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With the head of an elephant, and the tail of a monkey, my touch can be deadly if you're unlucky. I'm an excellent swimmer, but if you wet me I'll holler. And racing me would be pure folly. What am I?
The sun bakes them, the hand breaks them, the foot treads on them, and the mouth tastes them. What are they?
My second is performed by my first, and, it is thought, a thief by the marks of my whole might be caught. What am I?
Why are cowboys bad at math?
Joe walks into a restaurant for lunch. He asks the waitress if she is good at solving puzzles. She replies, "I am the best." So Joe says, "I'll have sausage and noodles drenched with ice cream, hashed. And if you bring me what I really want, I'll leave you a $100 tip." A few minutes later she brought him exactly what he wanted, and he left her the large tip. What did Joe eat for lunch?
What do you call a man who does everything at top speed?
How fast does light travel?
Why are people always tired on the first of April?
What do wicked chickens lay?
What happened to the Indian that had too much tea to drink one night?
What do you call a jail for smart people?
What do you call an empty skull?
Which drink is found in the alphabet?
How many actors does it take to change a lightbulb?
What is greater than God, more evil than Satan? The poor have it, the rich need it. And if you eat it, you'll die. What is it?
How did the puppy stop the DVD?
What's the North Wind's motto?
What's a 747's motto?
What's Pinocchio's motto?
How do you warm up a room after it's been painted?
Why are misers good math teachers?
How can you make varnish disappear?
What can go over the water and through the water without getting wet?
What do you call someone whose name was once Lee?
What kind of running means walking?
Where is the best place to see a man-eating fish?
Who are the best letter writers?
Why was six unhappy?
What doesn't exist but has a name?
How do you sell calendars?
What demands an answer without asking a question?
What is appropriate material for an inventor to wear?
What kind of bulbs don't need water?
What can you drown in, but not get wet in?
What happens when a body is placed in water?
When is a coin toss not a game of luck?
How do amoebas talk to each other?
What's the hardest part of grammar for criminals?
Why did the dolphin try to beach itself?
What do high school graduates wipe their feet on?
What makes a goose different from other animals?
What cup can't you drink from?
What bird is useful in boxing matches?
What do you call a bee born in May?
How many jugglers does it take to change a lightbulb?
What does a jigsaw puzzle eat?
What happens if you kiss a canary?
What's the similarity between a tornado and an Alabama divorce?
What's bigger when it's upside down?
What do you call the thick border around a house?
Where do seahorses sleep at night?
What flowers do you send a Russian king?
What's the difference between the young and the old?
What does the sun do when it sets?
Which fish can slide across ice?
Is it better for a woman to love a short or a tall man?
What do you get when you cross Cinderella with a rabbit?
What odd number becomes even when beheaded?
How did the escaped prisoner get rid of the bloodhounds that were trailing him?
Why is a wedding ring like a tourniquet for a bachelor?
What is the most dangerous candy in a candy shop?
What contains more feet in winter than in summer?
Why was the artist arrested for graffiti?
What's the difference between mashed potatoes and pea soup?
What goes through a door but never goes in or out?
When is a piece of wood like a queen?
If there are ten flies on a table and you kill one, how many are left?
When police arrived at the scene of the crime, how did they know that the letters, not the numbers, were innocent?
What does a burglar like in his soup?
What would you get if you crossed Bubba with the God of love?
What kind of fruit did Noah take on the Ark?
Why is duct tape like "The Force"?
Why did the long-winded speaker need no introduction?
What shouldn't you ever share with your friends?
Do they have a fourth of July in England?
Who was the best financier in the Bible?
When is a sailor not a sailor?
Why can you only have ten matzos on Passover?
If a man carried my burden he would break his back.
I am not big but leave silver in my tracks.
What am I?
If your dog's down, what's your cat?
What happened to the two bedbugs who fell in love?
What does a dead battery cost?
What is a crazy pickle in Spring?
What is an eavesdropper?
What two bows can every girl have near her hand?
also see corresponding 'Two Bows For Girls' puzzle @
What do you lose every time you stand up?
What's round and mean?
What has eyes that cannot see, a tongue that cannot taste,
and a soul that cannot die?
Why didn't the moon eat dessert?
Why didn't the sea captain's radio work in rough seas?
What has one foot on each side and one in the middle?
What's the most popular game in the toy store?
What colour is the wind?
What's the easiest way to make a banana split?
What is so brittle that even to name it is to break it?
You heard me before, yet you hear me again. Then I die, 'till you call me again. What am I?
A man is awake night after night without getting a wink of sleep, yet he doesn't feel tired, how can this be?
As I went across the bridge, I met a man with a load of wood which was neither straight nor crooked. What kind of wood was it?
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