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Mark Twain 
Leonard Bernstein 
Bette Davis 
George McGovern 
Dorothy Parker 
Bruce Barton 
Woody Allen 
Mark Twain 
Joan Rivers 
Muhammad Ali 
Rudyard Kipling 
&DS GIRLVirginiaFor Andy’s Girl - on a ’96 Jeep Submissions by Andy's Girl, Virginia
0 GRVITYSan Diego, CaliforniaZero Gravity – on a ’90 Toyota Celica 
0 LIMITSOntarioNo Limits - on a Nissan Murano Submissions by Ross Quane, Ottawa, Ontario
0 RSPQTOntarioNo Respect - from Rodney Dangerfield’s famous line Submissions by Ross Quane, Ottawa, Ontario
0-60B4UBirmingham, AlabamaZero to Sixty Before You 
00 FOCUSHarrisonburg, VirginiaOn a 2000 black Ford Focus Submissions by Ed Brantly, Prince George, Virginia
000 LALAIllinoisOn a ’91 red Corvette convertible 
007South DakotaOn a BMW Z3 (James Bond – Goldeneye) 
00WHEEECaliforniaoo Wheee! - on a ZRX1200 street bike Submissions by Ron Hutchinson, California
02 BE MEMissouriOh To Be Me - on a ’91 ZR-1 Corvette 
0260N4SCortland, Ohio0 - 60 MPH in 4 seconds Submissions by Guy, Cortland, Ohio
02B IN NCPlain City, OhioMissing the great South Submissions by Steve Androw, Plain City, Ohio
02BFLYNDelta, B.C.Oh To Be Flying 
02BNLUVAlaskaOh To Be In Love (0 = love in tennis) 
02SWIMOntario, CanadaOh, To Swim 
0FRNDSNew MexicoZero Friends - for a lone rider on a Harley Davidson custom Submissions by John Angel, New Mexico
0GRVITYIowaZero Gravity – on a ’92 Dodge Stealth 
0IIII0PennsylvaniaVisual adaptation of a Jeep - on a ’98 Jeep Wrangler Submissions by Frederick M. Grant, Pennsylvania
0LBUGRNew ZealandOn a ’58 VW Beetle 
0NP01NTBrandywine, MarylandOn Point - on a 2006 GMC Sierra Submissions by Lynette Jones, Brandywine, Maryland
0VRTAXDEdmonton, AlbertaOvertaxed 
1Abu Dhabi, United Arab EmiratesWorld’s Most Expensive license plate: who doesn’t want to be No. 1? Submissions by Saeed Abdel Ghaffar Khouri, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
1 FLUTEHenrico, VirginiaOn a burgundy GMC Denali Submissions by Ed Brantly, Prince George, Virginia
1 FUNCARWest VirginiaSelf Explanatory 
1 HT CABOntarioOne Hot Cab – on an ’81 VW Rabbit 
1 MOR WSHHopewell, VirginiaOne More Wash - inside the K&L Barbeque restaurant Submissions by Ed Brantly, Prince George, Virginia
1 OWNERTulsa, OklahomaOn a ’69 SS 396 Chevelle 
1 PB FOOTChicago, IllinoisOne Lead Foot 
1 PC DOCHopewell, VirginiaFor a computer repairman - on a black Jeep Submissions by Ed Brantly, Prince George, Virginia
1 QK VETBarbourville, KentuckyOne Quick Vet – on a ’99 Corvette 
1 QT 2H8Colonial Heights, VirginiaOne Cutie To Hate - on a gray Ford Submissions by Ed Brantly, Prince George, Virginia
1 RDNCKChester, VirginiaOne Redneck - on a black Ford Ranger p/u Submissions by Ed Brantly, Prince George, Virginia
1 SHAKAOntarioHawaiian greeting 
1 TOGOLFPalm Springs, CaliforniaOne To Golf (Want to golf?) - on a Lexus 
1 UP UUnited KingdomFor British heavyweight boxer Joe Bugner Submissions by Barry J.F. Bloxham, United Kingdom
1 WILD BEnon, VirginiaOne Wild Bill - on a green Jeep Cherokee Submissions by Ed Brantly, Prince George, Virginia
10 PINArizona10 Pin Bowling 
10ESEGlendale, ArizonaSusie was born in Tennessee Submissions by Susie Golden, Glendale, Arizona
10R SAXNew YorkTenor Sax 
10S NUTVictoria, B.C.Tennis Nut Submissions by Roy Taylor
10SNE1Guelph, OntarioTennis Anyone? 
10SPROLos AngelesTennis Pro - on a white Porsche 
111Edmonton, AlbertaBinary 7 - for a computer professional Submissions by Vaughn Seward, Edmonton, Alberta
12DRAGNew JerseyWant To Drag? - on an ’85 Oldsmobile 
12NVAnchorage, AlaskaOne To Envy 
143GuamI Love You 
14GIPRHenrico, VirginiaOne For The Gipper - VA vanity plate (Notre Dame) - on a white Volvo Submissions by Ed Brantly, Prince George, Virginia
14UManitobaOne For You 
14U2CMontanaOne For You To See - on a Toyota 4WD 
16 APRFloridaTax Time? - on an accountant’s car 
16B410Alberta16 Before 10 (9:44) - On a Porsche 944 Submissions by Dave Sharp, Alberta
180-OUTWashingtonSurveyor’s term for 180 degrees from right direction 
1AUSM66Montgomery, AlabamaOn a ’66 Mustang Coupe 
1BAD 4DMississippiOne Bad Ford – on a Ford F150 
1BADBIRDMaineOn a new Pontiac Firebird 
1BADBRDBirmingham, AlabamaOn a ’98 Honda Super Hawk 
1BADM3Mississauga, OntarioOne Bad ’94 BMW M3 
1BDPONYSalina, KansasSportIt Motorsports 
1BDS10Oahu, HawaiiOne Bad S10 - on a ’98 Chevy S10 
1BLU SKYZion Crossroads, VirginiaOne Blue Sky - on a gold Dodge Grand Caravan Submissions by Ed Brantly, Prince George, Virginia
1BUG2CNew MexicoOne Bug To See - on a ’67 VW Bug 
1C BITNOntario, CanadaOnce Bitten’ on a ’99 Dodge 
1DFOALCaliforniaWonderful - on a Ford Mustang (foal = baby horse) 
1DN1TGOManitobaOne Down, One To Go (two daughters in family) 
1DORITAHarrisonburg, VirginiaDorita Corn Chips - on a green Mazda Submissions by Ed Brantly, Prince George, Virginia
1DVN LDYPrince George, VirginiaOne Divine Lady - on a silver Chrysler Sebring Submissions by Ed Brantly, Prince George, Virginia
1DYSPAYVernon, B.C.On a Lexus 
1ERFL1Denver, ColoradoWonderful One 
1EZPUSHCaliforniaOne Easy Push Submissions by Scott, California
1FUNPOSMissouriOn an ’84 F150 
1GR8GALHopewell, VirginiaOn a green Ford Explorer Submissions by Ed Brantly, Prince George, Virginia
1GR8LFHarrisonburg, VirginiaOne Great Life - on a black Subaru Legacy Submissions by Ed Brantly, Prince George, Virginia
1GUESSOakville, Ontario1 Guess – that’s all you get! 
1HOT27Oahu, HawaiiOn a ’27 Roadster hot rod 
1HOT4X4AlbertaOne Hot Four By Four 
1HRDDRVMinnesotaOne Hard Drive - on a ’95 Mustang GT (for a computer programmer) 
1JJJJPakenham, Ontario1 John 4 
1LORD-JHopewell, VirginiaOn a gray Pontiac Grand Prix Submissions by Ed Brantly, Prince George, Virginia
1LOW64Salem, New JerseyOn a ’64 lowrider ’64 Impala SS 
1LOWTOYKnoxville, TennesseeOn a slammed Toyota truck 
1MANSHOAlabamaOne Man Show - On a ’91 410HP Mustang GT 
1MDBOSSElkton, VirginiaI Am The Boss - on a blue Nissan Submissions by Ed Brantly, Prince George, Virginia
1MDMAXColonial Heights, VirginiaOne Mad Max - on a blue Dodge Durango Submissions by Ed Brantly, Prince George, Virginia
1MEAN RTBeatrice, New EnglandOn a ’70 Dodge R/T Challenger 
1MONPAYCaliforniaOne Month’s Pay - on a BMW 850Csi 
1MOTOYGeorgiaOne More Toy 
1NTSTNDLas Vegas, NevadaOne Night Stand 
1OF1254Virginia Beach, Virginia1 Of 1254 (Only 1254 cars made: ’92 Z28 Convertible) 
1OLDCATNew YorkOn a ’61 Jaguar MKII 
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