2014 Hooters Calendar - quite possibly NOT what you first expected...

Welcome to this year's Hooters Calendar - for those who give a HOOT!

Hooters Calendar ranked in 'Top 10 Odd and Awesome Calendars'

Gerry Powers

This year we’re going global for owls, featuring 12 owls from North America, Brazil and Europe - in a single 8 1/2" x 11" calendar. Gerry Powers, a past President of Owl Canada and a member of The Burrowing Owl Conservation Society of B.C., is a volunteer on call 24/7 for injured birds of prey. Adilson de Carvalho Jr. has provided colour-full owl pictures from his native country of Brazil. See full list of Owl Picture Credits.

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2014 Owl Calendars

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2014 Owl Calendar

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Wall Calendars

Due to technical issues beyond our control, we were unable to create wall calendars in time for 2014.
We plan on having them available again for 2015.

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Owl Calendar Credits
Gerry Powers - North American Owls Adilson de Carvalho Jr. - Brazil Owls

North American and European Owls

  • Gerry Powers: Gerry takes his owl taxidermy showcases to schools and discusses the many varieties of owls found in B.C. Featured in our 2014 Hooters Calendar are Gerry's pictures of Barred, Burrowing, Great Horned, Long Eared and Screech owls. Google “Gerry Powers owls”.
  • Cathie Barron: Cathie captured the perfect setting for a Snowy Owl at Boundary Bay in Delta, B.C. She is a supporter of  Bird Studies Canada.
  • Idske Mulder: Idske submitted our first two European owl pictures - of Short Eared and Barn owls.

Brazilian Owls

  • Adilson de Carvalho Jr.: Adilson lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil and has submitted a stunning collection of “The Owls from Brazil” - this year's calendar has 3 more owls that many North American owl supporters may not have seen before .

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