Kids Rids
You're Kid'n me, right?

What fish can sing?
Why did the cat eat the dough?
How do you spot a werewolf howling in the back of your car at night?
Why are werewolves good at fortune telling?
Why did the bees renew their employment agreement?
Action Man drove his sports car off a bridge. Was he hurt?
Why did the teacher put on her sunglasses?
Why did the tortoise cross the road?
How do you get a ghost to lie perfectly flat?
Did you hear about the woman who washed her front doorstep?
What did the envelope say to the stamp?
What's the laziest mountain in the world?
What do you call a wolf with a big heart?
How do you join the police force?
What do birds watch on TV?
How do chickens dance?
Which day of the week do ghosts like best?
What do you get if you cross the Atlantic with the Titanic?
What type of letters do vampires receive from their admirers?
What do you call a donkey with three legs?
What is a crocodile's favourite game?
Why couldn't the orange get up the hill?
How do hedgehogs play leapfrog?
What is green and jumps a lot?
Why do elves get indigestion?
Why is the cello the easiest instrument to make?
What do you serve a thirsty snake?
What kind of paper makes you itch?
How do you make a flower grow faster?
What do authors have when they're too nervous to write?
What kind of driver never drives a car?
What do you call a teddy bear who wears a spacesuit?
What bug likes to play hockey?
Why did the hairdresser win the race?
What do you call a symphony?
What do you call a baked salmon?
What do you call a nice perfume?
Did you hear the joe-k about the pencil?
If a bee gives us honey, what do we get from a wasp?
Where did King Arthur go for entertainment?
Why did the small bucket go see the school nurse?
What is an expert on seltzer called?
What country do cows love to visit?
Why did the zoo get rid of the owl?
What does an embryo do when it's hungry?
Why did the lobster study so hard?
What is the highest form of animal life?
Where do sharks like going on holidays?
Why don't fish play tennis?
What happens when you fall in love with a chauffeur?
Where do fish put their money?
What time to ducks get up?
What happens when you chase an ice cube?
What do pigs write letters with?
Why do chickens get good jobs?
What Star Wars movie features a classical composer?
How do Arabs like to dance?
Why didn't the computer finish its sandwich?
Why did the snake work at the gas station?
Why did the mother parrot scold the baby parrot?
Where do restless travelers like to go?
Why is Christmas just like a day at the office?
What's the difference between the alphabet and the Christmas alphabet?
What do monkeys sing at Christmas?
What do truck drivers do when the music starts?
Where does success come before work?
Where do strawberries play their saxophones?
How do whales cry?
How big are centipedes?
What's half of infinity?
If you use paper plates at a picnic, what kind of plates do you use indoors?
What's an easy way to double your money?
Why did the man put a clock under his desk?
What does the sun put on gift packages?
What do you get when you cross a cottontail and a frog?
What kind of ship carries lots of rabbits?
What do kings ride around their castles?
How do surfers greet each other?
What athlete is never promoted?
How do you hit slime?
What do you call a lizard that wins the lottery?
What do you call a lion that's eaten your Dad's sister?
Why did the robber take a shower?
Which traffic light is the bravest?
Where should you pay your car repair bill?
How can you tell when a cat has been using your computer?
What do you get from a cow with split personality?
Did you hear about the 2 silkworms who had a race?
What does a baby snake play with?
When is a clock nervous?
What does an artist do just before he dies?
What book has the most stirring chapters?
What kind of cologne did prehistoric man wear?
What does an ear of corn have when it gets dandruff?
What's a computer sign of old age?
What game do cannibals play?
How did the woman feel after she got run over by a car?
What did the tornado take to the movies?
What did the sea say to the shore?
What subject are owls best at in school?
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