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Looking for a nice playground to take your kids to?

#105: Pooped Out Playground

Leave your cat alone to play with itself forever!

#104: Cat Flap - a Toast For Your Cat

Heads-up followers of the Coke movement

#103: Coke Heads

Boris remodels his World War II side car

#102: Tank Bike

Watts You See Is Watts You Get!

#101: Live Line Technique: Limits of Non-Approach

New Airbus design - for 'sucked-in' passengers

#100: Airbus 2006 - A Tale of Two Pilots

Something smelled funny in Torino

#99: Come From Behind Taste of Olympic Success

Tired of 'Through The Roof' Construction Costs?

#98: 'Reach For The Top' Roof Repair

Eat In and Eat Out - Bubba's Choice dining car

#97: Redneck Picnic

Some days, kernel corn just isn't enough

#96: Bird Bomb - Whitewash To Go

Final resting place for the hardcore motorcyclist

#95: Motorcycle Tombstone

Does your cat need a place to 'Hide And Sleep'?

#94: 'Hooked On Clothes' Cat

Steering Wheel Car... for 'key' nautical drivers!

#93: Caraphernalia - Car Gadgets Unlimited

Bobsled for ladies - new Olympic event

#92: Barbsled - Ladies Downhill Racing

Musicians can go in any key

#91: Musical Throne

Frozen Buns' day when maybe you shouldn't 'go'

#90: Cold Outhouse

People are dying to get to this garage sale!

#89: Garage Sale for the Soon-To-Be-Departed

Satisfaction Guaranteed or Double Your Garbage Back!

#88: Garbage In or Garbage Out?

Save a bundle on feeding this quarter horse

#87: Quarter Horse or Quarterhorse?

Airing out your complaints at work again?

#86: Window Bungee Jumping - Latest Extreme Sport

For those days when you just can't get enough cable television

#85: Satellite 'Art' - 100% Game Day Coverage

A teenager's New Years Resolution

#84: Machine Wash Instructions for Teenagers

No better way to 'Go' with your friends & loved ones!

#83: Cozy Washroom

Tough jobs are where management lead by example!

#82: Management Team - Leading by Example

Letting it all hang out on your hair diet

#81: Hairball Essence or Hair Ingestion?

Two-in-one burglar system for your home!

#80: New Home Alarm System

Bikers' new lazy car

#79: Couch Potato On Wheels

Redneck's favorite hunting buddies

#78: Redneck Bird Dogs

Caught forever in the act of fence climbing

#77: Brick Layers - Cast in Stone

Discount Travel's 'all-you-can-take-luggage' promo

#76: Airport Luggage Check For High Flyers

Reach a new high in this duplex outhouse with out-standing view!

#75: World's 'Highest' Outhouse

Why settle for a lawnmower when you can have a lawnmover?

#74: John Deere Lawnmover

Ever had a day like this?

#73: Typical Work Progress Report

Get more horsepower - and a face full of fertilizer

#72: World's First Horse Power Vehicle

Looking for a camouflage windshield for your delivery van?

#71: Duct Tape Truck - No-Glass Deliveries

Socket To Me! Here's seeing you...

#70: Can You Do This?

Using natural safety devices can prevent driving accidents

#69: Airbag Safety

Is your home a polar bear beacon?

#68: Pre-Dawn Breakfast Patrol

Freestyle, partial-beard German poser?

#67: Beard and Moustache Championship

French drivers put their cars into real 'high drive'

#66: World's Highest Bridge

Potable eating at latest upscale Asian restaurant

#65: Asian Real Meal Deal

Camping in the good old days... roughing it with your T-Bird!

#64: World's 1st Mobile Camper

Community resting place for old cabinets

#63: Park Art or Cabinet Decision?

Might as well entertain yourself @ Pa & Ma's outhouse

#62: Throne Entertainment on the Farm

Who needs software or hardware when you have runwear!

#61: Computer Wear - Sneaker Powered

And now for the winner of the porcupine javelin contest...

#60: Bull Terrier vs. Porcupine: Quill He Make It?

Little ones helping little ones - Puppy Power 4U

#59: Puppy Support - 'Back' Up Plan

Don't have a garage? Then park your junk on the porch...

#58: Junk House - One Man's Treasure

Bridging the gap in rural China

#57: Wok-a-Way: Wok - Don't Run!

When gas gets too high, rent a Redneck water trailer

#56: Redneck Water Trailer

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