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In 1992 a team led by Dr. Thomas Starzl transplanted a liver from one of these primates into a man.
see also corresponding 'Starzl Transplant' Sudoku puzzle
In 1907 the circus formed by this pair was acquired by the Ringling Brothers.
After entering Holland, this river divides into 3 branches: the Lek, the Waal and the Ijssel.
see also corresponding 'Holland River' Sudoku puzzle
Born in 1394, this Portuguese prince founded a school of navigation.
Trader Vic's Bartender's Guide says don't use bottled lime juice unless you're making this drink.
see also corresponding 'Bottled Lime Juice Drink' Sudoku puzzle
These two tropic lines, north and south of the equator, are 47 degrees apart.
When the Turks turned Hagia Sophia into a mosque, they added four of these towers to its exterior.
see also corresponding 'Hagia Sophia Towers' Sudoku puzzle
Hit Men is Frederick Dannon's 1990 book about fast money and powerbrokers inside this business.
Perez Prado popularized this modified rumba form featured in Dirty Dancing.
see also corresponding 'Dirty Dancing Rumba' Sudoku puzzle
Between 2006 and 2013 this U.S. state went from 39th to 6th in per capita income and its unemployment rate dropped to the nation's lowest.
The Fannie Farmer Cookbook says only fish of this colour should be used to make fish stock.
see also corresponding 'Fannie Farmer Cookbook' Sudoku puzzle
In layman's terms, Pollinosis refers to this.
Rehovot in this country has an institute named for Russian-born scientist Chaim Weizmann, who synthesized acetone.
see also corresponding 'Synthesized Rehovot' Sudoku puzzle
A culinary specialty, they're the blue type of crustacean, caught just after they molt.
In 2000 a group of physicists finally found evidence of the Tau type of this subatomic particle.
see also corresponding 'Tau Particle' Sudoku puzzle
This former home of the Grand Ole Opry was renovated and reopened in 1994.
Of the genus Ranunculus, this grassland wild plant has large yellow flowers.
see also corresponding 'Genus Ranunculus' Sudoku puzzle
Chiang Kai-shek and Francisco Franco used this title as supreme commander of their countries' armies.
Part III of this 1742 Handel oratorio begins with the aria I Know That My Redeemer Liveth.
see also corresponding 'My Redeemer Liveth Oratorio' Sudoku puzzle
In 1972 Frederick Forsyth wrote this British novel on former SS officers.
Gotlandska, spoken on the island of Gotland, is a dialect of this language.
see also corresponding 'Gotlandska Dialect' Sudoku puzzle
The stepfather of Patsy and Jacky, this U.S. President was also known as the Stepfather of His Country.
Its Gaelic name, Baile Atha Cliath, means town of the ford of the hurdles.
see also corresponding 'Baile Atha Cliath' Sudoku puzzle
The flowers of this climbing plant open in the A.M. and often close by afternoon.
This Elizabeth II Scottish Castle was built in the mid-1850s on a site purchased by Prince Albert.
see also corresponding 'Elizabeth II Scottish Castle' Sudoku puzzle
John Ales was Eddie Murphy's dutiful assistant in two movie remakes of this 1963 Jerry Lewis film.
From the Greek kalamos, meaning pen, comes this ink-squirting squid name.
see also corresponding 'Kalamos Squid' Sudoku puzzle
John Smeaton is known for the all-masonry one of these he built on Eddystone Reef near Plymouth, England.
The Olympia variety of this seafood is a favourite for eating on the half shell.
see also corresponding 'Olympia Seafood' Sudoku puzzle
This 1992 event began in July with a flaming arrow igniting its symbolic flame.
For pilots C&V is this, the height of the lowest cloud layer, and visibility.
see also corresponding 'Cloud Layer Height' Sudoku puzzle
In Rounders, the ancestor of baseball, a runner was put out not by tagging but by doing this with the ball.
The opera Carmen is set in this city around 1820.
see also corresponding 'Carmen Setting' Sudoku puzzle
Microorganisms called euglena have a flexible pellicle, or membrane, in place of a rigid one of these.
Cobalt, iron, and this silver-white next metal up on the periodic table share similar chemical properties.
see also corresponding 'Periodic Properties' Sudoku puzzle
Books in 1951 included The Caine Mutiny, From Here to Eternity, and this Jerome David Salinger classic.
This island's four historic provinces are Connaught, Leinster, Munster and Ulster.
see also corresponding 'Connaught Leinster Islands' Sudoku puzzle
AMU stands for this chemical unit based on the isotope carbon-12.
The knights of Malta paid Holy Roman emperor Charles V an annual rent of one of these birds.
see also corresponding 'Knights Of Malta' Sudoku puzzle
This Irish-born English satirist was appointed dean of Dublin's St. Patrick's Cathedral in 1713.
This was Rapunzel's hair colour.
see also corresponding 'Rapunzel Hair' Sudoku puzzle
This Pulitzer Prize-winning play was inspired by the writer's own experiences selling real estate in Chicago.
A specialized lab is used for toxicology, the detection of these, from the Latin for drink.
see also corresponding 'Toxicology Detection' Sudoku puzzle
George Washington's father called it The Little Hunting Creek Plantation.
This city on the Rhine, the birthplace of Nero's mother, is well known for its perfumes.
see also corresponding 'Rhine Perfume' Sudoku puzzle
dB is the symbol for a measurement named for this Scottish-born inventor.
In 1773 Clement XIV suppressed this order founded by St. Ignatius of Loyola.
see also corresponding 'Ignatius Loyola' Sudoku puzzle
Known for colourful knitting patterns, Fair Isle is part of this Scottish island group.
In 1530 a statement of faith, or confession, was issued from this German city named for a Roman Emperor.
see also corresponding 'German Confession City' Sudoku puzzle
In 1901 J.P. Morgan formed the world's largest steel corporation, U.S. Steel, after buying him out.
This element is added to table salt as a dietary supplement.
see also corresponding 'Salt Supplement' Sudoku puzzle
This German composer was 17 when he wrote his overture for A Midsummer Night's Dream in 1826.
This French island in the Mediterranean was once ruled by the Bank of San Giorgio in Genoa.
see also corresponding 'San Giorgio Island' Sudoku puzzle
Wanting to westernize Russia, Czar Peter the Great moved the Russian capital west to this city in 1712.
On September 30, 2004 this popular arthritis drug was withdrawn due to concerns about its effect on heart health.
see also corresponding 'Withdrawn Arthritis Drug' Sudoku puzzle
Various military flags are depicted in embroidery on this 11th century linen artwork.
This day of the week was sacred to the Norse goddess Frigga.
see also corresponding 'Frigga Goddess Day' Sudoku puzzle
Canadian R.C. Kidd started this grocery store in 1915 New Westminster, B.C. as a result of an advertising promotion: to package high-quality Indian and Ceylonese-blended teas with 18 ounces in a one-pound package.
Japan's emperor was worshipped as a descendant of Amaterasu-Omikami, this religion's sun goddess.
see also corresponding 'Amaterasu-Omikami Descendant' Sudoku puzzle
Oceanographer James Snodgrass invented a gnathodynamometer to measure the force of this creature's bite.
From the Greek for uneven, this term relates to a triangle in which no sides are the same length.
see also corresponding 'Uneven Greek' Sudoku puzzle
While awaiting a permit to look for Troy, he spent part of 1869 in Indianapolis getting a divorce.
The Sumatran and African species of rhinoceros have two of these on their heads; the Javan and Indian species have only one.
see also corresponding 'Rhinoceros Topping' Sudoku puzzle
When this animated TV show premiered, it was sponsored by One-A-Day vitamins and Winston cigarettes.
To make traditional Hungarian Goulash you'll need this Hungarian red pepper condiment.
see also corresponding 'Hungarian Goulash Pepper' Sudoku puzzle
Christabel and Emmeline Pankhurst were a mother-daughter team of these activists for the vote.
It is said these 13th Century conquerors of China could live on mare's milk alone when necessary.
see also corresponding 'Mares Milk Survivors' Sudoku puzzle
Many of these performing horses are raised at Austria's Piber Stud near Graz.
This palindrome is another word for a principle or belief.
see also corresponding 'Palindrome Principle Belief' Sudoku puzzle
Some thought this British Tudor would marry Lord Dudley when his wife was found dead after a suspicious accident in 1560.
Joe Defries set a Guinness World Record on November 6, 2006 for the World's Longest Marathon Sudoku puzzle, at the Ramada Inn in Abbotsford, B.C. This is present name of that hotel.
see also corresponding 'Marathon Sudoku Abbotsford Hotel' Sudoku puzzle
This term for a spectator section goes back at least 70 years before Howdy Doody.
In France a woman from Delft or Utrecht is called this.
Manuel Patarroyo developed SPf66, a purported vaccine against this tropical disease that still strikes millions of people.
see also corresponding 'Patarroyo SPf66 Vaccine' Sudoku puzzle
The Twelfth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution concerns a revamping of this college.
Describing a person who belongs to another region, culture, or group, this also refers to a 1991 Diana Gabaldon novel.
see also corresponding 'Gabaldon Novel' Sudoku puzzle
British physicist Stephen Hawking wrote this 1988 bestseller.
The site of one of the seven churches of Asia Minor, this city was the wealthiest in Phrygia during Roman times, widely known for its banking, medical school and textile industry. In the Book of Revelation it's referred to as the lukewarm church.
see also corresponding 'Phrygia Wealth' Sudoku puzzle
Before this battle, Lord Nelson sent the message to his sailors that England expects that every man will do his duty.
People added an 'A' to the end of this man's name to make a nickname for his son Vlad the Impaler.
see also corresponding 'Vlad The Impaler Son' Sudoku puzzle
In older movie theaters this worker stood by to change reels every 20 minutes.
This little girl lives in the room on the tippy-top floor of the Plaza Hotel in New York City with her Nanny, her pug dog Weenie, and her turtle Skipperdee.
see also corresponding 'Skipperdee Turtle' Sudoku puzzle
Jack the Ripper terrorized this section of London, England in 1888.
A Tokamak Reactor aims to create fusion by heating this state of matter to 15 million degrees Celcius.
see also corresponding 'Tokamak Reactor' Sudoku puzzle
These four Canadian provinces' names were derived from Indian words.
St. John the Theologian is said to have written the Book of Revelations at the Cave of the Apocalypse on this Greek island in the Aegean Sea.
see also corresponding 'Revelations Creation' Sudoku puzzle
This is the largest gorge on Earth.
As a noun, it's the edge of a flag that's next to the staff; as a verb, this word means to raise a flag.
see also corresponding 'Flag Raising' Sudoku puzzle
David Lean didn't make a film for 14 years after critics attacked this Sarah Miles film set in Ireland.
This plant helps bruises and sprains, and even helps knit bones together.
see also corresponding 'Plant Bruise Cure' Sudoku puzzle
In 1941, a collection of his speeches was published under the title Blood, Sweat & Tears.
This dreaded illness, also known as St. Anthony's Fire, was common in the Middle Ages. The cause was poisoning from a fungus that grows on rye grass. The fungus contaminated the rye flour used in making bread.
see also corresponding 'St Anthonys Fire' Sudoku puzzle
This city's Moscone Center has over 500,000 square feet of exhibit and meeting space.
In English grammar, the main type of these can stand alone as a sentence; the subordinate type can't.
see also corresponding 'Subordinate Grammar' Sudoku puzzle
Sultan Abdulhamid II's censorship hindered Ottoman writers until this youthful group's 1908 revolution.
The word language comes from lingua, Latin for this body part.
see also corresponding 'Latin Lingua' Sudoku puzzle
This is Italian for first lady, the leading opera singer in a company.
John Philip Sousa was instrumental in the design of the Sousaphone, a bass one of these with an upright bell.
see also corresponding 'Sousaphone Bell' Sudoku puzzle
In 1965 this island city-state peacefully seceded from Malaysia.
As one of these Jim Henson creations Zoot played the sax in Dr. Teeth's band.
see also corresponding 'Zoot Sax' Sudoku puzzle
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