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Latest in e-fish-cient goldfish scales

#205: Sushi Earrings

1st skid marks in Romania

#204: Rubber-Burning Backseat Driver

'Pooch Power' - Bubba's latest patent

#203: Redneck Solution for High Gas Prices

Sidewalk fashion statement

#202: Zipper Pavement

Call Bubba for a free Goat Quote (comes with wife)

#201: Goat Power

The child within you

#200: Peekaboo!

New SCRAP (Scrap Car Removal And Plant) Program - compost option

#199: Carden Garden

Apple's new iPod for dyslexic girls

#198: BraPod

Why nurses have to have patience with mechanical patients

#197: Mechanical Patient

Latest in Ascot Racecourse dress

#196: Ascot Fashion Statement

When you know you've had too much sun

#195: Desert Muffins

The down side of tennis

#194: Tennis Halfpipe

Why trampolines are so dangerous

#193: Trampoline Safety

Why some employees find it difficult to get up in the morning!

#192: Alternative to Elevators

Another Chinese toy recall

#191: Toy Recall

Steinway's Sea Suite

#190: Water Music

Does your dog have Collara?

#189: Collara Dog

One more push after your final push

#188: Handicap Helper

When you know it's time to put away the puzzle

#187: Rubik's Head

Why Ukrainians have a leg up in World Equestrian Show Jumping events

#186: Ukrainian Crotch Jumping

Last day in the life of a de-lighted lineman

#185: electricAL safety

Having a backup plan with no way forward

#184: Out On A Bender

Nikon's new 'lens on lens' camera

#183: Eyekon Camera

Your 1st Yoga Class: Levitating above your peers

#182: Yoga Leadership

'Cash & Carry' for your next steel steal

#181: Portable Auto Body Shop

The 'Jetstream Hawgster' - Harley's latest competition!

#180: Jet Bike

Bubba's ultimate wind-up toy - more time for brewskies!

#179: Redneck Automatic Lawnmower

Italian says 'No' to new motorcycle safety helmet law

#178: Helmut Helmet

What's even uglier than the World's Ugliest Dog?

#177: Ugly To The Bone

Redneck secret plan to bring back the America's Cup to the U.S.

#176: Land Yacht

Next trick: How to do wheelies on a motorcycle!

#175: Motorbike Surfing

This guy forgot to Google Goggles!

#174: Lightweight Safety Glasses

How to get your teeth fixed in Thailand

#173: Dental Checkup

Looking for a good spot for your next Mahjong game?

#172: Addictive Mahjong

Now you can take pounds off as easily as you can put them on!

#171: Health Plug

Harley riders can run circles around other motorcyclists!

#170: Circular Motorcycle

Rednecks know how to squeeze out the last drop of toothpaste!

#169: IRS Toothpaste

Faced with cutbacks, Blue Angels pilots alter flight paths

#168: Blue Angels Trainees

What golfers eat be'fore' heading to the golf course

#167: Golfer's Breakfast

School clock for Mensa students

#166: Math Clock

The reel you in pictures

#165: iFrame

Cow Cookies for Easter

#164: Chocolate Easter Eggs

'Bed 4 One' not available in restless sleeper mode

#163: Perfect Fit Bed

When Seat Belts are recommended for back seat drivers

#162: Giant Slingshot

Step into this pool... if you can find a ladder!

#161: Swimming Pool For Sale - House Not Included

When it absolutely has to be there overnight

#160: UPS Fishing Boat

A bargain for the well-heeled shopper

#159: Sandal Sale

Half the battle is not to be seen by your opponent

#158: Invisible Motorcycle Race

Shunned by her first true love, Amy plans for Kindergarten revenge

#157: Childhood Romance

Turn your house into view property from every room!

#156: Hang On To That Thought

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