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This road is an extension of Joe Road, on the north side of the Sunshine Coast Highway in Roberts Creek, B.C.
see also corresponding 'Joe Road Extension' Sudoku puzzle
He replaced the assassinated Giacomo Matteotti in 1924.
On 1 January 2007, this currency of Slovenia was replaced by the euro.
see also corresponding 'Previous Slovenia Currency' Sudoku puzzle
This was the family relationship between Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt.
Ireland is famous for this fabric made from flax.
see also corresponding 'Famous Irish Flax Fabric' Sudoku puzzle
This refers to the dramatis personae of a play.
In 1704 Isaac Newton published a groundbreaking treatise on this science of light.
see also corresponding 'Isaac Newton Light' Sudoku puzzle
The computer word bit derives from this term.
This is the Biblical Hebrew/Greek name meaning He Who Hears or Man Of Hearing.
see also corresponding 'Hebrew Man Of Hearing' Sudoku puzzle
This 17th-century explorer was buried with a pipe and a box of tobacco.
This is the name of the official mascot of the Seattle Seahawks.
see also corresponding 'Seattle Seahawks Mascot' Sudoku puzzle
This is the nickname of oddsmaker Jimmy Snyder.
This quantum of light is the particle that carries the electromagnetic energy.
see also corresponding 'Electromagnetic Light Quantum' Sudoku puzzle
A lepidopterist collects these.
A phlebotomist is a lab professional who takes this from a patient and processes it.
see also corresponding 'Phlebotomist Sample' Sudoku puzzle
This fruit was named for Enoch Bartlett.
In medical terminology, this refers to the right side of the body.
see also corresponding 'Right Side Of Body' Sudoku puzzle
In mammals, milk is secreted by these glands.
This was the Roman god of mildew who protected corn against diseases.
see also corresponding 'Roman Mildew God' Sudoku puzzle
Failure to pay a building contractor may result in his serving you with this type of lien.
They were Roman Gods of the store-cupboard and protectors of the household along with Lares.
see also corresponding 'Roman Cupboard Gods' Sudoku puzzle
In 1949 the American Medical Women's Association named an award for this pioneer who got her degree in 1849.
She was the Roman goddess of thresholds and door hinges.
see also corresponding 'Roman Hinge Goddess' Sudoku puzzle
Reporter Lorena Hickok (1893-1968) was a friend of this U.S. first lady for 30 years.
At age 89, Arthur Rubinstein gave his last public concert on this instrument, in May 1976 at London's Wigmore Hall, where he had first played nearly 70 years before.
see also corresponding 'Last Arthur Rubinstein Concert' Sudoku puzzle
Stephen King borrowed the name of his fictional town Castle Rock from this 1950s novel (by William Golding) that greatly influenced him.
This Canadian Atlantic region means Farm Worker in Spanish.
see also corresponding 'Atlantic Farm Worker' Sudoku puzzle
After WWII, hundreds of thousands with nowhere to go lived in DP camps, short for this.
When Time Magazine named it Invention of the Year in 2007, it was described as too slow, too big, pretty and touchy-feely.
see also corresponding '2007 Invention Of Year' Sudoku puzzle
The Kentucky and Virginia resolutions were passed to protest these controversial 1798 U.S. Acts of Congress.
This was Ronald Reagan's nickname.
see also corresponding 'Ronald Reagan Nickname' Sudoku puzzle
Leading the Third Crusade, this English king captured Cyprus.
This is the name of the capital city of the Dutch East Indies which corresponds to the present-day city of Jakarta.
see also corresponding 'Jakarta Previously' Sudoku puzzle
Woody Hayes was this U.S. College's football coaching legend from 1951-1978.
This is the international radio code word for the letter Y.
see also corresponding 'Radio Code Word Y' Sudoku puzzle
This philosopher and future leader of existentialism graduated from the Ecole Normale Superieure in 1929.
In 2000 this company reported revenues of more than $100 Billion; in 2001 it was bankrupt.
see also corresponding 'Bankrupt Energy Company' Sudoku puzzle
In 1961, Lyndon Johnson was sworn in as vice president by this mentor, an American politician who served as the 43rd Speaker of the United States House of Representatives.
This kind of bird taught Dr. Dolittle to talk to the animals.
see also corresponding 'Dr Dolittle Bird' Sudoku puzzle
This ineffectual king of England lost most of his country to Sven Forkbeard, the king of Denmark.
The scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz lacked this.
see also corresponding 'Wizard Of Oz Scarecrow' Sudoku puzzle
This author was the first president of the Soviet writers' union.
After the illegal overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy by American businessmen in 1893, this U.S. President demanded that (A) the U.S. refuse to annex Hawaii and (B) that the U.S. should return legal authority back to Queen Lili'uokalani.
see also corresponding 'Overthrow Of Hawaiian Monarchy' Sudoku puzzle
She was the first African-American author to win a Pulitzer Prize (she won in 1950 for her poetry).
Originally built circa 1834, the _________ Home is the oldest house still standing on the island of Maui, a recognizable landmark in the heart of historic Lahaina Town.
see also corresponding 'Oldest Maui House' Sudoku puzzle
While Ocean State appears on Rhode Island license plates, this nickname is also widely used.
In 1816 this Hawaiian port city was referred to as Hanarourou.
see also corresponding 'Hanarourou City' Sudoku puzzle
He was the first Japanese film director to become famous internationally. His films include The Seven Samurai and Rashomon.
This Pacific island is referred to as the Big Island.
see also corresponding 'The Big Island' Sudoku puzzle
The surrender of Imperial Japan formally took place here on September 2, 1945 bringing the hostilities of World War II to a close.
This Hawaiian island is called the Valley Isle for the large isthmus separating its northwestern and southeastern volcanic masses.
see also corresponding 'Hawaiian Valley Isle' Sudoku puzzle
Also used in English, this Greek word means purging from defilement or guilt.
In this type of bet bet the bettor picks the first and second place finishers but need not designate their order of finish in order to win.
see also corresponding 'First And Second Place Bet' Sudoku puzzle
This is the pseudonym of Swiss architect and city planner Charles-Edouard Jeanneret.
In a Giuseppe Verdi opera, she saves Attila the Hun from being poisoned so she can kill him herself.
see also corresponding 'Verdi Attila Poisoning' Sudoku puzzle
This is the term for an indirect veto by the president, who holds a bill until Congress adjourns.
This was the treaty that ended World War II.
Castilian is the official standard form of this Romance language.
see also corresponding 'Castilian Standard' Sudoku puzzle
This Washington-based society adds World to its title for a magazine aimed at kids.
The name of this fruit group comes from the Greek word for cedar, kedros.
see also corresponding 'Greek Fruit Kedros' Sudoku puzzle
She founded the Elsa Wild Animal Appeal in England in 1961, and in the U.S. in 1969.
This is the longest tributary of the Seine river in France.
see also corresponding 'Longest Seine Tributary' Sudoku puzzle
This celebrity's third husband won a Best Actor Oscar in the '90s; her second husband, like her dad, is a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer.
n 1875 Franz Liszt became president of the Academy of Music in this city.
see also corresponding 'Franz Liszt Music Academy' Sudoku puzzle
New Mexico's state song, O, Fair New Mexico, was written by the daughter of this man who killed Billy the Kid.
Quick breads differ from standard breads in that they're made from leavenings other than this.
see also corresponding 'Quick Bread Leavening' Sudoku puzzle
This process refers to increasing the percentage of U-235 in a sample of uranium.
Medieval philosopher Anicius Boethius translated Greek philosophy into this language.
see also corresponding 'Boethius Philosophy Translation' Sudoku puzzle
In 1812, the Turks retook these 2 holy cities of Islam (the Wahhabis had taken them in the previous decade).
This refers to a a narrow steep-walled canyon, from the French for throat.
see also corresponding 'Steep Wall Canyon' Sudoku puzzle
Following his Gospel of Wealth, this steel magnate gave away over $350 million.
This rhythm is the biological clock in humans, based on a 24-hour cycle.
see also corresponding 'Human Biological Clock' Sudoku puzzle
Toubkal and Chelia are two of the peaks in this North African mountain chain.
This political and religious figure created the Academie Francaise in 1635.
see also corresponding 'Academie Francaise Founder' Sudoku puzzle
In 1697-98 this czar was in Holland and England studying shipbuilding.
In 1972 at age 35, Norwegian Magnar Solberg became the oldest individual Olympic winter gold medalist, winning this 2-event sport.
see also corresponding 'Norwegian Solberg Gold Medalist' Sudoku puzzle
Burma, Calcutta and Sittwe, India are major ports on this bay.
The Cattleya is the variety of this flower most widely used for corsages.
see also corresponding 'Cattleya Flower Corsages' Sudoku puzzle
This piano-playing star changed his middle name to Hercules.
Inscribed in both Portuguese and Chinese, coins for this territory weren't issued until 1952.
see also corresponding 'Portuguese Chinese Coins' Sudoku puzzle
This deadly conflagration began on September 2, 1666.
This type of science is used to establish facts for a court of law.
see also corresponding 'Court Of Law Facts' Sudoku puzzle
In this 1980s hit song the singer buys bread from a man in Brussels who was six foot four and full of muscles.
Also known as the Amur tiger, this tiger ranges from northern China to southeastern Russia.
see also corresponding 'Amur Tiger Range' Sudoku puzzle
One of this Pulitzer Prize winning book's title studies is Senator Edmund Ross' 1868 vote against convicting President Andrew Johnson.
When the market for cotton bottomed out in the 1870s, central Floridian farmers began growing this.
see also corresponding 'Flat Market For Cotton' Sudoku puzzle
How many Spice Girls were there?
In the 17th Century its location at England's southwest tip made it the target of pirate raids.
see also corresponding 'England Pirate Raids' Sudoku puzzle
He played the monster assembled by Gene Wilder in Mel Brooks Black and White classic movie Young Frankenstein.
In the Book of Proverbs this king writes, The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.
see also corresponding 'Fear Of The Lord' Sudoku puzzle
The Mosquito Indians are a majority population of this coastal region of Nicaragua and Honduras.
These multi-dwelling New Mexico Indian dwellings, built of adobe or stone, were typically terraced and placed against cliff walls.
see also corresponding 'New Mexico Indian Dwellings' Sudoku puzzle
The defense of Douglas Castle in 1306 is the subject of this Sir Walter Scott 1832 novel.
This outdated word for a type of food poisoning is from Greek for corpse.
see also corresponding 'Greek Food Poisoning' Sudoku puzzle
In an effort to unite France under a Catholic banner, King Louis XIV revoked this edict in 1685.
Approximately 30 percent of this animal's weight is from leaves, twigs and buds being slowly digested in its stomach.
see also corresponding 'Animal Leaf Weight' Sudoku puzzle
He's the mustachioed Belgian detective immortalized in Agatha Christie novels.
One great Macedonian, three Russian czars and seven Catholic popes all shared this name.
see also corresponding 'Sharing Macedonia Russia Catholic' Sudoku puzzle
This 1968 classic film cast a mime to play an ape throwing and smashing bones.
This Roman emperor won an Olympic chariot race even though he fell out of the chariot.
see also corresponding 'Olympic Chariot Race Winner' Sudoku puzzle
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