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This game features the largest ball.
When you hiccup, this large sheet of muscle contracts involuntarily, then the epiglottis closes over the vocal cords.
see also corresponding 'Epiglottis Hiccups' Sudoku puzzle
He was The Little Tramp.
This word for a sunny central courtyard is also used for an upper chamber of the heart.
see also corresponding 'Upper Heart Chamber' Sudoku puzzle
She played sidekick to John Wayne, Roy Rogers, Gene Autry and Hopalong Cassidy.
Its contiguous territory covers 36 degrees of latitude, the longest stretch of any country not in the top 10 in area.
see also corresponding 'Longest Contiguous Country' Sudoku puzzle
This 20th-century African leader gave himself the title Conqueror of the British Empire.
In this type of poem, the first letters of each line spell out a word or phrase.
see also corresponding 'First Letters Poem' Sudoku puzzle
This is known as The Royal Disease.
Often considered appealing, these features are a genetic defect of the zygomaticus muscles of the face.
see also corresponding 'Zygomaticus Muscle Defect' Sudoku puzzle
He devised the point count bidding system for the card game of Bridge.
He was a knight without armor in a savage land.
see also corresponding 'Savage Knight' Sudoku puzzle
This is par on a 245-yard golf hole.
This sport uses leaders and plugs.
see also corresponding 'Leaders Plugs Sport' Sudoku puzzle
This African mountain is known as The Mountain of the Cold Devils.
This reptilian feature evolved into feathers.
see also corresponding 'Reptilian Evolution' Sudoku puzzle
This is the colour of yak's milk.
This type of person puts shoes on horses.
see also corresponding 'Puts Shoes On Horses' Sudoku puzzle
This Bronze Age civilization emerged on the Greek island of Crete around 2500 B.C.
This is the most extensively grown and eaten food.
see also corresponding 'Most Grown Eaten Food' Sudoku puzzle
This is the score of a forfeited baseball game.
his is what you get when you add fresh fruit to red wine.
see also corresponding 'Fruit Wine Drink' Sudoku puzzle
This was the pseudonym of Thomas Edward Lawrence.
The ________ is a heavy, stout shark with a conical, pointed snout and a crescent-shaped caudal, or tail, fin.
see also corresponding 'Conical Snout Shark' Sudoku puzzle
This game became popular aboard ocean liners during the 19th century.
New York may be big but this Saskatchewan town is _______.
see also corresponding 'Big Saskatchewan Town' Sudoku puzzle
This country was formerly East Pakistan.
Iridium and ________ are the two most dense chemical elements in pure form.
see also corresponding 'Purest Chemical Elements' Sudoku puzzle
This famed fountain was featured in the movie Three Coins in the Fountain.
This chemical element, atomic number 77, is impervious to almost all acids.
see also corresponding 'Acid Resistant Element' Sudoku puzzle
This is the largest bay in the world.
Classic Moussaka is a casserole made by layering this with a spiced meat filling and then topping it off with a creamy bechamel sauce, baked to golden perfection.
see also corresponding 'Classic Moussaka Recipe' Sudoku puzzle
This was the cost of a McDonald's hamburger in 1963.
This is the largest permanently-populated Mexican island.
see also corresponding 'Permanently Populated Mecicans' Sudoku puzzle
This country claimed Breugel, Rubens and Van Dyck as citizens.
The Ark of the Covenant was kept for a time in this city that's also the name of a Civil War battle site in Tennessee.
see also corresponding 'Ark Of Covenant Sites' Sudoku puzzle
This country and western singer is known as The Okie from Muskogee.
The elected medical official whose job it is to investigate deaths not due to natural causes.
see also corresponding 'Medical Death Investigation' Sudoku puzzle
This percentage of the population has an IQ above 100.
The total distance a boat penetrates the water, from waterline to keel or appendage bottom.
see also corresponding 'Boat Water Penetration' Sudoku puzzle
This was the nickname of former Haitian leader Francois Duvalier.
This organ gave us the word hysterical.
see also corresponding 'Hysterical Organ' Sudoku puzzle
You can find Mercator's Projection here.
This was the last ruler in the Egyptian dynasty of the Ptolemies.
see also corresponding 'Last Egyptian Ptolemy Ruler' Sudoku puzzle
This sport sees stones thrown at a house.
This city rises at the head of the Nile River Delta.
see also corresponding 'Nile River Delta' Sudoku puzzle
Charles Lindbergh landed at this airfield to end his historic transatlantic flight.
This substance must mix with food to give it taste.
see also corresponding 'Mixed With Food' Sudoku puzzle
Gertrude Ederle was the first woman to do this.
This the common name for a Japanese dwarf tree.
see also corresponding 'Japanese Dwarf Tree' Sudoku puzzle
This was Ernest Hemingway's first novel.
The Zambezi River empties into this ocean.
see also corresponding 'Zambezi River Drainage' Sudoku puzzle
John F. Kennedy attended this London school.
He was the last Anglo-Saxon king of England.
see also corresponding 'Last English Anglo Saxon King' Sudoku puzzle
This railroad has 97 stops on its 5,799-mile route.
This is the first name of Lee Harvey Oswald's wife.
see also corresponding 'Lee Harvey Oswald Wife' Sudoku puzzle
This is found on Lonely Street.
A nihilist believes in this.
see also corresponding 'Nihilist Belief' Sudoku puzzle
In a 1920 World Series game, second baseman Bill Wambsganss did this all by himself.
This Shakespearean character has the most lines, with 1,422.
see also corresponding 'Most Shakespeare Lines' Sudoku puzzle
This is the colour of the eight-ball in pocket billiards.
This was Jimmy Hoffa's middle name.
see also corresponding 'Hoffa Middle Name' Sudoku puzzle
Bobby Orr played his last NHL game for this team.
This was a 145-pound domestic pig who was nominated for President of the U.S. as a theatrical gesture by the Youth International Party on August 23, 1968, just before the opening of the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, Illinois.
see also corresponding 'Pig President Nominee' Sudoku puzzle
A car with a sticker bearing letters CH comes from this country.
Given its prominent overall dimensions and its deep, tiring dirt track surface, Belmont Park (the third leg of the Triple Crown) has earned this nickname.
see also corresponding 'Belmont Park Nickname' Sudoku puzzle
This is the common name for the fruit .
A pineapple doesn't do this after it's picked.
see also corresponding 'Picked Pineapple' Sudoku puzzle
IQ stands for this.
This dwarf planet travels around the sun every 248 years.
see also corresponding 'Dwarf Planet Sun Rotation' Sudoku puzzle
This is the largest lake in South America.
The typical person does this 295 times during the dinner hour.
see also corresponding 'Typical Dinner Hour' Sudoku puzzle
Hungarian brothers Laszlo and Georg Biro invented this writing instrument in 1938.
This fruit is packed with the most calories.
see also corresponding 'Most Fruit Calories' Sudoku puzzle
This was Greta Gustafsson's stage name.
Prior to 1975, Ho Chi Minh City was known as this.
see also corresponding 'Prior Ho Chi Minh City' Sudoku puzzle
These travel in gaggles.
This is the biggest-selling U.S. magazine aimed at a black audience.
see also corresponding 'Black Audience Magazine' Sudoku puzzle
This is the term for a cancer-causing substance.
This was Mae West's last film.
see also corresponding 'Last Mae West Film' Sudoku puzzle
In 1945 this was signed aboard the Missouri.
Captain Ahab's peg leg was made of this.
see also corresponding 'Captain Ahab Peg Leg' Sudoku puzzle
This 1936 Charlie Chaplin film satirized the horrors of a mechanical age.
Based on coin toss, Orville Wright flew their plane on the first controlled, sustained flight of a powered, heavier-than-air aircraft on December 17, 1903. His older brother, _______, observed from the sidelines.
see also corresponding 'Wright Bros Flight' Sudoku puzzle
This Cretan city was excavated by Sir Arthur Evans.
In Disney's Alice in Wonderland the Queen of Hearts orders Alice to play this game.
see also corresponding 'Queen Of Hearts Demand' Sudoku puzzle
These sisters wrote under the pseudonyms Currer Bell, Acton Bell and Ellis Bell.
This is Shakespeare's Moorish general in the Venetian army.
see also corresponding 'Moorish Venetian General' Sudoku puzzle
Baseball's Cy Young Award winners play this position.
In this Mexican city divers leap from a 100-foot cliff into waters between the Quebrada rocks.
see also corresponding 'Quebrada Rocks Leap' Sudoku puzzle
The only repealed amendment to the U.S. Constitution dealt with this.
This is the northernmost U.S. state capital.
see also corresponding 'Northernmost US State' Sudoku puzzle
The bolivar is this country's currency.
This is the capital and largest city of Albania.
see also corresponding 'Albania Capital' Sudoku puzzle
This suspect in the game of Clue has the same name as a bird.
Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia fought this country to win their independence.
see also corresponding 'Algeria Morocco Tunisia Independence' Sudoku puzzle
Dr. Dolittle's Pushmi-Pullyu is this kind of animal.
This country is named for a line of latitude that runs through it.
see also corresponding 'Country Latitude Name' Sudoku puzzle
This is the most common non-contagious disease in the world.
This Greek slave wrote fables.
see also corresponding 'Greek Fable Writer' Sudoku puzzle
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