Long wait for the start of Spring in Canada
Start Of Spring
Good thing that's not an electric fence!
Cow Photobomb
Optometrist-required translation
Do You Drive A Cataract?
When kids can let it all hang out
Why Men Shouldn't Babysit
Putting a personal touch on business shopping hours
Close Today
Advertising icon has warm funeral
Pillsbury Doughboy Dead At 71
Eating cloned meat? Swimming with piranhas? These resolutions are 4U!
New Years Resolutions You Can Keep
Let Kia winterize your vehicle
Ice Lock
The first people not to read Apple's terms and conditions
Read The Fine Print
Downplaying depression in a yoga relationship
Zen For Those Who Take Life Too Seriously
I will make you beg for mercy, beg for me to stop
An In-fluential Love Story
Repeating yourself in front of a patient
Gynecologist Exam
Spilling the beans in the office
Hot Coffee
Farm finance for the sons
Tractor Payments
Math tip for Bathroom Readers
Constipated Mathematician
Building high zoo fences
Kangaroo High Jumper
Better later than never at all...
Monastery Life
Making Mom feel like she was a kid again!
Mother's Day Gift - Not
Burying two people in the same grave
Honest Lawyer
Men - stand up and be counted!
Men Are Like...
Beware of passionate Chinese kiss
Chinese Proverbs
The Blue Peacock Project began in 1954...
Chicken-Powered Nuclear Bomb
Asking for a Pastoral raise
Preacher's Expanding Salary
Leroy's Ebonics homework assignment
Harlem Spelling Bee
Fair settlement for the wife
Generous Judge's Divorce Settlement
Mirror, Mirror on the French Wall - who's the fairest blonde of all
Wish-Granting Mirror
How many days workers actually work throught the year
Asking For A Pay Raise
Finding a better relationship
Adam Sandler's Personality Test
Taking the final exam
Bubba's Phonetics
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