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To honour a Cherokee leader who died in 1843, a European botanist proposed this name for a tree.
see also corresponding 'Cherokee Named Tree' Sudoku puzzle
The U.S. Department of Labor code for this odd job is 139.087-010.
After mistakenly killing this man, Hamlet describes himself as cruel only to be kind.
see also corresponding 'Hamlet Cruel' Sudoku puzzle
Chapters in this 1953 thriller novel include Dossier for M, Pink Lights and Champagne, and The Game is Baccarat.
Balls of naphthalene are protection against these insects.
see also corresponding 'Naphthalene Balls Protection' Sudoku puzzle
Because of his style of painting females, this master's name gave us an adjective for plump women.
The jonquil is a species of this flower, and its name is often wrongly applied to all yellow species of the flower.
see also corresponding 'Jonquil Flower Species' Sudoku puzzle
Doctors use this word, from the Latin for convenient, for infections striking a weak immune system.
At this Mount in Israel, Abraham almost sacrificed his son Isaac; King David built the First Temple; and God gathered dust to create Adam.
see also corresponding 'First Temple Site' Sudoku puzzle
A U.S. brigadier general wears one star; this is the next grade up with two stars.
This Japanese automaker introduced the popular MX-5 Miata.
see also corresponding 'MX-5 Miata' Sudoku puzzle
This was the only U.S. state in the 1790 census to claim a slave population of zero.
Columnist Herb Caen coined this word in 1958.
see also corresponding 'Herb Caen Coined Word' Sudoku puzzle
Tim Tebow won the Heisman Trophy in 2007 while attending this school.
The name of this bone is Latin for thigh.
see also corresponding 'Thigh Bone' Sudoku puzzle
This Scotsman known for his brave heart defeated an English army near Stirling Castle in 1297.
From 1909 to 1958, ears of wheat appeared on the back of this U.S. coin.
see also corresponding 'Wheat Ears Coin' Sudoku puzzle
Into the 20th Century it was thought the universe was one big galaxy - this one.
In the 1970s Hans Dehmelt took a colour photo of Astrid, a single charged ion of this periodic element.
see also corresponding 'Dehmelt Astrid Photo' Sudoku puzzle
In 1916 General John Pershing was sent to capture this Mexican rebel.
Hebrew for act of sitting, this Jewish institution focuses on the study of traditional religious texts, primarily the Talmud and the Torah.
see also corresponding 'Jewish Sitting Act Study' Sudoku puzzle
She canceled her June 1991 wedding to Kiefer Sutherland and flew to Europe.
The Oyster Perpetual is a legendary watch from this upscale brand.
see also corresponding 'Oyste rPerpetual Watch' Sudoku puzzle
This is the more common name for renal calculi, which vary from the size of a grain of sand to a golf ball.
The University of Catania is on this island.
see also corresponding 'University Of Catania Island' Sudoku puzzle
On July 28, 1933 Western Union operator Lucille Lipps delivered the first one of these to Rudy Vallee on his birthday.
Punjab means land of 5 rivers, and all five of the rivers eventually flow into this one.
see also corresponding 'Punjab Rivers' Sudoku puzzle
Simply roasted and ground, it has almost 50 percent more caffeine than instant types.
This was the first nonprecious metal man made into tools and decorative items.
see also corresponding 'First Decorative Nonprecious Metal' Sudoku puzzle
Snack-sized sticks of mozzarella are sold under this name because they can be pulled apart into strands.
Lake Marathon, an artificial lake, served as this European capital's main water supply from 1931 until 1959.
see also corresponding 'Lake Marathon Water Supply' Sudoku puzzle
In 1940, FDR beat him to win his third term.
This small fish of the genus hippocampus has no stomach and must eat almost constantly to stay alive.
see also corresponding 'Hippocampus Genus Fish' Sudoku puzzle
In 2003, Roy E. Disney left it after being on it since 1967.
There is a branch of the University of Nebraska at this city on the Platte River.
see also corresponding 'Nebraska On Platte' Sudoku puzzle
This Pasadena, California lab has been helping design U.S. spacecraft since Explorer 1 in 1958.
The oscillating type of this irrigation device sprays back and forth in a rectangular pattern.
see also corresponding 'Oscillating Irrigation Device' Sudoku puzzle
The Torah ends with this book.
Three strikes bowled consecutively is known as this.
see also corresponding 'Three Consecutive Bowling Strikes' Sudoku puzzle
Operas based on this author's works include Il Talismano, Il Templario, and La Prigione d'Edimburgo.
She was raised from the dead by Saint Peter in Joppa, Israel.
see also corresponding 'Joppa Rising' Sudoku puzzle
Daniel Webster represented this vulcanization inventor in a patent infringement trial.
Stravinsky's ballet Orpheus opens at the grave of this woman, Orpheus' wife.
see also corresponding 'Orpheus Wife' Sudoku puzzle
In a 1996 novel Jane Mendelsohn adopts the voice of this female aviator, lost on a desert island.
The orange blossom is this U.S. State flower.
see also corresponding 'US State Flower' Sudoku puzzle
Carthage was a colony of these ancient seafarers.
Of the world's ten largest islands, three belong all or in part to Indonesia: New Guinea, Sumatra, and this one.
see also corresponding 'Indonesia Island' Sudoku puzzle
The 3,107-carat Cullinan Diamond, the largest gem diamond ever known, was presented to this British king in 1907.
This 1980 non-fiction science book was written by Carl Sagan.
see also corresponding 'Carl Sagan Book' Sudoku puzzle
This Greek dish typically consists of layers of eggplant and ground lamb or beef topped with a white sauce.
The English name of this Christian holiday may come from a pagan Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring.
see also corresponding 'Pagan Anglo Saxon Holiday' Sudoku puzzle
The S.S. Ancon made the first complete trip through this, August 15, 1914.
Jesus carried his own cross to The Place of the Skull, called this in Aramaic.
see also corresponding 'Place Of The Skull' Sudoku puzzle
Franklin Roosevelt beat this Republican in the 1936 Presidential election.
Also a term in logic, this is the process by which a magnetic field is ordered into poles.
see also corresponding 'Magnetic Pole Field' Sudoku puzzle
This is the world's largest non-profit scientific and educational organization.
According to the Acts of the Apostles, he was the apostle chosen by lot to replace Judas Iscariot following Judas' betrayal of Jesus and his subsequent death.
see also corresponding 'Judas Iscariot Replacement' Sudoku puzzle
This team has lost the most Super Bowls.
The Cassini-Huygens space probe discovered a body of water the size of Lake Superior on this planet's moon Enceladus.
see also corresponding 'Cassini Huygens Probe' Sudoku puzzle
The Scarlet Pimpernel showed his colours in this revolution.
This is the official language of Oman.
see also corresponding 'Oman Official Language' Sudoku puzzle
The McLowery brothers and Billie Clanton were gunned down here.
Morris Travers and Sir William Ramsay found xenon, neon and this element, No. 36.
see also corresponding 'Travers Ramsay Element' Sudoku puzzle
U.S.S.R. stands for this.
This country has the least rainfall in Sub-Saharan Africa.
see also corresponding 'Sub-Saharan Africa Rain' Sudoku puzzle
He was the first president of Egypt.
This country's only land border is with Malaysia.
see also corresponding 'Malaysia Border Country' Sudoku puzzle
This feud ended with a marriage in Kentucky on March 21, 1891.
The tearing of these muscles at the back of the thigh is common in sports like sprinting.
see also corresponding 'Thigh Muscle Tear' Sudoku puzzle
He wrote Around the World in Eighty Days.
From the Latin for inactivity, this refers to the tendency of a body to resist change in its motion.
see also corresponding 'Resist Body Tendency' Sudoku puzzle
This is how many times a Roman numeral's value increases if it has a line over it.
Once the capital of an Ethiopian province, Asmara is now the capital of this country.
see also corresponding 'Asmara Capital' Sudoku puzzle
This is the national airline of Ireland.
This Connecticut city is home to the American Clock and Watch Museum.
see also corresponding 'Connecticut Clock Museum' Sudoku puzzle
A somnambulist is this.
When bubbles of this gas form in a scuba diver's blood, the bends can occur.
see also corresponding 'Scuba Diver Bends' Sudoku puzzle
This hobby was developed by the Palmer Paint company of Detroit.
Known in China as the mushroom of immortality, it has traditionally been used to prolong life and is used to treat allergies and arthritis.
see also corresponding 'Immortality Mushroom' Sudoku puzzle
He was forced to return his Olympic golf medals (from the 1912 Summer Olympics in Stockholm) after it was learned he had played semipro baseball.
This Pacific Ocean atoll is also known as the Island of the Colorblind, because as many as 10 percent of the residents are believed to carry the achromatopsia gene that causes complete colorblindness.
see also corresponding 'Colorblind Pacific Ocean Atoll' Sudoku puzzle
He invented the lightning rod.
This is the narrow strait between the eastern tip of Sicily and the western tip of Calabria in the south of Italy.
see also corresponding 'Sicily Calabria Strait' Sudoku puzzle
This organization was founded by the Rev. Jerry Falwell.
This is the main form in which carbohydrates are stored in the body; it's broken down into glucose as needed.
see also corresponding 'Carbohydrate Body Storage' Sudoku puzzle
She became the first Czechoslovakian to win the Wimbledon women's singles tennis title.
This is the better-known name of Edson Arantes do Nascimento.
see also corresponding 'Edson Arantes' Sudoku puzzle
This is the name of the archipelago at the southern tip of South America.
He is Pinocchio's arch-nemesis.
see also corresponding 'Pinocchio Arch Nemesis' Sudoku puzzle
This nickname of Little Margery Meanwell has come to mean one who is coyingly virtuous.
From Latin, this word means relating to Spring.
see also corresponding 'Latin Spring Term' Sudoku puzzle
This oath begins with: I swear by Apollo, the Physician...
Casanova, Don Juan and Romeo are all synonyms for this eponymous seducer from a 1703 play.
see also corresponding 'Eponymous Seducer Play' Sudoku puzzle
In 1697 he toured Western Europe incognito under the name Sgt. Mikhaylov.
This classic men's hat was named for an 1882 play whose title character was a woman.
see also corresponding 'Classic Mens Hat' Sudoku puzzle
He taught Eliza Doolittle to be a lady.
Dr. Seuss originated this word for an ill-tempered spoilsport.
see also corresponding 'Seuss Spoilsport' Sudoku puzzle
This sport features jammers breaking out of the pack.
This was the surname of Nicholas II, last czar of Russia.
see also corresponding 'Nicholas II Surname' Sudoku puzzle
He's the only man to have won the Olympic decathlon twice.
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