Kids Rids
You're Kid'n me, right?

What happens when a Finnish swimmer gets into trouble?
Where would you never see a vegetarian?
What is a shopper's favourite class?
Did you hear about the two dirty bathtubs that got married?
What natural disaster moves too fast to be seen clearly?
What does a T. Rex do when it sleeps?
Where do hummingbirds like to shop?
Why were the football players hot after the Super Bowl game?
What happened to Ray when he jumped off the Eiffel Tower?
Why did they put the acrobat in a sanatorium?
What caused a riot in the Post Office?
How do you kiss a hockey player?
Why can't it rain for 2 days continually?
What kind of policeman dresses poorly?
What do you lend to a needy vet?
What did the Doctor give the patient with a splitting headache?
What does a rabbit drink on a cold day?
When is a sheep not a sheep?
Why did the pencil sharpener keep arguing with the pencil?
How do you recognize math plants?
What's the longest night of the year?
What's wooly and plays really cool music?
Why was the mythical monster such a nuisance?
How does a Doctor sneak up on you to check your heartbeat?
What should you know if you want to be a lion tamer?
How does a girl vampire flirt?
Where do skeletons keep their money?
Why do elephants have ivory tusks?
What do you get when you cross a cow and axes?
What should you do if you get a rash from biting mosquitoes?
What's a good name for a molecule?
How do you fit more pigs onto a farm?
Why did the python need a vacation?
What type of crackers do firefighters like in their soup?
How can you tell if an apple is organic?
What do frogs spread on their toast?
What country makes you shiver?
Why was the vampire thin?
What do cows use for money?
What do you call a teacher who makes numbers disappear?
... a few more Daffynitions 4U
What Asian food recipe calls for both poultry and a grinch?
What do you call an anxious dinosaur?
What pen does a baby write with?
What does a shark use for a barbecue?
What does an egg do when another egg bothers it?
How did the pancake hurt itself?
What do you call a prehistoric ghost?
Why was the mummy so tense?
What is the plural of baby?
How did the computers afford a vacation?
What is the easiest way to keep milk from turning sour?
A unicorn has one horn and a bull has two. Does anything have more?
Where did the gangplank get it's education?
Why couldn't the music teacher get into the classroom?
What kind of suit would you wear to a mermaid's wedding?
Who was the biggest nut in the army?
What's a node viper?
Where do detergents sit in the ballpark?
Why did the baby go to chemistry class?
What would you get if you crossed the school library with a genius?
Where did King Arthur send his court?
Why do textbooks carry beepers?
Why was the plumber so tired?
What kind of gum does the number 2 like?
How did the monster scare the wizard?
What did the cat say after she made fun of another cat?
Why did Little Johnny pour chicken broth on his car?
What would you get if you crossed George Washington with cattle feed?
What movie do pigs dream about?
What kind of bird can write?
Why do potatoes make good detectives?
What did the dirt say to the rain?
Why did the Irishman go to the foot Doctor?
How do you clean a crow?
What do you get if you cross a snowman and a shark?
Why did the blonde feed money to her cow?
What place in New York do math teachers like?
What city wanders around aimlessly?
Why are astronauts so impatient on Earth?
What do you get when you cross a saint and a pharmacologist?
How did the playground win the baseball game?
How did the tooth fairy do in school?
What is a marathon runner's favourite subject?
What do you call a bump on a crook's head?
Why did I, V and X keep wandering off?
Why did the chef serve frozen steak?
Why did the farmer take his chickens to the vet?
Which football player smells the most?
Why did the art teacher put her colours on a diet?
Why did the book need a chiropractor?
What math tool do baseball players use?
What does a dog get when it graduates from obedience school?
What do you call books read by Dallas students?
What kind of dial casts a shadow but should never be asked the time?
How does a witch tell time?
Why did the robin flunk out of school?
What do you call Oreos that skip class?
What animals help run computers?
How is the baseball slugger doing in school?
How much fun can you have doing arithmetic?
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