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Self taught boxer

#255: Face Plant

World's first 3D water painting

#254: Pour Picture

When true love reaches higher goals

#253: Long Kiss

Putting a damper on the Train Station Blues

#252: Not You!

Parents: the one thing chldren wear out faster than shoes

#251: Teeter TottHer

Steed of Steel on the desert

#250: Camel Bike

Removable pave-meant for a green environment

#249: Cloth Road

Vietnam scenic tours for economy class tourists

#248: ShareWhere Bathroom

Trying to recapture your words

#247: Tingue

It's all downhill from here!

#246: Ski Bathroom

Bubba's Rubba exceeds Redneck miles-per-tire standards

#245: Redneck Spare Tire

Reebok's new heel deal

#244: Car Shoelusion

How to catch 'up' on the latest news

#243: News With A View

'Through The Looking Glass' in the 21st Century

#242: Too Much Homework?

Camel-ot - King Arthur's knight-time footwear

#241: Camel Pumps

Swimmer's motto: what goes a-round comes a-round

#240: Swimming Helmet

When you wooden want to go on a wooden diet

#239: Benchquet

Nothing better than fresh blown Earl Grey tea

#238: Tea Arc

Boris's hot tub spree comes to a Sud-en end

#237: But Why, Officer?

This one 'snot so good

#236: Hand Soap

Fleeced colour-blind teenager

#235: Pink Pet

Gwenda's seeing-eye fish

#234: Fish Face

Sometimes you're the hunter, sometimes you're the huntee

#233: Pelican-Eat-Dog World

No more dumpster diving for Sheila!

#232: Bathroom Diving

One lick away from an unreachable dinner

#231: Caught Cat

Bubba plans to tin foil a purr-ty gift to his ghoulfriends this year

#230: Redneck Halloween

Bubba's on a roll with his hang of a good bathroom idea

#229: Redneck TP Holder

Watermelon baby

#228: Just Hatched

One of these days I'll get even...

#227: Doves Forever

Curl Up to Warm Up

#226: Warm Sweater

How to win a Tractor Pull contest with few strings attached

#225: Redneck Tractor

MacDonald's latest - Edible Sneakers

#224: Mac Shoe

You sure that's where the head goes?

#223: Polish Paramedics

Bubba's stool working on his flatulence control

#222: Redneck Racecar

Bailing Out - Olympic haymaking record

#221: Hanging Load

Plush chair with shear dropoff

#220: Sheep Chair

Wait un-tile they go, then we'll raise the roof!

#219: Spooky House

Confucius says getting up on wrong side of bed lead to down fall

#218: Chain Fence Bed


#217: Stretch Girl

Portable Party Parents - for people on a roll

#216: Swingset Car

How much for this cat?

#215: Cat Salesman Of The Year

Even a tough guy can get a pedicure!

#214: Male Pedicure

Shoes with high expectations

#213: Stooletto Heels

Can I have this dance for the rest of my life...

#212: Toddler Dance

Africa's latest inspiration: disc-located MP3 turntables

#211: Mozart in Africa

Cramer could hardly wait for the next Sandbox Motorcycle Championship

#210: Playground Motorcyclist

Shoe designed to take your pets wherever you go - very inspidering!

#209: Pet Shoe

Tree good tips on becoming an Arkansas couch potato

#208: Redneck Swing Tree

When you don't want the laptop on your lap

#207: Bathroom Laptop

How a math teacher finds the right angle

#206: Chair Ruler

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