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This plant helps bruises and sprains, and even helps knit bones together.
see also corresponding 'Plant Bruise Cure' Sudoku puzzle
In 1941, a collection of his speeches was published under the title Blood, Sweat & Tears.
This dreaded illness, also known as St. Anthony's Fire, was common in the Middle Ages. The cause was poisoning from a fungus that grows on rye grass. The fungus contaminated the rye flour used in making bread.
see also corresponding 'St Anthonys Fire' Sudoku puzzle
This city's Moscone Center has over 500,000 square feet of exhibit and meeting space.
In English grammar, the main type of these can stand alone as a sentence; the subordinate type can't.
see also corresponding 'Subordinate Grammar' Sudoku puzzle
Sultan Abdulhamid II's censorship hindered Ottoman writers until this youthful group's 1908 revolution.
The word language comes from lingua, Latin for this body part.
see also corresponding 'Latin Lingua' Sudoku puzzle
This is Italian for first lady, the leading opera singer in a company.
John Philip Sousa was instrumental in the design of the Sousaphone, a bass one of these with an upright bell.
see also corresponding 'Sousaphone Bell' Sudoku puzzle
In 1965 this island city-state peacefully seceded from Malaysia.
As one of these Jim Henson creations Zoot played the sax in Dr. Teeth's band.
see also corresponding 'Zoot Sax' Sudoku puzzle
In his 1984 novel Neuromancer, William Gibson coined this term for a virtual reality computer network.
This physics term is defined as mass per unit volume.
see also corresponding 'Mass Per Unit Volume' Sudoku puzzle
Noah's Ark supposedly came to rest on this mountain in Turkey.
This refers to an ancient Greek city-state, or central urban area that controlled the surrounding countrysides - a principal unit in the Greek political system.
see also corresponding 'Greek City State' Sudoku puzzle
In 1895 this impressionist finished his famous series of paintings of Rouen Cathedral.
Newborn gazelles are a favourite prey of the black-backed species of this canine.
see also corresponding 'Gazelle Prey' Sudoku puzzle
Jakob Roggeveen discovered this South Pacific island two days after Good Friday, 1722.
Born in 1825, Pedro II was the second, last and only native emperor of this country.
see also corresponding 'Pedro Emperor' Sudoku puzzle
Born in Corfu in 1921, he's a great grandson of the Danish king Christian IX.
This is your second-largest internal organ by weight.
see also corresponding 'Weighty Internal Organ' Sudoku puzzle
An adult male of these duck-billed creatures has a poisoned spur in its ankle.
This word means to remove two hydrogen atoms from a compound for each oxygen atom removed.
see also corresponding 'Hydrogen Atom Removal' Sudoku puzzle
St. Catherine's monastery at the foot of this biblical mount has a fragment of a 4th century Bible.
The initials BMW stand for this region's Motor Works.
see also corresponding 'Motor Works Region' Sudoku puzzle
These are the 2 U.S. states with only one consonant in their names.
In 1934 Goodpasture and Johnson isolated the virus that causes this disease of the parotid glands.
see also corresponding 'Paratid Glands Disease' Sudoku puzzle
Brandy, creme de cacao, and heavy cream make this drink.
Cawker City, Kansas claims the world's biggest ball of this, with around 8 million feet.
see also corresponding 'Cawker City Specialty' Sudoku puzzle
Opened in 1897, this gallery of modern British art was named for a sugar merchant.
This is the fatty part of milk.
see also corresponding 'Milk Fat' Sudoku puzzle
Among those who objected to this drama series that premiered in October 1959 were J. Edgar Hoover and Frank Sinatra.
In a traditional Japanese home, floors are covered with these straw mats.
see also corresponding 'Japanese Straw Mats' Sudoku puzzle
In 1988 she went out on a limb to play aging piano teacher Madame Sousatzka.
From the Latin for assembly, this refers to a religious community of nuns.
see also corresponding 'Latin Assembly Group' Sudoku puzzle
The Beatitudes are found in this sermon by Jesus.
A Spanish dictionary defines this country as circulo maximo que equidista de los polos de la tierra.
see also corresponding 'Spanish Dictionary Country' Sudoku puzzle
Judith Guest's first novel that was made into 1980's extraordinary Oscar-winner.
The Pythagorean theorem is the 47th proposition in the first book of his Elements.
see also corresponding 'Pythagorean Theorem' Sudoku puzzle
This was the capital city birthplace of Jane Campion.
According to tradition, in 490 B.C., Pheidippides ran 25 miles to announce a Greek victory in this battle.
see also corresponding 'Pheidippides Announcement' Sudoku puzzle
In 1281 a sudden typhoon saved Japan from this Mongol's invasion force of 150,000 men.
This is where the term ethnic cleansing originated.
see also corresponding 'Ethnic Cleansing Origin' Sudoku puzzle
Bette Davis played a deranged ex-child star in this 1962 film that co-starred Joan Crawford.
This is a book in which financial accounts are recorded.
see also corresponding 'Financial Account Book' Sudoku puzzle
He wrote 3 books about the Prizzis, Prizzi's Honor, Prizzi's Family and Prizzi's Glory.
By area it's the world's largest country that's named for a river.
see also corresponding 'River Named Country' Sudoku puzzle
In 1799 this pioneer left Kentucky because it was too crowded.
This name of the long-lost daughter in Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale is from the Latin for Lost.
see also corresponding 'Lost Winter Tale' Sudoku puzzle
The Freeway Series pits these 2 West Coast U.S. baseball teams against each other.
A free-falling body accelerates at a rate of about 1g, g coming from this word.
see also corresponding 'Accelerating Body' Sudoku puzzle
In Brazil, only Sao Paulo has more people than this city.
Celebrated on November 9, Lord Mayor's Day honors the mayor of this city.
see also corresponding 'Lord Mayors Day' Sudoku puzzle
The U.S. government leasing oil reserves to Mammoth Oil in 1922 caused this scandal the next year.
This mixture of lime and cement, with other substances, is used to bond bricks together when building.
see also corresponding 'Building Bonds' Sudoku puzzle
This is the largest U.S.-mainland city that is majority Latino.
A Greek cave on Philopapus Hill is said to have served as the prison where this philosopher was confined.
see also corresponding 'Philopapus Hill Confinement' Sudoku puzzle
West Virginia holds a Heritage Jubilee named for this Confederate General.
The name given to a child at this Catholic sacrament is traditionally that of a saint.
see also corresponding 'Catholic Saint Sacrament' Sudoku puzzle
They are considered the three precious metals.
From the Latin for goatskin, in ancient Greek mythology, this was something that offered physical protection. In some stories, it was the thundercloud where Zeus kept the thunderbolts he used as weapons.
see also corresponding 'Latin Goatskin' Sudoku puzzle
Pretty Belle falls for a prince who's been transformed into a monster in this 1991 animated film.
This U.S. President went to band camp in the Ozarks.
see also corresponding 'Ozark Camp President' Sudoku puzzle
British people call this an estate car.
In 887 Pietro Candiano, doge of this city, was killed fighting pirates.
see also corresponding 'Candiano Doge' Sudoku puzzle
May 29, 1453 is significant for this historical event.
In 1543 this pioneering Flemish anatomist pointed out that bones support the body and protect organs from injury.
see also corresponding 'Flemish Anatomist' Sudoku puzzle
Entoto, the old capital, was very cold so the Ethiopian emperor created this capital in 1887.
In 1957 the chemical symbol for this gaseous element was changed from A to Ar.
see also corresponding 'Gaseous Element' Sudoku puzzle
The grave of Laura H. Frazer, Mark Twain's childhood friend, also bears the name of this character she inspired.
We eat this, even though it contains two types of bacteria: Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus.
see also corresponding 'Streptococcus Thermophilus' Sudoku puzzle
Charles Evans Hughes was confirmed in this job February 13, 1994, replacing William Howard Taft.
This is the tiny capital of the Mediterranean island nation of Malta.
see also corresponding 'Malta Capital' Sudoku puzzle
About 1 in 25 Ashkenazi Jews is a carrier of this disease named for a British physician and an American neurologist.
This first U.S. space station was launched on May 14, 1973, two years after the Soviet Union orbited its first.
see also corresponding 'First US Space Station' Sudoku puzzle
Nationalists from this U.S. possession tried to assassinate Harry Truman in 1950.
The smallest member of the camel family, it's related to the alpaca, llama, and guanaco.
see also corresponding 'Smallest Camel Member' Sudoku puzzle
Almost 480 of his hymns appeared in the 1780 Methodist Hymnal. His brother John was also a theologian.
Round, wrinkled, green seed or yellow seed are differences in the 7 traits of these plants Gregor Mendel studied.
see also corresponding 'Mendel Plant Studies' Sudoku puzzle
In 1971 this future secretary-general was a candidate for the presidency of Austria.
From the Greek for mixing bowl, this refers to a bowl-shaped depression, as from the impact of a meteorite.
see also corresponding 'Greek Mixing Bowl' Sudoku puzzle
In 1991 he appointed Edith Cresson as the first woman prime minister of France.
This tiny, independent principality is situated between France and Spain in the Pyrenees mountains.
see also corresponding 'Pyrenee Principality' Sudoku puzzle
In WWII this Danish physicist worked on the Manhattan Project under the assumed name Nicholas Baker.
A city in this U.S. state was named for Lieutenant Caspar Collins, who died leading 25 soldiers in the Battle of Platte Bridge on 1865.
see also corresponding 'Caspar Collins City' Sudoku puzzle
Several passages in this 1776 document by Thomas Jefferson were rejected by Congress.
This football team won the first place World Cup gold trophy in the 2018 FIFA World Cup Final match in Moscow on 15-Jul-2018.
see also corresponding 'FIFA World Cup Trophy' Sudoku puzzle
This football team won second place in the 2018 World Cup Final match on 15-Jul-2018.
see also corresponding 'World Cup Second Place' Sudoku puzzle
In sailing from the English Channel to the North Sea, one would pass through this strait.
This football team won third place in the 2018 World Cup on 14-Jul-2018.
see also corresponding 'World Cup Third Place' Sudoku puzzle
This volunteer group was born in May 1898 near the bar in San Antonio's Menger Hotel; it existed for just 133 days.
Also a word from Turkish for a couch, Seyid Imadeddin Nesimi wrote two of these poetry collections.
see also corresponding 'Nesimi Poetry' Sudoku puzzle
These were Claire Chennault's volunteer aviators who fought in China and Burma in World War II.
Windows with interior condensation are said to be doing this.
see also corresponding 'Window Condensation' Sudoku puzzle
The Atlantic Ocean began to form during this period of the Mesozoic Era when dinosaurs roamed.
By ringing a bell, this Russian physiologist made dogs drool even if they couldn't see food.
see also corresponding 'Dog Drool' Sudoku puzzle
After meeting this author, Chopin wondered, Is she really a woman?
In humans, food passes from the pharynx to the stomach via this muscular membranous tube.
see also corresponding 'Membranous Tube' Sudoku puzzle
His third law of motion is the law of action and reaction.
Born in 1707 and known by the epithet father of modern taxonomy, he named the bird species Paradisaea apoda the footless Bird of Paradise.
see also corresponding 'Footless Birds' Sudoku puzzle
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