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What term describes people who like to eat dirt?
see also corresponding 'People Who Like Eating Dirt' Sudoku puzzle
By area, what is the largest landlocked U.S. state?
see also corresponding 'Largest Landlocked US State' Sudoku puzzle
This is the yellow discoloration of the skin caused by excessive amounts of bilirubin in the blood.
see also corresponding 'Excessive Blood Bilirubin' Sudoku puzzle
What is nori, an important ingredient in some forms of sushi?
see also corresponding 'Nori Sushi Ingredient' Sudoku puzzle
Kwanzaa is a seven-day holiday that begins December 26 and extends through January 1. What does the word mean in Swahili?
see also corresponding 'Kwanzaa In Swahili' Sudoku puzzle
What U.S. celebration on December 26th honours African-American heritage?
see also corresponding 'African-American Celebration' SuJoku puzzle
What traditional holiday item often includes a succade made of citron?
see also corresponding 'Holiday Citron Succade' Sudoku puzzle
This Japanese term for improvement and "change for the better" is used in manufacturing practices that focus upon continuous improvement of processes.
see also corresponding 'Continuous Improvement Manufacturing' Sudoku puzzle
The name of this shade of red also means "of prime importance."
see also corresponding 'Prime Importance Shade' Sudoku puzzle
First produced in Germany, this size of paper got its name from a court jester's hat.
see also corresponding 'Jester Hat Size' Sudoku puzzle
What was the last Anglo-Saxon kingdom in Britain?
see also corresponding 'Last Anglo Saxon Kingdom' Sudoku puzzle
This country currently produces the most Frankincense in the world.
see also corresponding 'Frankincense Production' Sudoku puzzle
The word "mistletoe" derives from Anglo-Saxon Words meaning _____ _____.
see also corresponding 'Mistletoe Derivation' Sudoku puzzle
Who began the tradition of decorating trees to celebrate Christmas?
This is a nocturnal meal, eaten after Midnight Mass in France and Canada.
see also corresponding 'Midnight Mass Meal' Sudoku puzzle
What is the name of the Spanish lottery, drawn annually on December 22nd, that is estimated to be $3.3 billion in 2011?
This is the name for a Christmas gnome in Sweden.
see also corresponding 'Swedish Christmas Gnome' Sudoku puzzle
This was the first full-length animated cartoon, which premiered on December 21, 1937.
see also corresponding 'First Full Length Animated Cartoon' Sudoku puzzle
This U.S. holiday relates to a Doctor who was sentenced to life in prison for providing medical assistance to John Wilkes Booth.
see also corresponding 'Prison Term For Medical Assistance' Sudoku puzzle
What objects, when properly swirled, are said to predict the future?
see also corresponding 'Future Predicting Objects' Sudoku puzzle
We derive the word "dynamite" from this Greek word used for miracles in the New Testament (Acts 2:22).
see also corresponding 'Greek Dynamite Miracle' Sudoku puzzle
Assuming Rudolph was in front, there are 40,320 ways to rearrange the other eight ________.
see also corresponding 'Flying Rearrangement Numbers' Sudoku puzzle
Where will you find the expression "Lead on, Macduff"?
see also corresponding 'Macduff Lead On' Sudoku puzzle
What element are you least likely to find in your everyday life?
see also corresponding 'LeastFoundPeriodicElement' Sudoku puzzle
This Icelandic word translates to "birch tree" and is a common name for Scandinavian girls.
see also corresponding 'Common Scandinavian Girl Name' Sudoku puzzle
This day of the week is named after the Norse God Tiw or Tyr.
see also corresponding 'Norse God Weekday' Sudoku puzzle
Friggaphobia is the fear of this.
see also corresponding 'Friggaphobia Fear' Sudoku puzzle
In 1525, who first translated the New Testament from original Greek sources into English?
see also corresponding 'New Testament Translation' Sudoku puzzle
In 1952, physician and researcher Jonas Salk found the cure for which disabling disease?
see also corresponding 'Salk Disease Cure' Sudoku puzzle
Also known as the Apennine Peninsula, this is the largest peninsula that juts only into the Mediterranean Sea.
see also corresponding 'Apennine Peninsula' Sudoku puzzle
This is the only planet that rotates clockwise.
see also corresponding 'Clockwise Rotation Planet' Sudoku puzzle
This is the North American name for a reindeer.
see also corresponding 'North American Reindeer' Sudoku puzzle
This is the Japanese name for a popular fast-food octopus dumpling snack in Japan.
see also corresponding 'Octopus Dumpling Snack' Sudoku puzzle
What was Jesse James's nickname?
see also corresponding 'Jesse James Nickname' Sudoku puzzle
How Jesse James got his nickname
This minor prophet predicted the destruction of Nineveh ten years before it happened.
see also corresponding 'Nineveh Destruction Prediction' Sudoku puzzle
__________ is the inability to concentrate.
see also corresponding 'Inability To Concentrate' Sudoku puzzle
This species of antelope can sleep underwater.
see also corresponding 'Underwater Antelope' Sudoku puzzle
Chinese white cabbage is better known by what other name?
see also corresponding 'Chinese White Cabbage' Sudoku puzzle
What dance was named for aviator Charles Lindbergh?
see also corresponding 'Charles Lindbergh Dance' Sudoku puzzle
What is the largest cat in North and South America?
see also corresponding 'Largest North America Cat' Sudoku puzzle
What is the only CFL team that started their season with a 0-5 (won-lost) record and went on to win the CFL Grey Cup?
see also corresponding 'Unique CFL Grey Cup' Sudoku puzzle
In Venice, Venetian blinds are known as "________ blinds."
see also corresponding 'Venetian Blinds' Sudoku puzzle
You’re experiencing this when you are so engrossed in a story, discussion or music on the radio that you can’t get out of your car until there’s a break, or you find out its source.
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse symbolize
Conquest, Death, War, and _______.
see also corresponding 'Four Horsemen Symbol' Sudoku puzzle
What does the blinking light atop the Capitol Records Tower (Los Angeles) spell out in morse code?
The 1st Beatles U.S. concert in a concert hall was performed here on 12-Feb-1964.
see also corresponding 'Beatles 1st US Concert' Sudoku puzzle
On November 24, 1971 this skyjacker carried out the only unsolved airplane hijacking in U.S. history.
According to farmers, this is the dumbest farm animal.
see also corresponding 'Dumbest Farm Animal' Sudoku puzzle
What is the only city on earth located in two continents?
see also corresponding 'City On Two Continents' Sudoku puzzle
The “Dead Man’s Hand” is a two-pair poker hand called “____ and ______”.
This card combination was in the five-card-draw hand held by Wild Bill Hickok when he was murdered on August 2, 1876.
see also corresponding 'DeadMansHand' Sudoku puzzle
What movie was playing in the theater that Lee Harvey Oswald ran into after (allegedly) shooting John F. Kennedy on 22-Nov-1963?
see also corresponding 'Lee Harvey Oswald Movie' Sudoku puzzle
What show was banned in Saudi Arabia because one of its stars was a pig?
see also corresponding 'BannedSaudiArabiaShow' Sudoku puzzle
What is the shortest verse in the King James Bible?
see also corresponding 'Shortest Bible Verse' Sudoku puzzle
What does a gynaephobic man fear?
see also corresponding 'GynaephobicMan Man' Sudoku puzzle
In Old Testament times, what was the Mediterranean Sea called?
see also corresponding 'Old Testament Mediterranean Sea ' Sudoku puzzle
What animal of myth had the head of a man, the body of a lion, and the tail of a scorpion?
see also corresponding 'Animal Of Myth' Sudoku puzzle
On June 14, 1894 this became the first sport to be filmed.
see also corresponding 'First Filmed Sport' Sudoku puzzle
In 1743 King Louis XV became the first person to use this, his
“flying chair”, between floors at Versailles.
see also corresponding 'First Flying Chair' Sudoku puzzle
Which famous U.S. school was founded in 1891
as Throop University by Amos Gager Throop?
see also corresponding 'Previously Throop University ' Sudoku puzzle
What is the first book in the New Testament?
see also corresponding 'First New Testament Book' Sudoku puzzle
What plant is the largest member of the Poaceae (grass family)?
see also corresponding 'Largest Poaceae Member' Sudoku puzzle
In what French city was the Armistice signed on 11-Nov-1918
between the Allies and Germany - ending World War I?
see also corresponding 'Armistice Signing City' Sudoku puzzle
What are vibrissae?
see also corresponding 'Vibrissae' Sudoku puzzle
He wasn’t blind, but Thomas Edison preferred reading in ________.
see also corresponding 'Preferred Edison Reading Style' Sudoku puzzle
This is the oldest existing Parliament (governing body)
in the world, operating in Iceland, established in AD 930.
see also corresponding 'Oldest Parliament' Sudoku puzzle
Bilateral periorbital hematoma is medical terminology for this.
see also corresponding 'Bilateral Periorbital Hematoma' Sudoku puzzle
Where was Jesus’ first miracle?
see also corresponding 'Jesus First Miracle' Sudoku puzzle
In the late 1800s, a Dredgerman’s job in London involved fishing the Thames River for this.
see also corresponding 'Dredgerman Job' Sudoku puzzle
Which insect is the tarantula’s worst enemy?
see also corresponding 'Tarantula Enemy' Sudoku puzzle
What company named their shoe brand after an African gazelle?
see also corresponding 'Gazelle Shoe Branding' Sudoku puzzle
Which European country’s name means “low countries”?
This is what the game of checkers is called in England.
see also corresponding 'English Checkers' Sudoku puzzle
What is the name of the dog in the Maytag commercials?
see also corresponding 'Maytag Commercial Dog' Sudoku puzzle
Ghosts appear in four Shakespearian plays: Julius Caesar, Richard III, Hamlet, and _______.
see also corresponding 'Shakespearian Ghosts' Sudoku puzzle
What is the name of the high priest who faithfully served two kings?
see also corresponding 'High Priest King Server' Sudoku puzzle
This scale is a measurement of the spicy heat of a chili pepper.
see also corresponding 'Chili Heat Scale' Sudoku puzzle
If an animal doesn’t have a tail, it’s referred to as this.
see also corresponding 'Animal Without Tail' Sudoku puzzle
If an animal has a tail, it’s referred to as this.
see also corresponding 'Animal With Tail' Sudoku puzzle
What Islands, formerly called the "Northern Fur Seal Islands", are off the coast of Alaska, in the Bering Sea?
see also corresponding 'Ex Northern Fur Seal Islands' Sudoku puzzle
What are you afraid of if you have hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia?
see also corresponding 'HippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobiaPhobia' Sudoku puzzle
What Italian city was Christopher Columbus born in?
see also corresponding 'Columbus Birth City' Sudoku puzzle
Which Bible character was most interested in property?
see also corresponding 'Bible Property' Sudoku puzzle
What did Blaise Pascal call the world᾿s first mechanical adding machine
that he created in 1642?
see also corresponding 'Mechanical Adding Machine' Sudoku puzzle
The first Nobel Prizes were awarded in five categories. Although
not technically a Nobel Prize, what sixth category has been
traditionaly announced with Nobel Prize recipients since 1969?
see also corresponding 'Sixth Nobel Prize' Sudoku puzzle
Which clothing line got its name from a McDonald’s billboard?
see also corresponding 'Billboard Clothing Line' Sudoku puzzle
What does air mostly consist of?
see also corresponding 'Air Components' Sudoku puzzle
This English Lop _______, named “Nipper’s Geronimo” has
the longest ears on record, measuring 79 cm (31.125“).
see also corresponding 'Nipper’s Geronimo' Sudoku puzzle
Viagra, created by the drug company Pfizer, was initially used as a treatment for what?
see also corresponding 'Pfizer Initial Treatment' Sudoku puzzle
Q: Why did Moses apply for a job?
A: He wanted to be on ______.
see also corresponding 'Moses Job Application' Sudoku puzzle
Pogonophobia is the fear of what?
see also corresponding 'Pogonophobia Fear' Sudoku puzzle
1 in 25 coffins from the 16th Century has been
found to have these on the inside.
see also corresponding 'Coffin Contents' Sudoku puzzle
German composer Gustav Mahler noticed that many other composers
only lived long enough to compose 9 symphonies. So he called
his 9th symphony “__ ______ ______” instead of a symphony.
see also corresponding 'Mahler’s Ninth Symphony' Sudoku puzzle
Mel Blanc (May 30, 1908 to July 10, 1989), who voiced the
part of Bugs Bunny, could not stand the taste of this.
see also corresponding 'Mel Blanc Taste' Sudoku puzzle
The 1995 winner of the Best Female Entrepreneur
award in Sri Lanka was arrested for being this.
see also corresponding 'Sri Lanka Best Female Entrepreneur' Sudoku puzzle
Until 1960, this unit of time was defined as 1/86,400 of a mean solar day.
see also corresponding 'Mean Solar Day Defined' Sudoku puzzle
Q: Who in the Bible did not have a father?
A: ________, the son of Nun.
see also corresponding 'The Son Of Nun' Sudoku puzzle
This is a breathing hole made in ice by a seal.
see also corresponding 'Seal’s Breathing Hole' Sudoku puzzle
The King of Hearts is the only playing card king without this.
see also corresponding 'Sole King Playing Card' Sudoku puzzle
This English word refers to a kiss on the hand.
see also corresponding 'English Hand Kiss' Sudoku puzzle
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