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In Shakespeare plays, when this stage direction is followed by Omnes, all the actors leave the stage.
see also corresponding 'Shakespeare Omnes Exit' Sudoku puzzle
If your ears block when you change altitudes, swallowing may open this tube to equalize pressure.
The Middle French word for this freshwater crustacean was crevice, which evolved into this English word.
see also corresponding 'French Crevice Crustacean' Sudoku puzzle
According to Kodak, only 45% of these are taken by a professional.
In the King James Bible, Yahweh, the personal name of God, is rendered as this.
see also corresponding 'King James Yahweh' Sudoku puzzle
This brother of American explorer William Clark used his own money to feed and pay his soldiers.
The name of these highest clouds comes from the Latin for tuft or curl.
see also corresponding 'Latin Curl Clouds' Sudoku puzzle
This sport was defined by Ernest Hemingway as Death in the Afternoon.
All official Andorran documents are printed in this Romance language of northeastern Spain.
see also corresponding 'Andorran Document Language' Sudoku puzzle
Part I of George Bernard Shaw's play Back to Methuselah opens in this Biblical garden.
The Ottoman Empire was finally abolished due to the efforts of this president of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey.
see also corresponding 'National Assembly President' Sudoku puzzle
Named for a small Indonesian island, this huge lizard also lives on neighboring Flores Island.
Exobiology is the study of living things here.
see also corresponding 'Exobiology Study' Sudoku puzzle
By corporate policy, it accounts for two of the 13 layers in a Big Mac.
In the 1971-72 NBA season, this team won a record 33 games in a row.
see also corresponding 'NBA Record Season' Sudoku puzzle
These two belts above the earth consist of electrically charged particles.
California's Ahwahnee Hotel is in the heart of this national park.
see also corresponding 'Ahwahnee Hotel Park' Sudoku puzzle
In 1989 Alfredo Cristiani won election as this country's president, succeeding Jose Napoleon Duarte.
In Classical literature, The Elder wrote natural history and the Younger, his nephew and adopted son, was known for his books of letters.
see also corresponding 'Elder Classical Literature' Sudoku puzzle
This geometric knot is one of the oldest in use.
This Pennsylvania town, known for its wagons, was named for this Indian tribe also called the Susquehanna.
see also corresponding 'Susquehanna PA Town' Sudoku puzzle
In a Thomas Hardy British novel, this character is introduced near the Pure Drop Inn.
This Old Testament book details the careers of Gideon, Othniel and Samson.
see also corresponding 'Old Testament Careers' Sudoku puzzle
Lemurs are found naturally only on or near this island off the coast of Africa.
This term refers to one who loads and unloads gear for a rock band.
see also corresponding 'Rock Band Gear Unloader' Sudoku puzzle
Legend has it that George Gershwin had to write this famous piece in 3 weeks because he forgot about a deadline.
Types of this small tropical fish include bleeding-heart, diamond and neon.
see also corresponding 'Neon Tropical Fish' Sudoku puzzle
At 465 square miles, this is California's largest city in area.
Procter & Gamble first called it The White Soap.
see also corresponding 'White Soap' Sudoku puzzle
In physics, the idea that in a closed system matter is neither created nor destroyed is referred to by this phrase.
From the Swahili word for doctor, this 1966-1969 TV show featured a cross-eyed lion.
see also corresponding 'Cross Eyed Lion Show' Sudoku puzzle
This horse is also known as the Plantation Walking Horse.
These Indians of the northern plains had main divisions, including Lakota, Santee, and Yankton.
see also corresponding 'Lakota Santee Yankton' Sudoku puzzle
Born around 1274, this King of Scotland battled the English armies of Edward II.
Dinosaurs died out in this geological era that means middle life.
see also corresponding 'Dinosaur Era' Sudoku puzzle
This 14,691-foot Swiss peak is also known as Monte Cervino.
This Roman Emperor's wall was completed around 126 A.D.
see also corresponding 'Roman Emperor Wall' Sudoku puzzle
The rounded head of one bone fits into the cuplike cavity of another bone in this type of joint.
Most fluorescent lights are filled with a combination of argon and this chemical element.
see also corresponding 'Argon Fluorescent Lights' Sudoku puzzle
This term refers to plants that have flowers, and comes from two Greek words for receptacle and seed.
Skanderbeg Square in Tirane is named for this country's national hero.
see also corresponding 'Skanderbeg Square Country' Sudoku puzzle
This is the Hindu prince next up in rank from a rajah.
Stokes' Law governs how fast a particle drops through a liquid as a consequence of this force.
see also corresponding 'Stokes Law' Sudoku puzzle
Zero on the Danjon Scale of these events means Earth's satellite is nearly invisible.
Egypt's highest point, Jabal Katrinah, rises 8,651 feet in the southern part of this peninsula.
see also corresponding 'Jabal Katrinah Viewpoint' Sudoku puzzle
Diving off the southern tip of the Crimean Peninsula would place you in this body of water.
From 1848 to 1916 Franz Joseph I was emperor of Austria and king of this country.
see also corresponding 'King Franz Joseph' Sudoku puzzle
This waterway was originally dug in the 4th century B.C. Kublai Khan had it rerouted in the 13th century.
This former altar boy and seminarian became an infamous Soviet dictator.
see also corresponding 'Infamous Soviet Dictator' Sudoku puzzle
All lines of longitude are measured east or west of this line.
One who has memorized the complete text of the Muslim holy book (Koran) is known as this by Muslims.
see also corresponding 'Koran Memorized' Sudoku puzzle
Those of a jack pine's remain tightly closed and hang on the tree till activated by fire.
Though it comes from a Latin word meaning whitish, this refers to a reddish-brown hair colour.
see also corresponding 'Latin Hair Colour' Sudoku puzzle
In 1572 this Danish astronomer discovered a supernova in the constellation Cassiopeia.
This brand of gin is the main alcoholic ingredient in a T&T drink.
see also corresponding 'TT Drink Ingredient' Sudoku puzzle
Rajahs and Chiefs were there to see, in 1897, this Queen's diamond jubilee.
This is the Latin word for Pertaining to cows or oxen.
see also corresponding 'Latin Oxen Word' Sudoku puzzle
In this type of gymnastics, competitors may use a stick with a satin ribbon that's 7 meters long.
The eggs in Eggs Benedict are cooked this way.
see also corresponding 'Cooking Eggs Benedict' Sudoku puzzle
This Victorian novelist followed up Treasure Island with a volume of children's poetry, A Child's Garden of Verses.
British sailors were named Limey for the fruit they ate to ward off this disease.
see also corresponding 'Limey British Sailors' Sudoku puzzle
This Tulsa, Oklahoma school's athletic teams are called the Golden Eagles.
Windhoek is the capital and largest city of this newly independent former mandate of South Africa.
see also corresponding 'Windhoek Mandate' Sudoku puzzle
Hit by a ball in 1934, this St. Louis pitching great said The doctors x-rayed my head and found nothing.
In mythology he is a youth who attempted to escape from Crete with wings of wax and feathers but flew so high that his wings melted from the heat of the sun, and he plunged to his death in the sea.
see also corresponding 'Crete Youth Myth' Sudoku puzzle
This reaction occurs in the chloroplasts, the oval-shaped green organelles in plants.
From French for small pan this is a traditional Spanish dish made of seafood and saffron flavored rice.
see also corresponding 'Small Spanish Pan' Sudoku puzzle
This name of the infectious disease caused by the Epstein-Barr virus comes from words meaning one and kernel.
This is the geometric term for two or more figures that are identical in size and shape.
see also corresponding 'Identical Geometry Figures' Sudoku puzzle
Unique whitish rings around the eyes are why South America's only bear has this name.
This country's two main ethnic groups are Pashtun (also living in Afghanistan) and Punjabi (who are also found in India).
see also corresponding 'Pashtun Punjabi Ethnicity' Sudoku puzzle
Manuel Puig's novel about the kiss of this woman was banned in his native Argentina.
This New York Yankees manager considered retiring until they won their 5th-straight World Series in 1953, a mark which has not been equalled.
see also corresponding 'Yankees 1953 Manager' Sudoku puzzle
To help their owner pay off gambling debts, the 1920 Red Sox sold this baseball player to the New York Yankees.
Celebrating its Centennial in 2017, this International organization was founded by Arch Klumph.
see also corresponding 'Centenial Founder Klumph' Sudoku puzzle
Lori Loughlin said this movie star who played her mother looked more like my mom than my real one.
This Latin phrase, literally meaning per day, is used in English to mean by the day, per day, reckoned on a daily basis, or paid by the day.
see also corresponding 'Paid By The Day' Sudoku puzzle
Species of this ornamental flower include Pyrethrum and Feverfew, both of which are used in insecticides.
Different from a kibbutz, this is a cooperative community of individual farms in Israel.
see also corresponding 'Alternative Kibbutz' Sudoku puzzle
In August 2011 this 17th Century pirate captain's flagship was found in waters off Panama.
Also known as Burma, this country was under the rule of an oppressive military junta from 1962 to 2011.
see also corresponding 'Burma Military Junta' Sudoku puzzle
This is the name of 1862 act which granted 160 acres to U.S. citizens who would occupy and improve the land.
Also a palindrome, this is Gary Burghoff's role in M*A*S*H.
see also corresponding 'Gary Burghoff MASH Role' Sudoku puzzle
The 1906 murder of Grace Brown in New York State inspired Theodore Dreiser to write this novel.
From 323 to 30 B.C., all 15 of Egypt's Macedonian kings shared this name.
see also corresponding 'Egypt Macedonian Kings' Sudoku puzzle
Ah but a man's reach should exceed his grasp, or what's a heaven for? is from this poet's poem Andrea Del Sarto (The Faultless Painter).
In the 1940s Dorothy Lamour helped popularize a Hollywood version of this Indonesian garment.
see also corresponding 'Lamour Indonesian Garment' Sudoku puzzle
This opera tenor's name means peaceful Sunday.
Russian for comrade, this word came into greater use after the Bolshevik Revolution.
see also corresponding 'Russian Comrade' Sudoku puzzle
In March 1841 the U.S. Senate experienced its first continuous one of these: it lasted 6 days.
This player bids first in the game of bridge.
see also corresponding 'First Bridge Bid' Sudoku puzzle
Legend says at 13, she saved Captain John Smith from warriors of Powhatan, her father.
This was the most frequently printed of all Shakespeare's plays during the 30 years after its first publication.
see also corresponding 'Most Frequent Shakespeare Play' Sudoku puzzle
At over 36,000 feet, this is the deepest spot in the North Pacific, or anywhere else on Earth.
In estimating the time to recover from this, figure one day for every hour of the time change.
see also corresponding 'Travel Recovery Time' Sudoku puzzle
This group was founded April 30, 1948 by 21 nations at a conference in Bogota, Colombia.
The states of Sabah and Sarawak on this island make up about 6% of Malaysia's land area.
see also corresponding 'Sabah Sarawak Island' Sudoku puzzle
The wavy blue bars on this Canadian province flag represent the Pacific Ocean.
Annette Bening wore a gown from this gangster film to the 1990 Oscars.
see also corresponding 'Annette Bening Oscar Gown' Sudoku puzzle
In the 1840's William Colenso explored the northern end of this country's North Island.
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