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What happens to dogs who chase cars?
What dance do you do when summer is over?
What vegetable can you blow up?
What kind of joe-ks does a scholar make?
What do you call a worried turnip?
Why did the codebreaker spend so long in the percussion section?
Why was the banker bored?
What do you call someone who has been hit by a meteorite?
A scientist invented a liquid that would dissolve anything it touches.
However, he couldn't sell the invention. Why?
Why did Little Johnny wear loud socks?
What's more invisible than an invisible man?
What do you get when you cross a dog and a hen?
What is a twip?
corresponding 'Twip' puzzle @
Where do tadpoles go to change into frogs?
What do you call a baby rifle?
What goes around wood but can't get in it?
corresponding 'Around Wood' puzzle @
What is the easiest way to grow tall?
corresponding 'Grow Tall Easily' puzzle @
What is the biggest soda in the world?
corresponding 'Biggest Soda' puzzle @
Why does an Indian wear feathers in his hair?
corresponding 'Indian Feathers' puzzle @
Why is an old car like a baby playing?
Which letter is the opposite of out?
What was the Titanic shivering for?
What's the difference between a Church bell and a thief?
What furniture is the most entertaining?
corresponding 'Entertaining Furniture' puzzle @
What do you call a bear with no fur?
What kind of gun does a bee shoot?
What's a sculptor's favourite game?
What kind of girl does a mummy go out with?
corresponding 'Mummy Date' puzzle @
What do you get from petting rabbits with sharp teeth?
When is it okay to strike a pose?
What was the first cat to fly?
Where do baby computer programmers like to sit?
What's the difference between a cat and a comma?
What does an Eskimo put on his bed?
When is a chair like a fabric?
From what number can you take half and leave nothing?
What's the difference between an elephant and a flea?
What have eyes but can't see?
How many beans can you put in an empty bag?
What continent can you use to tow things?
How are potatoes like loyal friends?
How many eggs can a man eat on an empty stomach?
Which is more nourishing - a cow or a shooting star?
How do you get down from a mule?
Who's cow talks Russian?
How did the mouse lose its tail?
What's the difference between a squeaking hinge and eggs for breakfast?
What Olympic Games are for only two people?
If a pencil and a piece of paper had a race, which would win?
How did Native Americans unlock their doors?
What do you prescribe for a stuffy nose?
How do you make a hat talk?
What do movie stars drive to the Academy Awards?
see this Academy Award riddle in Riddle Sudoku format @
What begins with 'P', ends in 'E', and has thousands of letters?
Who was Noah's wife?
see this riddle in Riddle Sudoku format @
What's a firefighter's favourite drink?
Where can you find the finest basements?
How do you get rid of bloodhounds that are trailing you?
Why are poets so poor?
What do you call someone who repairs fruit?
How did the firefighter quit his job?
What tree barks the loudest?
What is a small cad?
What's the difference between a home, a sigh, and a donkey?
What kind of poems do you find in outer space?
How do you make a sick insect better?
What kind of ant is grey?
If two vampires had a race, who would win?
What's the difference between a bad undercover cop and a good boxer?
How do parachutists break up with their boyfriends?
What is a tree's favourite drink?
What kind of shoes do spies wear?
What kind of exam do you give a dog?
What brand of toilet paper does Sleeping Beauty use?
If carpenters measure with yardsticks, what do sailors measure with?
What is a frog's favourite year?
What do you call a fish with four eyes?
Where do old bowling balls end up?
What's the coolest part of the human body?
Which of Noah's animals didn't come in pairs?
What kind of soda can't you drink?
What do models eat off?
What has shoulders and a neck but no arms, legs or head?
How can you cross a ridge?
What do you call a small Indian guitar?
What part of a car keeps your hands warm during winter?
What is a billow?
also see daffynitions 'Billow' @
What do you call Palm Springs in November?
What do you call two ants in an ant farm?
Why does a man with very little money buy a short coat?
How can one person sit where it makes it impossible for a second person to sit?
What can't you do to an egg?
What do you get when you cross a wedding with a cliff?
The maker doesn't want it, the buyer doesn't use it, and the user doesn't see it. What is it?
How can you tell a tourist in New York?
What is no higher than the ground, yet you can't jump over it?
What is a ringleader?
Why didn't the fireplace burn too well?
I'm full of people but no one's inside. What am I?
I run all day long but never leave your house. What am I?
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