Kids Rids
You're Kid'n me, right?

Why is a poor math student like a crossed telephone line?
Why is a school day like jury trial?
Why is arithmetic such hard work?
Why is the pen mightier than the sword?
Why is the playground larger at recess?
Why should you never dot another person's "I"?
Why shouldn't you throw plastic bags into swamps in Louisiana?
Why was the cafeteria fueled by lamps?
Why was the classroom so crowded?
Why was the computer printer thrown out of school?
Why was the dried grape called on in school?
Why was the driver's ed teacher fired?
Why was the driver's ed teacher so lucky?
Why was the dropout asked to leave the elegant party?
Why was the geography teacher so popular with her students?
Why was the little bird punished?
Why was the little schoolhouse red?
Why was the math teacher so self-absorbed?
Why was the music teacher accused of cruelty?
Why was the music teacher fired?
Why was the steer suspended from school?
Why were the vegetables angry at the teacher?
Why were everyone's grades slanted?
Why were the music students allowed to roam the hall?
Why were the poorer students removed from school?
Why were the students able to study underwater?
Why were the walls of the university covered with ivy?
What is the sickest U.S. state?
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