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This refers to a a narrow steep-walled canyon, from the French for throat.
see also corresponding 'Steep Wall Canyon' Sudoku puzzle
Following his Gospel of Wealth, this steel magnate gave away over $350 million.
This rhythm is the biological clock in humans, based on a 24-hour cycle.
see also corresponding 'Human Biological Clock' Sudoku puzzle
Toubkal and Chelia are two of the peaks in this North African mountain chain.
This political and religious figure created the Academie Francaise in 1635.
see also corresponding 'Academie Francaise Founder' Sudoku puzzle
In 1697-98 this czar was in Holland and England studying shipbuilding.
In 1972 at age 35, Norwegian Magnar Solberg became the oldest individual Olympic winter gold medalist, winning this 2-event sport.
see also corresponding 'Norwegian Solberg Gold Medalist' Sudoku puzzle
Burma, Calcutta and Sittwe, India are major ports on this bay.
The Cattleya is the variety of this flower most widely used for corsages.
see also corresponding 'Cattleya Flower Corsages' Sudoku puzzle
This piano-playing star changed his middle name to Hercules.
Inscribed in both Portuguese and Chinese, coins for this territory weren't issued until 1952.
see also corresponding 'Portuguese Chinese Coins' Sudoku puzzle
This deadly conflagration began on September 2, 1666.
This type of science is used to establish facts for a court of law.
see also corresponding 'Court Of Law Facts' Sudoku puzzle
In this 1980s hit song the singer buys bread from a man in Brussels who was six foot four and full of muscles.
Also known as the Amur tiger, this tiger ranges from northern China to southeastern Russia.
see also corresponding 'Amur Tiger Range' Sudoku puzzle
One of this Pulitzer Prize winning book's title studies is Senator Edmund Ross' 1868 vote against convicting President Andrew Johnson.
When the market for cotton bottomed out in the 1870s, central Floridian farmers began growing this.
see also corresponding 'Flat Market For Cotton' Sudoku puzzle
How many Spice Girls were there?
In the 17th Century its location at England's southwest tip made it the target of pirate raids.
see also corresponding 'England Pirate Raids' Sudoku puzzle
He played the monster assembled by Gene Wilder in Mel Brooks Black and White classic movie Young Frankenstein.
In the Book of Proverbs this king writes, The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.
see also corresponding 'Fear Of The Lord' Sudoku puzzle
The Mosquito Indians are a majority population of this coastal region of Nicaragua and Honduras.
These multi-dwelling New Mexico Indian dwellings, built of adobe or stone, were typically terraced and placed against cliff walls.
see also corresponding 'New Mexico Indian Dwellings' Sudoku puzzle
The defense of Douglas Castle in 1306 is the subject of this Sir Walter Scott 1832 novel.
This outdated word for a type of food poisoning is from Greek for corpse.
see also corresponding 'Greek Food Poisoning' Sudoku puzzle
In an effort to unite France under a Catholic banner, King Louis XIV revoked this edict in 1685.
Approximately 30 percent of this animal's weight is from leaves, twigs and buds being slowly digested in its stomach.
see also corresponding 'Animal Leaf Weight' Sudoku puzzle
He's the mustachioed Belgian detective immortalized in Agatha Christie novels.
One great Macedonian, three Russian czars and seven Catholic popes all shared this name.
see also corresponding 'Sharing Macedonia Russia Catholic' Sudoku puzzle
This 1968 classic film cast a mime to play an ape throwing and smashing bones.
This Roman emperor won an Olympic chariot race even though he fell out of the chariot.
see also corresponding 'Olympic Chariot Race Winner' Sudoku puzzle
The Brick Testament website illustrates the Bible in this unusual medium.
The similarly named Dniester and Dnieper rivers reach the Black Sea in this country.
see also corresponding 'Dniester Dnieper Rivers' Sudoku puzzle
Opened on February 3, 1834, this North Carolina University included Manual Labor Institute in its name, named because students and staff were required to spend half of each day doing manual labor on a plantation.
These are donut hole treats at Dunkin' Donuts.
see also corresponding 'Dunkin Donut Holes' Sudoku puzzle
The modern mile was defined as 5,280 feet under this monarch's rule.
This type of cheese, produced since the 13th Century, is the original variety of Swiss Cheese.
see also corresponding 'Original Swiss Cheese' Sudoku puzzle
In Shakepseare's Camelot, he has a romance with Guenevere.
This is the thinnest material ever invented - only one atom thick yet 200 times stronger than the strongest steel.
see also corresponding 'Strongest Thinnest Material' Sudoku puzzle
Cape ivy is this type of herbaceous plant that lives for more than two years.
Mackenzie River, the longest river in Canada, empties into this sea.
see also corresponding 'Mackenzie River Drainage' Sudoku puzzle
Serving 160 years apart, these two U.S. secretaries of state are the only ones who never married.
Originating from the Latin for Cape, this word refers to a small Church or a special room within a Church for worship or prayer.
see also corresponding 'Latin Church Cape' Sudoku puzzle
Vintage bottles of products from this company, sold door to door by ladies since the 1880s, are now collectibles.
Glenohumeral is the medical name for this body joint, with greater range than any other in humans.
see also corresponding 'Glenohumeral Joint' Sudoku puzzle
Mount Erebus on Ross Island is the largest of this continent's active volcanoes.
Singapore's Zero Energy Building is the first in Southeast Asia to be powered entirely by this kind of renewable energy.
see also corresponding 'Zero Energy Building' Sudoku puzzle
These seeds from a gourd are also called pepitas.
This is a technique for holding or concealing an object in the hand, used frequently by magicians to conceal a card, coin, or other object.
see also corresponding 'Hand Concealed Object' Sudoku puzzle
These are the two planets in our solar system that have atmospheres made up mostly of carbon dioxide.
This country has two main ethnic groups: the Dutch-speaking Flemings, and the French-speaking Walloons.
see also corresponding 'Flemings And Walloons' Sudoku puzzle
In 1536 King Christian III established this protestant denomination as Denmark's state religion.
This term comes from the Greek for equal measure, reflecting that the scale along each axis of a graphical projection is the same.
see also corresponding 'Greek Equal Measures' Sudoku puzzle
Founded by and named for a Persian prophet, this religion flourished during Persia's Achaemenian empire.
This bizarre fad involves people lying on their stomaches in unexpected places.
see also corresponding 'Bizarre Stomach Fad' Sudoku puzzle
This is defined as the diameter of a circle times pi.
Static positions combine with rapid movements in this gymnastic event where you grasp two hanging parallel hoops.
see also corresponding 'Gymnastic Hoops' Sudoku puzzle
The February 27, 1965 TV Guide issue featured the womenfolk of this series.
As early as 1727 Johann Schulze discovered the light sensitivity of salts of this element.
see also corresponding 'Johann Schulze Discovery' Sudoku puzzle
This nickname means that when Wednesday's done, you're over the longest part of the week.
Christopher Columbus planned to sail westward to __________, which was the name Marco Polo used for what we now call Japan.
see also corresponding 'Marco Polo Japan' Sudoku puzzle
A Red Tide occurs in warm waters when there is an increase of this, called dinoflagellates.
John Forster, Charles Dickens' closest friend, was portrayed as Mr. ________ in his 1865 novel Our Mutual Friend.
see also corresponding 'Dickens Mutual Friend' Sudoku puzzle
What does the Latin quo vadis ask?
Rotini and fusilli are both traditional pastas in this shape.
see also corresponding 'Rotini Fusilli Shape' Sudoku puzzle
He's the archenemy of Ernst Stavro Blofeld.
Codeine, demerol, methadone and morphine are all these, a word derived from the name of the drug they mimic or come from.
see also corresponding 'Codeine Demerol Drug' Sudoku puzzle
This makes plants green.
The Bible's book of this minor prophet, whose name means servant of God, is the shortest, consisting of 21 verses.
see also corresponding 'Bible Minor Prophet' Sudoku puzzle
These two months contain equinoxes.
This causes baker's itch.
see also corresponding 'Bakers Itch' Sudoku puzzle
He was the victim of the first murder seen live on TV.
In northern California, this term describes the game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.
see also corresponding 'Rock Paper Scissors Term' Sudoku puzzle
The Black Forest is located here.
This official language of Algeria and Morocco is named for a nomadic people of North Africa.
see also corresponding 'Algerian Nomadic Language' Sudoku puzzle
This witch is flattened by a house in The Wizard of Oz.
This term refers to the left-hand page on English left-to-right reading language books. A right-hand page is called a Recto.
see also corresponding 'Left Hand Boo kPage' Sudoku puzzle
This is where you pass through the Pedro Miguel Lock.
Some gold ore is considered exogenetic, meaning that it was formed in this layer of the earth.
see also corresponding 'Exogenetic Gold Ore' Sudoku puzzle
This kind of apple is on the Beatles' Apple label.
This now-French port was called the brightest jewel in the English crown and was a territorial possession of England until its capture by France in 1558.
see also corresponding 'English CrownJewel In France' Sudoku puzzle
This kind of pants were first worn during the California Gold Rush.
On March 22, 1457 the ___________ Bible became the first printed book.
see also corresponding 'First Printed Book' Sudoku puzzle
He was the first to win five straight Wimbledon singles tennis titles.
This was Bram Stoker's most infamous character.
see also corresponding 'Bram Stoker Character' Sudoku puzzle
This U.S. poet was indicted for treason for broadcasting Fascist propaganda in World War II.
This word is from the Latin term describing a person who fights with the fists, usually a professional boxer.
see also corresponding 'Latin Fist Fighter' Sudoku puzzle
He said: The surface is fine and powdery.
In a novel by D.H. Lawrence, this was Lady Chatterley's first name.
see also corresponding 'Lady Chatterley First Name' Sudoku puzzle
This English meadow saw the signing of the Magna Carta.
AA Cathedral in this German city on the Belgian border has held the coronations of more than 40 monarchs.
see also corresponding 'AA Cathedral Coronations' Sudoku puzzle
This is where wine glasses are placed at a table setting.
Made of tiny crystals of quartz, this rock formed from silica was used in firearms of the 1600's.
see also corresponding 'Silica Firearm Rock' Sudoku puzzle
He was the oldest U.S. President inaugurated.
These seeds traditionally used to make halvah are an excellent source of calcium.
see also corresponding 'Halvah Seeds' Sudoku puzzle
This ocean surrounds Pitcairn Island.
The castor bean plant contains this protein, one of the deadliest toxins known.
see also corresponding 'Castor Bean Protein' Sudoku puzzle
This was Hitler's favourite movie.
This organ makes up only two per cent of your body's weight but requires a fifth of its energy.
see also corresponding 'Organ Weight Vs Energy' Sudoku puzzle
This symbolized justice and law to The Lone Ranger.
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