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What do marathon runners with bad footwear suffer from?
What kind of teeth can you buy for a dollar?
What's the best way to stop a runaway horse?
If a telegraph operator from California married a telephone operator from Arizona, what would they become?
What kinds of stockings to baseball players like to wear?
From what dairy do people in the Sahara Desert get their milk?
I'm full of people but no one's inside. What am I?
What do you call people who watch other people diet?
How do you turn a beagle into a bird?
How can you go down from the top of a mountain without first going up?
What is very dark yet has done the most to enlighten the world?
I have a bed but no sheets or pillows. What am I?
What has eight wheels but carries only one passenger?
Why did the house call for a Doctor?
How does the earth fish?
When will a mathematician die?
What do people in clock factories do all day?
What kind of storm is very spicy?
What pet is found in most cars?
Which nail does a carpenter hate to hit?
How do you buy a house?
What do you get from petting rabbits with sharp teeth?
When is it okay to strike a pose?
What do you call someone who repairs fruit?
What is a tree's favourite drink?
What goes through water but doesn't get wet?
How does a British policeman keep his badge on?
What is dark but made out of light?
How many sides does a circle have?
What can you serve but never eat?
What pipe never smokes?
What's in the middle of Paris?
Why is a lie like a wig?
What kind of nuts have no shells?
What does a messy flea need?
What can you serve but never eat?
Who changed King Tut's diapers?
If a lawyer slipped and hurt himself at a pool, what kind of case would he have?
I am forever, and yet was never. What am I?
What speaks every language but never went to school?
Why was Snow White a good judge?
A man opened a piece of furniture and a dozen people fell out. How could that be?
What type of snake is good at sums?
When can you step on blades with bare feet and not cut yourself?
What wears a sock on its bottom?
What does one becomes after seven days without food or water?
see this riddle in Riddle Sudoku format @
What kind of bee can't make up its mind?
What kind of clothing does a pet dog wear?
How do you make a horse fast?
What does a sheep put over a lightbulb?
What kind of rocks all look alike?
What table can you not sit at?
Where does success come before work?
What goes through the house but never touches a thing?
What metal can't feel anything?
When is a person not a person?
What is hot all year round?
What book has the most people in it?
What is hard to beat?
How can you divide 15 apples among 16 hungry people?
When is a man like a suit of clothes?
Why is a person who never makes a wager as bad as a regular gambler?
What is nothing but holes tied to holes, yet is as strong as iron?
What's in the Church but not in the steeple - the parson has it, but not the people?
How many dinosaurs lived on vegetables?
Why should dieters avoid the letter 'C'?
corresponding 'C Dieters' puzzle @
Two men were playing chess. They played five games and each man
won the same number of games. How is that possible?
Why did Little Johnny take a ruler to bed?
What happens when electrons lose their energy?
A man had two sons and named them both Ed. Why?
In memory of brother-in-law Ed Schellenberg
How many different kinds of gnus are there?
Why did Little Johnny's parents keep their son in a refrigerator?
Where did Noah keep his bees?
Why is a pencil like a riddle?
You live in a one-story house made 'entirely of redwood.' What colour would the stairs be?
A man spent a week in the mountains. He left on Friday
and came back on the same Friday. How did he do it?
What should you do if you always get sick the night before a trip?
How do sailors break up with their girlfriends?
What piece of furniture will never learn to swim?
Why is a tent like a baseball?
Why do performers like to visit prisons?
How do you hang up an idea?
What beam weighs the least?
What runs but never gets out of breath?
What's in the middle of the sun?
What did the grape say when it was stepped on?
How do you make a hot dog shiver?
What kind of raft melts in water?
What is everyone in the world doing at the same time?
Two birds were at sea when one of them got caught in an oil spill.The bird in the oil spill could eat, but the other one went hungry. Why?
Which airplane stares at its passengers?
What rises and waves all day?
What paper makes the best kite?
What has no lungs or kidneys, but has thirteen hearts?
When can six big people fit under one little umbrella and not get wet?
What has ears but can't hear a thing?
How does a fireplace feel?
What happened to the two bedbugs who fell in love?
How do you catch an electric eel?
What do bees brush their hair with?
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