Kids Rids
You're Kid'n me, right?

Why did the fireplace call the Doctor?
What happens when frogs park illegally?
What did the riverbed say to the ocean?
How can you tell when a cat has been using your computer?
What do you call a ladder's kid?
What is the coldest colour of all?
What do you call a school where all the students are over six feet tall?
Why was the math book sad?
Is there a silent C in Connecticut?
What do you call a baby turkey?
What kind of joe-ks did Einstein like?
What did the tennis team write for the school paper?
Where do math teachers go to eat?
What does a ghost wear in the rain?
Where can you find a haunted beach?
What do vampires eat at parties?
What did the ghoul eat with his soup?
Who was James Bond's spookiest enemy?
Where did the goblin throw the football?
What colour is Dracula's door?
When does a graveyard romance start?
Where do monsters study?
Did you hear about the pig who started hiding garbage on Halloween?
What do Italian's eat on Halloween?
What do canaries do on Halloween night?
What would happen if you moved Halloween from the fall to the spring?
Who did the gravediggers invite to their Halloween party?
What do zombies like to eat at a cook out?
What did the teenage witch ask her mother on Halloween?
What do fashionable biology students wear?
Who invented King Arthur's round table?
Why did the witch go to the Doctor?
Why did the roofer go to the Doctor?
Why did the string go to the Doctor?
What do you call a bear with no teeth?
Why did the optometrist go to school?
What did mama tomato say to baby tomato when they were crossing the street?
Why did the baker go to math class?
What letter, when added to a Royal male, turns him into a Royal female?
What vegetable was not welcome on Noah's Ark?
Why do vampires have a high divorce rate?
What would you get if you crossed oxen with zebras?
In France, if someone pretends to be your father, what is he called?
What do beavers eat for breakfast?
Why did the nail cross the road?
How are a bad boy and a canoe alike?
What do you call a soup made of vegetables and chewing tobacco?
What never shows off about making honey?
What is as annoying as a roaring river?
How does a broom act?
What do you do when the Doctor tells you you're iron-deficient?
How do sailors get their clothes clean?
How did the Norse god take his temperature?
What do you call someone who always tells you about his future problems?
How can you tell if your Doctor's a quack?
What flower grows on your face?
What do you call a guy who smells like fish?
How is a burning candle like thirst?
What do you call a werewolf professor?
What fish is a bargain?
What do people do in a clock factory?
What's the difference between an umbrella and a person who never stops talking?
How did knights make chain mail?
How long will you live if you smoke cigarettes?
What do you call a ship full of rabbits?
Why don't matches play baseball?
Why are Tooth Fairies so smart?
How do pigs communicate their dreams?
Why did the belt get arrested?
What is your father if you take his favourite chair?
What did the Doctor say to the patient when asked if his measles would be better the next week?
What do you call a rotten essay?
What is a vamire's favorite fruit?
How do you make a witch itch?
Why do people get so upset when a vampire bites them?
Where did Cinderella Spaghetti dream she was going?
Where does a cowboy borrow money?
What are the sneakiest plants?
What do you call a young coal digger?
How does an astronaut read in bed?
Why didn't the crooked tailor go to jail?
What do you call a giant fish that climbs the Empire State Building?
What do you get if you cross a gopher with a porcupine?
What does Mr. Spock perform at parties?
What soda do frogs like best?
Why do dragons make bad bosses?
Why was the insect kicked out of the national park?
Why don't ducks enjoy the desert?
If you're facing east, what would be on your right hand?
What do boxers like to drink?
What counterfeiters were active during the American Revolution?
What did the car say to the bridge?
What do you get when you cross an owl and a goat?
What do cows put on their hot dogs?
What would you get if you crossed a midget and a computer?
How can you tell if a hotel is very exclusive?
What do you call a prisoner's pet budgie?
What do you get when you cross an ATM with a dairy farm?
What happened to the retired bartender?
Why don't koalas wear shoes?
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