Wayne Nowazek Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1530

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Slugs in home gardens
Slug Strawberry
Where Shakespeare bought his camping supplies
Discount Tents
Oh we, like sheep...
Greek Financial Path
Best use for the ex-wife's wedding dress
Snow Camo
Pet pig provides food relief
Delicious Grief
Windows users find a perfect fit for Macintosh computers
Mac Supports Windows
How to save beer trapped in a bottle
Beer Rescue
100 mpg Hummer motorcycle from Harley-Davidson
Hummer Motorcycle
Set a good example - it's the law
Follow The Leader
Testing all-natural products on Vancouver Island
Organic Water Filter
Tire-d of seeing the same bathroom sink design?
Tire Store Restroom
Need a cheap unassembled snowman? Saskatchewan has a deal 4U...
Saskatchewan Christmas Entrepreneur
Darth Vader's rarely photographed wife
Ella Vader
New mechanical tracking pencil - lead to lead
Well Trained Pencil
Hot lips in the garden
Flower Lips
It was a slow news day in Georgia
Old Traffic Jam
By mistake or by choice?
Same Mistake Twice
How to turn drab into rad
Rainbow Road
Fake Lake scenery
No-Lake Picture
Placing empty boxes under the Christmas tree
Christmas Fireplace Tip
If yore a groan reader, this is 4U and Jethro
Rools four Righters
Creating a cup of Java for has-beans
Coffee Bean Grinder
Chameleon lobster displays bi-polar tendency
Chimera Genetics
Saving fuel on the Moistwet Territories
Redneck Chainsaw
Well-played footwear for famous musicians
Saxy Shoe
Donald Trump's hair finally runs off to seek a better life
Hair We Go
When $5 goes a long way between cousins
Babysitting Kids
Smarter parking than even a Smart Car
Moose Parking
Does he crimp your style at the shopping mall, ladies?
Shopping With Your Husband
On becoming a vegetarian
Vegetarian MissSteak
Introducing the new Survivor Reality TV show in Afghanistan
Crotch Rocket
Sign of hope for Kevin Bacon
Keep The Bacon
How to ease passing lane constipation
The Passing Lane
Some pizzas are short on ingredients
Pepperoni Pizza Deal
How to best quench your thirst on a dry, hot day in the Outback
Just One More Glass
Genealogy search - stepping back in time
Ancestry Rewind
Everything from soup to nuts for a Mechanic
Spare Parts Table
The early birds catch the worm
Bird Buddies
Non-negotiable selfie stick usage
Redneck Wireless Selfie
Hitting the wall fastest or taking the wall with you
Horsepower vs Torque
Can you hear the beat of the music?
Dance While You Can
Benchmark custom design benches for musicians
Musical Chairs
Going out on a limb with a friend
Owl Twins
Typhoon rips through cemetery; hundreds dead
Newspaper Bloopers
Nothing better than a mouth full of bacon
Bacon High-Five
Seeing eye to eye towards a relationship that gives a hoot
Owl Friends
Molly eats big Miss-steaks to prepare for Amarillo appetite
Texas Steak
Chrome-e bike soon to become a Batman status symbol
Motorcycle Lo Rider Chrome
Ancient arborist secrets of levitation
Tree Levitation
After Sheldon Cooper finished reorganizing the Bouncy Castle
OCD Ball Pit
Reading between the lines
Read Your Book Case
How James Bond conceals his firearms cache
Ordnance Table
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