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Why did the crab blush?
corresponding 'Blushing Crab' puzzle @
What is cat fur?
What do you do with a tree after you chop it down?
If a band plays music in a thunderstorm, who is most likely to get hit by lightning?
corresponding 'Thunderstorm Music' puzzle @
What lives in winter, dies in summer, and grows with its roots upwards?
How long is a pair of shoes?
When can you jump over three men without getting up?
corresponding 'Three Men Jump' Riddle Sudoku puzzle @
What do you draw without a pencil or paper?
corresponding 'Drawn Without Pencil Or Paper' puzzle @
Why did the projector blush?
corresponding 'Blushing Projector' puzzle @
What do you call a German who lives alone?
Who is the thirstiest person in the world?
see this 'Thirstiest Person' riddle in Riddle Sudoku format @
What do you call a man who is always wiring for money?
What creature repairs computers?
What ailment do pilots experience?
What do you get if you divide the number 8 in half?
What disease makes you better in sports?
What kind of ties can't you wear?
What kind of tuba can't you play?
What's the best way to cure acid indigestion?
Why did the rat gnaw a hole in the carpet?
How do you find a writer in a crowded room?
Why is a book like a watermelon?
Do pilots get colds?
How do you make notes of stone?
What did the zero say to the eight?
corresponding 'Zero To Eight' puzzle @
Why does Lucy like the letter 'K'?
How can you close an envelope under water?
What is a crazy pickle in Spring?
What is an eavesdropper?
Why isn't farm land expensive?
corresponding 'Non Expensive Farm Land' puzzle @
What is an Italian referee?
What is the fastest growing city in Ireland?
What beam weighs the least?
What stays hot even if you put it in a refrigerator?
What fish tastes good with peanut butter?
What has many rings but no fingers?
What's the angriest part of a goal?
If you take half from a half dollar, what do you have?
What would you get if you put butter on your mattress?
What do you lose every time you stand up?
What two bows can every girl have near her hand?
also see corresponding 'Two Bows For Girls' puzzle @
Why is a leaking faucet like a horse race?
What was Samuel Clemens' pen name?
How can you tell when business is quiet at a candy factory?
How can you leave a classroom with two legs and come back with six?
What paper makes you itch?
When is an apple like a book?
What carries things but does not move?
What is the 'Most Progressive Day' of the year?
When does a farm go round and round?
What happened to the man who fell into an upholstery machine?
How do Welsh people eat cheese?
see also Wikipedia Info on this type of cheeseri
What do reindeer have that no other animal on earth has?
What kind of tree do you find in a kitchen?
corresponding 'Kitchen Tree' puzzle @
When can you jump over three men without getting up?
What kind of screen brings things into the house instead of keeping them out?
Why did Robin Hood rob only the rich?
When was beef at its highest?
I can make words disappear, and the more you use me, the smaller I become. What am I?
What kind of ears does a train have?
What do runners do when they forget something?
How does the man in the moon eat his food?
How can you go without sleep for seven days and not be tired?
corresponding 'Seven Days Without Sleep' puzzle @
What insect has the least courage?
What is a briefcase?
corresponding 'Briefcase' puzzle @
What gets bigger the farther away you walk?
corresponding 'Bigger Farther' puzzle @
What is the easiest way to get on TV?
What do bullets have when they get married?
What did the painter say to her boyfriend on Valentine's Day?
If a gardener has a green thumb, who has a purple thumb?
What figure can't you see?
What does it take to research a family's tree?
see this 'Family Research' riddle in Riddle Sudoku format @
How do acrobats fall in love?
What does a brave rock become?
What kind of bolt is of no use?
What's the best way to have a good space party?
What is a book's favourite colour?
What can you hold without ever touching or using your hands?
Lori has it first. Phil has it last. Girls have it once. Boys never have it. What is it?
What is the biggest jewel in the world?
From what kind of dish does a car eat?
What's the difference between a rich man and a poor man?
When is a baseball catcher like a farmer?
Why don't mountains get cold in the winter?
Why did the mathematician divide sin by tan?
What's the difference between one yard and two yards?
What kind of room can you eat?
A man had 12 sheep. All but 9 died. How many sheep did he have left?
How do amoebas break up with their girlfriends?
In what part of a ballpark do you find the whitest clothes?
corresponding 'White Ballpark Clothes' puzzle @
Dogs have fleas. What do sheep have?
What kind of hawk has no wings?
corresponding 'Wingless Hawk' puzzle @
What's the center of gravity?
What's a knight's favourite food?
What has a big mouth but doesn't say a word?
Why are telephone lines put high in the air?
How can you dive without getting wet?
What happens when the bridge of your nose collapses?
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