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In 1895 these French brothers invented the cinematographe, which combined a movie camera and a projector.
In this traditional hot appetizer, chicken livers and water chestnuts are marinated in a savory sauce, then wrapped with bacon and fried.
see also corresponding 'Chicken Liver Chestnuts' Sudoku puzzle
When she came out in 1947, Charlie Knickerbocker proclaimed her Queen Deb of the Year.
This was the Ancient Greeks' word for world.
see also corresponding 'Ancient Greek World' Sudoku puzzle
Shi Huangdi of the Qin Dynasty started this wall in the 200s B.C.
One of the most controversial of the Renaissance Popes, Pope Alexander VI (born Roderic Borgia) was the last Pope to acknowledge having them.
see also corresponding 'Controversial Renaissance Pope' Sudoku puzzle
Abbreviated TSE, this is Canada's largest stock exchange.
This lens, named for a French physicist, uses a series of rings to concentrate a beam of light.
see also corresponding 'Physics Light Rings' Sudoku puzzle
Swedish is an official language of these two European countries.
As the sixth ruler of the First Babylonian Dynasty, he laid down the laws.
see also corresponding 'Babylonian Sixth Ruler' Sudoku puzzle
This type of Doctor is an expert in removing a mole or treating acne.
Pronounced one way, this 7-letter word can mean someone sickly; pronounced another, it's unjustified.
see also corresponding 'Sickly Unjustified Word' Sudoku puzzle
Siberian-born Israel Baline was known around Tin Pan Alley by this name.
They can be identical or fraternal.
see also corresponding 'Fraternal Or Identical' Sudoku puzzle
In 1916, German physicist and astronomer Karl Schwarzschild demonstrated that massive bodies could become these dark objects.
In Pascuense (an Eastern Polynesian language spoken on Easter Island) this refers to the act of taking objects one desires from the house of a friend by gradually borrowing all of them.
see also corresponding 'Pascuense Hoarders' Sudoku puzzle
This is the largest bay, measured by its shoreline, in the Western Hemisphere.
The English word code comes from the Latin __________, the wooden pith of a tree on which scribes carved their writing.
see also corresponding 'Latin Code Origin' Sudoku puzzle
In literature, the city of Mildendo on this island is encompassed by a wall 2 1/2 feet high.
This Japanese word refers to the act of buying a book and then never reading it.
see also corresponding 'Japanese Book Buyer' Sudoku puzzle
The name of this tropical fruit comes from the resemblance of its flowers to symbols of the crucifixon.
This is the Turkish word for the reflection of moonlight on water.
see also corresponding 'Turkish Moonlight' Sudoku puzzle
This respiratory disease is caused by Bordetella pertussis bacteria.
This country awards the Order of the Hashemite Star to members of the Hashemites (the Royal Family) by convention.
see also corresponding 'Hashemite Star Award' Sudoku puzzle
The white type of this stalked veggie is grown underground (it can't produce chlorophyll and turn green).
This is the Greek word for wandering in search of pasture, as applied to any wandering people.
see also corresponding 'Wandering People' Sudoku puzzle
Baseball was first played in the United States in this year.
This plant (and candy) is also known as Lickweed, Spanish Juice Root and Sweet Wood.
see also corresponding 'Spanish Juice Root Plant' Sudoku puzzle
According to George Orwell and adapted to reality TV, who is watching us?
This continent has the most Mennonites.
see also corresponding 'Most Mennonites Continent' Sudoku puzzle
In 2004, this store's glossy catalogue surpassed the Bible as the most-distributed publication in the world.
In Greek mythology he led the Titans into battle against the gods and had to shoulder the responsibility.
see also corresponding 'Greek Titan Leader' Sudoku puzzle
Food photographers use this to represent ice cream, so it does not melt under the lights.
This city literally translates to 'Salt Fortress', and was the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
see also corresponding 'Salt Fortress Birthplace' Sudoku puzzle
Women have this many X chromosomes.
This is the fifth letter of the Greek alphabet.
see also corresponding 'Greek Alphabet Letter' Sudoku puzzle
This is the more common name for thyroid cartilage.
This was the first university in Britain.
see also corresponding 'First British University' Sudoku puzzle
This hangover cure is a drink consisting of a raw egg, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, salt and ground black pepper.
The Quarrymen was the original name of this British pop group.
see also corresponding 'Quarrymen Pop Group' Sudoku puzzle
The first tea bags were made of this.
This is the name of the famous 18th Century opera house in Milan, Italy.
see also corresponding 'Milan Opera House' Sudoku puzzle
Spectrology is the study of this.
In Shakespeare's Othello, lago describes this emotion as a green-eyed monster.
see also corresponding 'Othello Emotion' Sudoku puzzle
Queen Latifah, Michelle Pfeiffer, Christopher Walken and John Travolta starred in this 2007 musical film.
see also corresponding 'Musical Film Stars' Sudoku puzzle
How many sheep are used to produce one average adult-sized angora sweater?
In the Bible she is the wife of Isaac.
see also corresponding 'Biblical Isaac Wife' Sudoku puzzle
William Seward objected to its timing, saying, "It may be viewed as the last measure of an exhausted government."
This is the smallest member of the flute family.
see also corresponding 'Smallest Flute' Sudoku puzzle
He was known as 'The King of Hollywood'.
________ plays shortstop for Charlie Brown's baseball team.
see also corresponding 'Charlie Brown Shortstop' Sudoku puzzle
This is the food traditionally served at the Wimbledon Tennis Championship.
This Rotary organization, created in 1968, was designed to promote responsible citizenship and leadership potential in clubs of young men and women ages 18-30.
see also corresponding 'Rotary Leadership Organization' Sudoku puzzle
On the album cover, this Beatle crossed Abbey Road last.
The word 'Catholic' comes from the Latin and from the Greek and in both cases means this.
see also corresponding 'Catholic Meaning' Sudoku puzzle
On the album cover, this Beatle crossed Abbey Road first.
This is the name of the elephant-headed god in India.
see also corresponding 'Indian Elephant Headed God' Sudoku puzzle
This four year old was crowned French King on May 14, 1643.
In Greek mythology, this is the Gorgon creature who turns others into stone.
see also corresponding 'Greek Stone Gorgon' Sudoku puzzle
This is the common name for Aurora Borealis.
In Norse mythology, Odin traded an eye for this.
see also corresponding 'Odin Norse Trade' Sudoku puzzle
This board game features the Gum Drop Pass and the Lollipop Woods.
He sought the Republican presidential nomination in 2000.
see also corresponding 'Republican Presidential Nominee' Sudoku puzzle
These birds hover, and they're the only ones capable of flying backwards.
This instant coffee has claimed to have 43 beans in every cup.
see also corresponding '43 Beans In Every Cup' Sudoku puzzle
In 1963, for the 1st network use of this technology, Lindsey Nelson cautioned that Army did not score again.
This is the Roman equivalent of the Greek God Poseidon.
see also corresponding 'Poseidon God Equivalent' Sudoku puzzle
In the 1980s he was known as the Junk Bond King.
With the 2009 war movie The Hurt Locker, she became the first woman to win the Academy Award for Best Director.
see also corresponding 'Hurt Locker Director' Sudoku puzzle
Pumping air between the fowl's flesh and skin is the first step to making this elaborate Chinese dish.
British biologist Sir Richard Owen coined this word for prehistoric creatures in 1842.
see also corresponding 'Prehistoric Richard Owen' Sudoku puzzle
In 1868 Christopher Sholes and 2 others patented the typewriter; in 1873 this gunmaker got the contract to market it.
To the ancient Greeks, a rough sea meant this god was angry.
see also corresponding 'Rough Sea Greek God' Sudoku puzzle
With Deke Slayton grounded with a heart condition, this man got to be the second U.S. man in space.
Aquamarine is the birthstone for this month.
see also corresponding 'Aquamarine Birthstone' Sudoku puzzle
This black American wrote about his early days as a trumpeter in Satchmo: My Life in New Orleans.
This is the name of the rectangular area under a basketball net between the foul line and base line.
see also corresponding 'Basketball Area' Sudoku puzzle
This planned city named for Pakistan's main religion became the nation's capital in 1967.
This is the zodiac symbol of two fish.
see also corresponding 'Fish Zodiac Symbol' Sudoku puzzle
He was the only U.S. President who never married, in or out of office.
This is the collective noun for a group of gulls.
see also corresponding 'Gull Group Name' Sudoku puzzle
In Democracy In America, this French thinker traced America's greatness to the superiority of its women.
This Seinfeld TV character said, I'll tell you a little secret about ZIP codes - they're meaningless.
see also corresponding 'Seinfeld Zip Codes' Sudoku puzzle
In 2000 this writer, with more than 100 million copies of novels in print, had a new species of dinosaur named for him.
This fuzzy fruit's name is from Latin for Persian.
see also corresponding 'Latin Fuzzy Fruit' Sudoku puzzle
This national airline's symbol is a female shamrock.
This word for a feeling of great fear or terror comes from the old High German for to fear.
see also corresponding 'High German Fear' Sudoku puzzle
Juan Peron died in this world capital city in 1974.
In Greek mythology, Hippocrene (Horse's Fountain) sprung up from where this creature's hoof struck Mount Helicon.
see also corresponding 'Mount Helicon Hippocrene' Sudoku puzzle
These colourful mountains in New Hampshire are named for their snow-capped peaks.
These breeches, cut full above the knee, are used for horseback riding.
see also corresponding 'Horseback Riding Breeches' Sudoku puzzle
Joss Whedon directed a movie version of this Shakespeare comedy with quarreling lovers Beatrice and Benedick.
Angus beef is known for this quality of having white flecks of juicy fat.
see also corresponding 'Angus Beef Quality' Sudoku puzzle
Abbreviated ACV, it's also known as a hovercraft.
In this game, each player gets a card with 5 horizontal rows of numbers from 1 to 75.
see also corresponding 'Card Game Rows' Sudoku puzzle
When an ancient Egyptian pharaoh died, his heart was carved out and replaced with a stone rendering of this tiny creature.
He betrayed Jesus with a kiss.
see also corresponding 'Jesus Kiss Betrayal' Sudoku puzzle
He developed the live-attenuated vaccine for polio, which is given orally and requires no booster shot.
A planet's _______ is the ratio of the amount of light reflected by it to that falling on it.
see also corresponding 'Planet Light' Sudoku puzzle
This 18th century poet wrote The hills of the highlands forever I love.
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