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What's the difference between a rich man and a poor man?
When is a baseball catcher like a farmer?
Why don't mountains get cold in the winter?
Why did the mathematician divide sin by tan?
What's the difference between one yard and two yards?
What kind of room can you eat?
A man had 12 sheep. All but 9 died. How many sheep did he have left?
How do amoebas break up with their girlfriends?
In what part of a ballpark do you find the whitest clothes?
corresponding 'White Ballpark Clothes' puzzle @
Dogs have fleas. What do sheep have?
What kind of hawk has no wings?
corresponding 'Wingless Hawk' puzzle @
What's the center of gravity?
What's a knight's favourite food?
What has a big mouth but doesn't say a word?
Why are telephone lines put high in the air?
How can you dive without getting wet?
What happens when the bridge of your nose collapses?
Where do you find black holes?
What do you call the smallest fishing rod at the store?
What cake is as hard as rock?
Is it safe to write a letter on an empty stomach?
What kind of ball is fun to play with but doesn't bounce?
What does a pine tree wear on an Alaskan cruise?
What fish get married?
Who are the happiest people on a football field?
What happened to the football player who wore perfume?
corresponding 'Football Perfume' puzzle @
What kind of ball should you never play football with?
When should football players wear tuxedos?
What glass buildings do Canadians like best?
What makes a road broad?
What do you say to a clairvoyant on January 1st?
You are thief that has been sentenced to death. But because it's New Years Day, the King lets you choose your own way to die. What would you choose?
What is the best key to have?
What do you call a woman with a river on her head?
What do you call a veterinarian with laryngitis?
corresponding 'Vet Laryngitis' puzzle @
If you want to get rich, why should you keep your mouth shut?
Is Silicon spelled the same in English and Spanish?
What do computerized bears do in the winter?
What is a prizefighter's favourite drink?
corresponding 'Prizefighter Drink' puzzle @
In what year did Christmas and New Year's fall in the same year?
How do sheep greet each other at Christmas?
When does Christmas come before Thanksgiving?
How can you walk through walls?
corresponding 'Wall Walking' puzzle @
What kind of coat can you put on a Christmas toy only when its wet?
What do you get when you cross a pirate with Santa Claus?
What did Adam say to Eve in the Garden of Eden on the night before Christmas?
corresponding 'Garden Of Eden Christmas' puzzle @
What dog stars in the Christmas nativity scene?
What is a webmaster's favourite Christmas hymn?
What do you call a day of shopping?
Why did the football coach send in his second string?
How did Darth Vader know what Luke Skywalker was getting for Christmas?
see also corresponding 'Luke Skywalker Christmas' Riddle Sudoku
Star Wars Christmas
What Christmas Carol is a favourite of parents?
corresponding 'Favourite Christmas Carol' puzzle @
How long should Doctors practice medicine?
What did the window cleaner's wife get for Christmas?
What traffic violation is allowed in baseball?
How do you find a missing barber?
Which burn longer: the candles (i) on a Christmas cake; (ii) on a fruit cake or (iii) on the mantle of a fireplace?
What do you draw that can never be seen?
corresponding 'Drawn Not Seen' puzzle @
What fruit never gets lonely?
What peels and chips but doesn't crack?
What has four eyes but can't see?
What was Robin Hood's mum called?
Who is always in its house, no matter where it goes?
What room can sit on spaghetti?
When does seven come before six?
What do aliens rest their teacups on?
What do you call a carpenter who misplaces his tools?
What state has no capital?
What should you do if you have ringing in your ears?
What cap is never removed?
How can you best learn the value of money?
What coat has the most sleeves?
corresponding 'Many Sleeve Coat' puzzle @
I have a hand but can't clap. What am I?
What jam can't you eat?
What goes further the slower it goes?
How does the Solar System hold up its trousers?
What does an electrician study in school?
What little streams run into the Nile?
Where do blackbirds drink?
What always speaks the truth but doesn't say a word?
Who is the thirstiest sister?
How do you turn a lizard into a storm?
What has four fingers and a thumb but is not a hand?
corresponding 'Four Finger Non-Hand' Riddle Sudoku puzzle @
What is plowed but never planted?
corresponding 'Plowed But Never Planted' Riddle Sudoku puzzle @
How did the man feel when he got a big bill from the electric company?
corresponding 'Big Electric Bill' puzzle @
What large instrument do you carry in your ears?
corresponding 'Ear Instrument' puzzle @
What bird is useful in boxing matches?
When will a net hold water?
What holds water even though it's full of holes?
What did Tennessee?
corresponding 'Tennessee View' Riddle Sudoku puzzle @
How do you make a bandstand?
Where is the best place to hide a lawyer?
What holds the moon up?
What do you call a Norwegian car?
What works when it plays, and plays when it works?
How does Jack Frost travel?
What do you call a bee born in May?
What branch of the army do babies join?
How did Little Johnny get rid of the dalmation?
corresponding 'Little Johnny Dalmation' puzzle @
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