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This city hosts one of the biggest New Year's Eve celebrations in the world, setting off more than 80,000 fireworks from its Harbour Bridge.
see also corresponding 'Big New Years Eve Celebration' Sudoku puzzle
Until 1904, Europeans were unwelcome in this Tibet capital, and from 1962-80, no foreigners were admitted.
see also corresponding 'Unwelcome In Tibet' Sudoku puzzle
What was the origin of New York's Time Square New Year's Eve Ball?
In these five countries, New Year's eve is a public, non-working holiday.
How often is New Year's Eve celebrated around the world?
The first New Year's Eve ball drop in Times Square, New York, happened in this year.
The only time this championship college football game wasn't held in Pasedena, CA, was on New Year's Day, 1942 when it was held in Durham, NC, amidst fears of another event like Pearl Harbor.
see also corresponding 'College CA Bowl Game' Sudoku puzzle
Under which calendar is New Year's Day January 1st?
see also corresponding 'New Years Day On January 1st' SuJoku puzzle
Music artist Shakira was born in this country.
see also corresponding 'Shakira Birth' Sudoku puzzle
They're the first 2 women to speak in Romeo and Juliet.
A Chanukah Menorah has nine branches: eight for the eight nights of Chanukah, and the ninth branch holds this candle, literally meaning the attendant.
see also corresponding 'Ninth Chanukah Menorah Candle' Sudoku puzzle
The success of the first Salk vaccine was announced on April 12, 1955, the tenth anniversary of this U.S. President's death.
A participant in WWI's First Battle of the Marne was the BEF, short for this.
The word for this type of dessert comes from the Dutch meaning little cake.
see also corresponding 'Little Dutch Cake' Sudoku puzzle
In Austria, what is the traditional New Year's Day dinner which symbolizes good luck?
A Medici, he was the first Grand Duke of Tuscany.
see also corresponding 'Medici Tuscany Grand Duke' Sudoku puzzle
These glands atop each kidney are composed of two parts, each with a different composition and function.
This holiday, celebrated the day after Christmas Day, originated here in the 1830s.
see also corresponding 'After Christmas Day Holiday' Sudoku puzzle
This U.S. state has been called The Keystone of the Democratic Arch.
Based in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, the Moravian Church is a Protestant group organized in the 15th century in this current republic.
see also corresponding 'Moravian Church Home Base' Sudoku puzzle
In a poem dedicated to this lord, Longfellow wrote, Poet! I come to touch thy lance with mine.
This English physician and scientist developed the smallpox vaccine from cowpox germs.
see also corresponding 'Smallpox Vaccine Inventor' Sudoku puzzle
This term for the principal female singer of an opera company is Italian for first lady.
If you describe a spellbinding singer as Orphie, you're comparing him to this mythical musician.
see also corresponding 'Orphie Singer' Sudoku puzzle
This name was applied to the Mongols and Tatars who overran Europe under Batu Khan's rule.
Copied from the Greek god Dionysus, _______ was the Roman god of agriculture and wine.
see also corresponding 'Dionysus Roman Equivalent' Sudoku puzzle
This 900-mile Eastern European mountain range shares most of its name with a ship famous for its April 1912 actions.
Formerly called Portuguese Congo, ________ is separated from Angola by a narrow strip of territory that links the Democratic Republic of Congo to the Atlantic Ocean.
see also corresponding 'Formerly Portuguese Congo' Sudoku puzzle
After signing the Mayflower Compact in 1620, John Carver became the first governor of this colony.
The diameter of this satellite of Pluto is just over half that of Pluto.
see also corresponding 'Pluto Satellite Diameter' Sudoku puzzle
In 1954 the Convair XFY-1 or Pogo, became the world's first fixed-wing VTOL, which stands for this.
Woof, weft and warp are three terms used in this process.
see also corresponding 'Woof Weft Warp Process' Sudoku puzzle
The earliest known biography of this father of medicine was written around 100 A.D. by Soranus, a Greek doctor.
An army of Chinese peasant rebels captured this imperial city in 1644.
see also corresponding 'Chinese Peasant City' Sudoku puzzle
Visitors to Rio de Janeiro can take a cable car ride to the top of this 1,296-foot-high granite rock on Guanabara Bay.
This 17th century cardinal was the first theologian to write religious material in French.
see also corresponding 'French Theologian' Sudoku puzzle
This British Prime Minister's title was Baroness of Kesteven.
The international headquarters of the Salvation Army is in this world capital.
see also corresponding 'Salvation Army Headquarters' Sudoku puzzle
This Catalan architect designed the strikingly odd Casa Mila Apartment House in Barcelona.
The name of this dark brown mushroom whose cap can be up to 10 inches across is Japanese for oak mushroom.
see also corresponding 'Japanese Oak Mushroom' Sudoku puzzle
A paralyzing fixation on one's inadequacies is this type of phsychological complex.
This German city's annual film festival gives out the Golden Bear for its best film.
see also corresponding 'Golden Bear Film Award' Sudoku puzzle
This former VP and Freemason launched a conspiracy to take over the U.S. Southwest.
The Passe-Crassane winter pear was created by crossing a pear with this pectin-rich fruit.
see also corresponding 'Passe Crassane Pear' Sudoku puzzle
James Earl Jones received an Oscar nomination for his portrayal of boxer Jack Jefferson in this film.
Polynesians still use the dugout type of this vessel.
see also corresponding 'Polynesian Dugout' Sudoku puzzle
In 1858 Cyrus Field laid the first transatlantic cable from Ireland to this Canadian province.
From the Latin for to till, this English word means to work land in order to raise crops.
see also corresponding 'To Till Crops' Sudoku puzzle
Its full name is Liberty Enlightening the World.
VN is the international road vehicle sticker for this country.
see also corresponding 'VN Vehicle Sticker' Sudoku puzzle
This musical tops the Almanac's list of longest-running Broadway shows.
Charles Lachman is the L in the name of this cosmetics company co-founded with brothers Charles and Joseph Revson.
see also corresponding 'Lachman Cosmetics Founder' Sudoku puzzle
Running from Paris to Constantinople, it was called the train of kings and the king of trains.
After 22 years of separation, North and South Vietnam were reunited in 1976 with this city as its capital.
see also corresponding 'Vietnam Reunion' Sudoku puzzle
In 1908, five years before getting the job, he wrote a book titled The President of the United States.
There were eight battleships at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, which included all the battleships of the U.S. Pacific fleet except for this one.
see also corresponding 'Pearl Harbor Battleships' Sudoku puzzle
In Jack and the Beanstalk, Jack stole from the giant a little brown hen that laid these.
Mary Cassatt and Edgar Degas used these soft crayons whose name is synonymous with pale colours.
see also corresponding 'Degas Cassatt Crayons' Sudoku puzzle
Iran and Oman lie on opposite sides of this strait.
The first part of the small intestine loops around this organ which produces insulin.
see also corresponding 'Insulin Organ' Sudoku puzzle
This actress has an exercise plan called The Body Principal.
Chorionic villus sampling & an amniocentesis can make a prenatal diagnosis of this.
Isotretinoin, used to treat severe acne, is better known by this trademark name.
see also corresponding 'Trademark Isotretinoin Name' Sudoku puzzle
In 1895 these French brothers invented the cinematographe, which combined a movie camera and a projector.
In this traditional hot appetizer, chicken livers and water chestnuts are marinated in a savory sauce, then wrapped with bacon and fried.
see also corresponding 'Chicken Liver Chestnuts' Sudoku puzzle
When she came out in 1947, Charlie Knickerbocker proclaimed her Queen Deb of the Year.
This was the Ancient Greeks' word for world.
see also corresponding 'Ancient Greek World' Sudoku puzzle
Shi Huangdi of the Qin Dynasty started this wall in the 200s B.C.
One of the most controversial of the Renaissance Popes, Pope Alexander VI (born Roderic Borgia) was the last Pope to acknowledge having them.
see also corresponding 'Controversial Renaissance Pope' Sudoku puzzle
Abbreviated TSE, this is Canada's largest stock exchange.
This lens, named for a French physicist, uses a series of rings to concentrate a beam of light.
see also corresponding 'Physics Light Rings' Sudoku puzzle
Swedish is an official language of these two European countries.
As the sixth ruler of the First Babylonian Dynasty, he laid down the laws.
see also corresponding 'Babylonian Sixth Ruler' Sudoku puzzle
This type of Doctor is an expert in removing a mole or treating acne.
Pronounced one way, this 7-letter word can mean someone sickly; pronounced another, it's unjustified.
see also corresponding 'Sickly Unjustified Word' Sudoku puzzle
Siberian-born Israel Baline was known around Tin Pan Alley by this name.
They can be identical or fraternal.
see also corresponding 'Fraternal Or Identical' Sudoku puzzle
In 1916, German physicist and astronomer Karl Schwarzschild demonstrated that massive bodies could become these dark objects.
In Pascuense (an Eastern Polynesian language spoken on Easter Island) this refers to the act of taking objects one desires from the house of a friend by gradually borrowing all of them.
see also corresponding 'Pascuense Hoarders' Sudoku puzzle
This is the largest bay, measured by its shoreline, in the Western Hemisphere.
The English word code comes from the Latin __________, the wooden pith of a tree on which scribes carved their writing.
see also corresponding 'Latin Code Origin' Sudoku puzzle
In literature, the city of Mildendo on this island is encompassed by a wall 2 1/2 feet high.
This Japanese word refers to the act of buying a book and then never reading it.
see also corresponding 'Japanese Book Buyer' Sudoku puzzle
The name of this tropical fruit comes from the resemblance of its flowers to symbols of the crucifixon.
This is the Turkish word for the reflection of moonlight on water.
see also corresponding 'Turkish Moonlight' Sudoku puzzle
This respiratory disease is caused by Bordetella pertussis bacteria.
This country awards the Order of the Hashemite Star to members of the Hashemites (the Royal Family) by convention.
see also corresponding 'Hashemite Star Award' Sudoku puzzle
The white type of this stalked veggie is grown underground (it can't produce chlorophyll and turn green).
This is the Greek word for wandering in search of pasture, as applied to any wandering people.
see also corresponding 'Wandering People' Sudoku puzzle
Baseball was first played in the United States in this year.
This plant (and candy) is also known as Lickweed, Spanish Juice Root and Sweet Wood.
see also corresponding 'Spanish Juice Root Plant' Sudoku puzzle
According to George Orwell and adapted to reality TV, who is watching us?
This continent has the most Mennonites.
see also corresponding 'Most Mennonites Continent' Sudoku puzzle
In 2004, this store's glossy catalogue surpassed the Bible as the most-distributed publication in the world.
In Greek mythology he led the Titans into battle against the gods and had to shoulder the responsibility.
see also corresponding 'Greek Titan Leader' Sudoku puzzle
Food photographers use this to represent ice cream, so it does not melt under the lights.
This city literally translates to 'Salt Fortress', and was the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
see also corresponding 'Salt Fortress Birthplace' Sudoku puzzle
Women have this many X chromosomes.
This is the fifth letter of the Greek alphabet.
see also corresponding 'Greek Alphabet Letter' Sudoku puzzle
This is the more common name for thyroid cartilage.
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