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Show your feelings in a letter

#155: Wrap Around Text

Watch what you heat @ Bubba's diner!

#154: Redneck Barbecue

Village Bowling - while the balls hold out

#153: Watermelon Bocce

Cleaning your teeth can be a laughing matter

#152: The Joe-kster's Dentist

Chrysler cutbacks spur rollout of short-term 'Kid Kars'

#151: Kid Kars

If you gotta go, do it remotely!

#150: iPottie

So, how's the fishing today? Can we help?

#149: Fishing Information

Walk Up Portraits are a specialty in this studio

#148: Stepping Up In The World

Watered-down melon a hit at the 'box' office

#147: One Square Meal A Day

Going the wong way in Asian traffic

#146: Wong Motor Home

Lending a helping hand to your 'down and out' friend

#145: Outhouse Treasure

Poor cable connection? Put your mouse on a data diet!

#144: High Fiber Diet

Duct Tape rules in Bubba's home!

#143: Redneck Time Out

What Santa Gives Naughty Kids

#142: Christmas Present for Naughty Kids

'You'll never take me alive!'

#141: Bathing A Cat

For Sale: Slightly water damaged vehicles

#140: 'Honey, I Lost My Job...'

When you hope your horse doesn't lay an egg!

#139: Horse Hat

Cut out the middleman - buy your clothes 'on line'

#138: Catalogue Shopping

Bubba likes hanging around with his friends

#137: Redneck Swing

Learning first hand how to dish it out at work

#136: Face Protector

When not to ask your wife to park your new Pickup in the garage

#135: Picked Up Pickup

Using the perfect backdrop for your fallback picture

#134: 'Say Cheese' One Last Time

Are you misplacing the horse in your horsepower?

#133: Jockey Dementia

Cube Farm for Year-Round Productivity

#132: Working Round The Clock

High, my name's Cliff. Drop over some time!

#131: Mountain Road

When you stay away from the beach too long...

#130: Beach Foreclosure

How to get swine flu

#129: Hygiene On The Farm

Chief Half Disk with Part Ram

#128: Chief of the Computer Indians

A new type of watered down sport!

#127: Water Bowling

Use this vice to get rid of your worst vice!

#126: How To Pop A Zit

When your work can't take a back seat to anything else

#125: Employee Of The Month

Meal preparation for a fox

#124: Who's Pulling Your Chain?

How to grow Apples in your garden

#123: Computer Garden

Do you prefer Lite Beer to Light Beer?

#122: Light Beer

Bubba finds a way to get closer to his phone calls

#121: Redneck Ear Phone

Trying to stay on top of the water this summer?

#120: Wave Bored Rider's Uplifting Experience

Airstream campers can now fly anywhere in the world!

#119: Plane Camper

Flexible holiday plans - when there's no room in the car

#118: Portable Playpen

Teach your children how to paint - preferably on paper!

#117: Paint Shop Pros

Self-design dress - sophisticated & fits all 'pour' women!

#116: Pour Woman's Dress

When your garden hedging takes a turn for the worse

#115: Problem Neighbour

Bike Trike for macho parade showoffs

#114: Mine's Bigger

Toenails & HeelNails - latest in foot fashion

#113: Shoes for Well Heeled Shoppers

Since Ellie Mae put Jet Fuel in Bubba's mower, he gets done a little faster!

#112: Redneck Lawn Mower

Wing Walker Tennis For high flyers

#111: World's Highest Tennis Match

Meet your oasis for life!

#110: Thirst Quencher Fridge

Bending over Back-wards four-ever

#109: BrokeBack Ballet

Sailors know what to do when they run out of lifeboats

#108: Abandon Ship - Japanese Style

Binford Tools' new line of Dental products

#107: Modern Dentistry - Painful but Fast

Bubba shelters his school day memories

#106: Redneck Storm Shelter

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