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If your Uncle's sister is not your Aunt, what relation is she to you?
How do you make a lighthouse?
How do you stop bacon from curling in a frying pan?
What's the best way to get a man to do sit ups?
What does the Dentist of the Year get?
What kind of buck can't be spent?
What does a conceited optometrist call himself?
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What kind of waves are impossible to swim in?
What happens to stupid princes?
What letter ends everything?
What city doesn't have crime in the streets?
What is a policeman's favourite dessert?
When is it impossible to give someone the time of day?
Which kind of apple isn't an apple?
When will water stop flowing downhill?
What's this recipe for?
Throw out the outside,
cook the inside,
eat the outside,
throw out the inside.
Why wasn't Eve afraid of getting the mumps?
What does the Joe-kster use a knife for?
What fells trees, moves mountains, and kills kings?
What do you put into a barrel to make it lighter?
How do you make Mexican chili?
Why aren't babies allowed to take tests?
How do you tune a harp?
How do you catch celery?
What kind of bars can't keep prisoners in jail?
What disease does grass get?
What's the quickest way to make oil boil?
What sport makes a lot of noise at night?
What kind of key opens a banana?
What person makes a living by talking to himself?
What is the best ship to have?
If a man smashed a clock, could he be convicted of killing time?
What makes windows unable to see?
Why do pens get sent to prison?
What can you hear but not see, and only speaks when it's spoken to?
Which mountain is always sleeping?
How do surfers greet each other?
What do you call two people riding bikes together?
Why are good bowlers like labour unions?
How can you climb Mount Everest without getting tired?
How are 2 plus 2 equal 5 and your left hand alike?
Where are the largest diamonds kept?
What kind of tea do the King and Queen drink?
What keys won't fit in any door?
What does a dog do that a man puts on?
What ring is painful?
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I show a different face to everyone, but I have no face of my own. Who am I?
Does margarine have wings?
What pillar is never used to hold up a building?
What do bees do with honey?
Why won't sharks attack lawyers?
I never move. I have no feet. But I wear shoes. What am I?
Who's to blame for an earthquake?
One morning a boy couldn't find his trousers. What did he do?
When is mail delivered wet?
What do you throw out when you need them, but take in when you don't?
What kind of artist can't you trust?
What is very light but can't be lifted?
How do fireflies learn their math?
Why does your sense of touch suffer when you are ill?
Why is a bride always unlucky on her wedding day?
What creature is smarter than a talking parrot?
How do you describe a tired kangaroo?
What colour is rain?
What do you call a girl who has three boyfriends named William?
What is the best exercise for losing weight?
Why couldn't the puppet move?
What kind of cake holds water?
What kind of button can't you unbutton?
What kind of cake can make you froth at the mouth?
What bird can lift the most weight?
What runs but doesn't have legs?
What can never be untied?
What has teeth but never goes to the Dentist?
What is another name for a juvenile delinquent?
What do you get from a pampered cow?
What likes to spend the summer in a fur coat and the winter in a wool bathing suit?
When is a child not its father's son?
What school did Sherlock Holmes go to?
What's the longest rock in the world?
What time is it when the number of minutes since midnight is nine times the number of minutes before noon?
What kind of door does a chiropractor have?
What can turn a lad into a lady?
What driver doesn't need a license?
What can rise without ever sleeping?
What kind of bones are in an orchestra?
When does a boat show affection?
You throw away the outside and cook the inside. Then you eat the outside and throw away the inside. What did you eat?
What is the most unpleasant boat to travel on?
What is good on a roll but bad on a road?
What English word is singular, but if you add an s, it becomes plural, and if you add another s, it becomes singular word that can make the first two words vanish?
What English word is singular, but if you add an s, it becomes plural, and if you add another s, it becomes singular again, with a sex change?
This was the first palindromic word.
What did the composer who only worked in bed do?
What table is made of paper and has no legs?
What's the most important use for cowhide?
What's taken before you get it?
What is the oldest fruit?
What dog does not bark no matter what you do to him?
What kind of pliers do you use in arithmetic?
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