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This was Rudolf Hess's sentence at the Nuremberg trials.
This is the fastest land animal.
see also corresponding 'Fastest Land Animal' Sudoku puzzle
This film is based on Arthur C. Clarke's novel Sentinel.
This is removed in a hysterectomy.
see also corresponding 'Hysterectomy Removal' Sudoku puzzle
The Beatles performed their first U.S. concert here.
She was Napoleon's first wife.
see also corresponding 'Napoleon Wife' Sudoku puzzle
A Backgammon player starts each game with this many playing pieces.
This is January's birthstone.
see also corresponding 'January Birthstone' Sudoku puzzle
The game of conkers is played with these.
This is the international radio code word for the letter 'F'.
see also corresponding 'International Radio Code Word' Sudoku puzzle
This was the theme song of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans.
This refers to the outermost layer of skin.
see also corresponding 'Outermost Skin Layer' Sudoku puzzle
This was the second James Bond novel to go before the cameras.
Orly airport serves this city.
see also corresponding 'Orly Airport City' Sudoku puzzle
He invented the bifocal lens in 1780.
Created by Frank Mars, this chocolate bar is often called a Milky Way with peanuts.
see also corresponding 'Peanutty Milky Way' Sudoku puzzle
After each performance Jimmy Durante bid goodnight to this person.
Aerospatiale of France and the British Aircraft Corp. developed this plane, with the first two prototypes flying in 1969.
see also corresponding 'Aerospatiale British Plane' Sudoku puzzle
Opium is derived from this plant.
This is the name of Superman's dog.
see also corresponding 'Superman Dog' Sudoku puzzle
This sun-blasted, 140-mile-long valley is just north of the Mojave Desert.
This zodiacal sign is represented by the balance, or scales.
see also corresponding 'Zodiac Scale Sign' Sudoku puzzle
These two countries don't border Brazil.
If you're shod in beavertails, you are wearing this.
see also corresponding 'Wearing Beavertails' Sudoku puzzle
Thomas Becket was murdered in 1170 in this cathedral.
This refers to a community of ants.
see also corresponding 'Ant Community' Sudoku puzzle
This Jewish holiday saw the start of the 1973 Mideast War.
This was the name of Sir Isaac Newton's dog.
see also corresponding 'Sir Isaac Newton Dog' Sudoku puzzle
He emerged from the Spanish Civil War as Spain's leader.
He was the last of the Apache warrior chiefs.
see also corresponding 'Apache Warrior Chief' Sudoku puzzle
He assassinated Martin Luther King Jr. on April 4, 1968 in Memphis, Tennessee.
Adopted in 1975 by an act of Parliament, this is the national animal of Canada.
see also corresponding 'Canadian National Animal' Sudoku puzzle
This is the name of the point at which condensation begins.
Celebrating its Centennial in 2017, this International organization was founded by Arch Klumph.
see also corresponding 'Arch Klumph Centennial' Sudoku puzzle
She named a perfume for her fashion shows on the fifth of each month.
This was the name of P.T. Barnum's giant elephant.
see also corresponding 'Barnum Elephant' Sudoku puzzle
Hitler broke this treaty in 1935.
Leonard Nimoy played this character in Star Trek.
see also corresponding 'Leonard Nimoy Character' Sudoku puzzle
The Suez Canal connects these two bodies of water.
The silkworm moth has lost this ability through domestication.
see also corresponding 'Domesticated Silkworm' Sudoku puzzle
He oversaw the design and assembly of the first atomic bomb.
This river runs through Liverpool.
see also corresponding 'Liverpool River' Sudoku puzzle
A nose job is the common name for this medical procedure.
Englishmen weigh themselves in this.
see also corresponding 'English Weights' Sudoku puzzle
This American author wrote The Purloined Letter.
He was assigned to steal the girdle of the Amazon queen Hippolyte.
see also corresponding 'Hippolyte Girdle' Sudoku puzzle
The Statue of Liberty is this many times larger than life size.
Bob Cousy helped this NBA team win six championships.
The ultimate goal of Buddhism is this perfectly peaceful and enlightened state.
see also corresponding 'Buddhism Goal' Sudoku puzzle
A good mudder is likely to win this.
This Yiddish term describes a non-participant spectator in contract bridge.
see also corresponding 'Yiddish Bridge Term' Sudoku puzzle
This 1932 novel won Pearl Buck a Pulitzer Prize.
The two main vegetables in this food dish (from Narragansett for broken corn kernels) are corn and lima beans.
see also corresponding 'Broken Corn Kernel Dish' Sudoku puzzle
These creatures live in a formicary.
The Vatican Bank is unique in allowing ATM transactions to be conducted in this language.
see also corresponding 'Vatican Bank ATM' Sudoku puzzle
This was known as The Living Room War.
This plant's technical name is Ambrosia Artemisiifolia. Its pollen is wind-dispersed, and can be a strong allergen to people with hay fever.
see also corresponding 'Ambrosia Artemisiifolia Plant' Sudoku puzzle
This is how you write 99 in Roman numerals.
In 1888 the Imperial British East Africa Company established claims to territory in what is now ______.
see also corresponding 'British East Africa Company' Sudoku puzzle
A Black Velvet is made from these two ingredients.
This Mediterranean country is the only one in the world to display its map on its flag.
see also corresponding 'Country Flag Map' Sudoku puzzle
In the 1951–55 sitcom The Honeymooners, these were the respective occupations of Ralph Kramden and Ed Norton.
This pure spirit is distilled from wine.
see also corresponding 'Distilled From Wine' Sudoku puzzle
This jockey was nicknamed Wee Willie.
This card game has variations known as Chicago, Cincinnati and Lowball.
see also corresponding 'Lowball Card Game' Sudoku puzzle
This Agatha Christie play features Molly Ralston, Major Metcalf and Detective-Sergeant Trotter.
The outer layer of pearls and the inside layer of pearl oyster and freshwater pearl mussel shells are made of this.
see also corresponding 'Pearl Oyster Outer Layer' Sudoku puzzle
By custom, this is the one British person not allowed into Britain's House of Commons.
Japanese Samurai lived by this code.
see also corresponding 'Samurai Code' Sudoku puzzle
This is the Scottish word for a Church.
Old French for calf gives us the name of this textured paper used for manuscripts.
see also corresponding 'Textured Calf Manuscript' Sudoku puzzle
Gulliver found a race of tiny people here.
This African capital is named for a U.S. president.
see also corresponding 'Presidential African Capital' Sudoku puzzle
These two cities are at the ends of the Trans-Siberian Railway.
This term for an infant bodysuit is a trademark of Gerber.
see also corresponding 'Gerber Bodysuit' Sudoku puzzle
You take Dramamine for this.
This animal lives in a lodge.
see also corresponding 'Lodge Living Animal' Sudoku puzzle
In 1980 Esquire magazine called this the Ash Hole of the Year.
This butterfly has the same name as a punctuation mark.
see also corresponding 'Butterfly Punctuation' Sudoku puzzle
This is the largest city between Canada and Ireland.
This Mariner 2 spacecraft became the first successful mission to another planet when it flew by this planet on December 14, 1962.
see also corresponding 'Mariner Spacecraft' Sudoku puzzle
On a bottle of brandy, V.S.O.P. stands for this.
This plant is revered by The Lovers of the Stinky Rose.
see also corresponding 'Stinky Rose Lovers' Sudoku puzzle
This company supplied the imperial Russian court with vodka from 1886 to 1917.
This is shredded to make sauerkraut.
see also corresponding 'Shredded Sauerkraut' Sudoku puzzle
This country contains the medieval seaport of Dubrovnik.
This is the name of Broomhilda's buzzard buddy.
see also corresponding 'Broomhilda Buzzard Buddy' Sudoku puzzle
The cities of Calcutta and Patna are on this river.
The Gemini constellation contains the twins Pollux and ________.
see also corresponding 'Gemini Constellation Twins' Sudoku puzzle
He's the only U.S. President buried in Washington, D.C.
This nuclear process takes place in an H-bomb.
see also corresponding 'Nuclear Bomb Process' Sudoku puzzle
He played the sheriff of Amity Island on Jaws.
You get this by adding Lactobacillus bulgaricus to milk.
see also corresponding 'Lactobacillus Bulgaricus Additive' Sudoku puzzle
This Age followed the Bronze Age.
This river flows through Rome.
see also corresponding 'Rome River Flow' Sudoku puzzle
He directed The Wild Bunch.
This was the name of the dog in RCA Victor's trademark.
see also corresponding 'RCA Victor Trademark Dog' Sudoku puzzle
What's a natatorium?
These appear when the sun activates your melanocytes.
see also corresponding 'Melanocytes Appear' Sudoku puzzle
This river rises in New Mexico and flows into the Colorado River near Yuma, Arizona.
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