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Which French football player head-butted Italian player
Marco Materazzi in the final 2006 FIFA World Cup game?
see also corresponding 'French Head-Butt' SuJoku puzzle
When was the first time that an African nation has hosted the FIFA World Cup?
see also corresponding 'Africa World Cup' SuJoku puzzle
What man was named ‘The Harmonious Human Multitude’, and on June 10, 1752
flew a kite during a Philadelphia thunderstorm to prove that lightning is
electricity from charged clouds than can be brought to earth?
see also corresponding 'Harmonious Human Multitude' SuJoku puzzle
What is the most common name in the world?
see also corresponding 'Most Common Name' SuJoku puzzle
What is the name of Batman’s butler?
On June 7, 1913, Hudson Stuck lead the 1st successful ascent of Mt. McKinley.
What is the Athabascan Indian name for Mt. McKinley?
see also corresponding 'Mt. McKinley Indian Name' SuJoku puzzle
On June 6, 1930 who piloted the first manned dive
of the bathysphere, reaching a depth of 803 feet?
see also corresponding 'Bathyshpere' SuJoku puzzle
What’s the name of the marriage canopy under which the bride and groom
stand during traditional Jewish wedding ceremonies?
see also corresponding 'Wedding Canopy' SuJoku puzzle
What was the closely guarded secret during the Battle of Midway (June 4, 1942)?
see also corresponding 'Battle of Midway' SuJoku puzzle
Where is the world’s steepest incline railway?
see more on the Steepest Incline Railway & pics from the Joe-kster's 2010 'Down Under' Promo Tour.
Which English composer, born on June 2, 1857, is known for his ‘Pomp and Circumstance’ marches?
see also corresponding 'Pomp And Circumstance' SuJoku puzzle
What is the southernmost landlocked country in the world?
see also corresponding 'Southernmost Landlocked Country' SuJoku puzzle
Which composer poured cold water over his head every time he sat down to write music?
What are the three largest bells in the British Isles?
see also corresponding 'British Isles Bells' SuJoku puzzle
In what city was Joan of Arc burned at the stake on May 30, 1431?
see also corresponding 'Joan of Arc' SuJoku puzzle
What were the names of the two climbers who simultaneously became
see also corresponding 'Mt. Everest Summit' SuJoku puzzle
What is the mock medication given to some patients in a controlled experiment
in order to ensure that changes being observed in the main experiment are the
result of the drug being tested, rather than the patient’s belief in the medication?
see also corresponding 'Mock Medication' SuJoku puzzle
What famous German battleship was sunk on May 27, 1941 in the Battle of the Atlantic?
see also corresponding 'Sunk German Battleship' SuJoku puzzle
When was the first Model T produced?
see also corresponding 'Model T' SuJoku puzzle
What trousers are named after the northern India city founded by Rao Jodha?
see also corresponding 'Jodha Trousers' SuJoku puzzle
What was the 1st Morse Code message sent by Samuel F.B. Morse on May 24, 1844?
see also corresponding 'Morse Code Message' SuJoku puzzle
What spice takes its name from the Sanskrit word stringa-vera, and is
see also corresponding 'Stringa-Vera Spice' SuJoku puzzle
The main fashion difference between the modern Olympic athlete and the
see also corresponding 'Olympic Difference' SuJoku puzzle
Where did the saying, “Veni, vidi, vici” come from?
see also corresponding 'Veni, Vidi, Vici' SuJoku puzzle
What is a bet on the first-place, second-place, and third-place winners in exact order called?
see also corresponding 'Exact Order Winners' SuJoku puzzle
Besides humans, what is the only other animal known to have preyed on great white sharks?
see also corresponding 'Great White Shark Prey' SuJoku puzzle
What do you call an animal that eats both plants and animals?
see also corresponding 'Plant and Animal Eating Animal' SuJoku puzzle
What dinosaur name means “fast thief”?
Armageddon is Hebrew for ‘Mountain of _________’?
see also corresponding 'Armageddon' SuJoku puzzle
Which Chinese number is unlucky?
Why are manhole covers round?
What did Siam become on May 11, 1949?
see also corresponding 'Siam' SuJoku puzzle
Which Hungarian American performer was born as Erik Weisz?
see also corresponding 'Harry Houdini' SuJoku puzzle
When was the world’s first book printed?
see also corresponding '1st Printed Book' SuJoku puzzle
What country passed the world’s first patent law?
see also corresponding '1st Patent Law' SuJoku puzzle
Who made the first electric shaver?
see also corresponding 'Close Shave' SuJoku puzzle
What is the mascot of the Paralympic Games?
What is the symbol of the Paralympic Games?
Why is Pi Day celebrated on March 14th?
see also corresponding 'Einstein and Pi Day' SuJoku puzzle
Which five categories of sports will be featured at the 2010 Paralympic Games?
Where will the majority of events take place for the 2010 Paralympic Games?
Where was paper invented?
What patent did Abraham Lincoln apply for on March 10, 1849?
Where did the Barbie Doll debut on March 9, 1959?
When was the 1st time an artificial heart was used?
see also corresponding 'First Artificial Heart' SuJoku puzzle
What movie, in January 2010, became the highest-grossing movie worldwide?
see also corresponding 'Highest Grossing Movie' SuJoku puzzle
When was the first official Paralympic Games?
Where was sledge hockey Invented?
Why is March 4th the Most Progressive Day of the Year?
see also corresponding 'Most Progressive Day' SuJoku puzzle
What festival celebrates the health and well-being of girls in Japan on March 3rd?
What is ‘Whuppity Stourie’ and why is it celebrated on March 1st?
What year was the 1st known breast reconstruction surgery performed
Which country holds the record for the most gold medals won at a Winter Olympics?
see also corresponding 'Vancouver's Roberto Luongo' SuJoku puzzle
Who was the first organ transplant recipient to win an Olympic medal?
Who is:
(A) the founder of the modern Olympic Games;
(B) a founding member of the IOC;
(C) the designer of the 5 Olympic rings;
(D) introduced the Olympic motto, ’Swifter, Higher, Stronger’?
see also corresponding 'Olympic Ring Designer' SuJoku puzzle
Who is the only person to win multiple medals in both Summer and Winter Olympic Games?
Which ice skater performed in the XXI Winter Olympics only 2 days after her mother died?
see also corresponding 'Grieving Olympic Skater' SuJoku puzzle
Who is the youngest ever Ice Dance team to win Olympic Gold?
see also corresponding 'Youngest Ice Dance Team 4 Olympic Gold Medals' SuJoku puzzle
Who was the 1st ski jumper to win 4 Olympic gold medals?
see also corresponding 'Ski Jumper 4 Olympic Gold Medals' SuJoku puzzle
Which continents have never hosted the Olympic Games?
Who was the youngest athlete to compete at the XXI Vancouver Winter Olympic Games?
Who was the first American woman to win an Olympic gold medal in downhill skiing?
Who is the only ice hockey player to have won every major North American
and international championship?
When did China win their first Olympic gold medal in Olympic pairs figure skating?
see also corresponding 'First China Olympic Gold Pairs Figure Skating' SuJoku puzzle
Who was the first Canadian to win an Olympic gold medal at the Winter Olympics on home soil?
see also corresponding 'First Canada Olympic Gold At Home' SuJoku puzzle
Who won the first gold medal of the 2010 Olympics?
see also corresponding 'First Olympic Gold 2010' SuJoku puzzle
Who set the first Olympic record at the XXI Winter Olympic Games?
see also corresponding 'First Olympic Record' SuJoku puzzle
Who died during a luge event at the XXI Winter Olympic Games?
see also corresponding 'In memory of Nodar' SuJoku puzzle
Where was the 1st Olympic flame lit inside a domed stadium?
Who is the only hockey player to win an Olympic gold medal and a Stanley Cup in the same year?
What two other cities did Vancouver beat out to win the bid for the XXI Winter Olympic Games?
The 2010 Winter Olympic Games are hosted by Vancouver and Whistler.
What Olympic events take will take place at Whistler?
What is the average temperature in February in Vancouver?
What country’s flag won a TKO over the IOC at the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games?
see also corresponding 'Winter Olympics IOC TKO' SuJoku puzzle
Who was the only luger to win medals at five consecutive Winter Olympics in singles luge?
Who was the first Winter Olympic gold medalist?
Which countries will make their Winter Olympic débuts at the 2010 Winter Olympics?
The 2010 Winter Olympic men’s and women’s hockey games will be played at General Motors Place -
home of the Vancouver Canucks. But because the IOC requires all Olympic venues
to be ‘free of corporate marks’, General Motors Place is being renamed to what?
Who will be the first Ghanaian to ski in the Winter Olympics?
When was the word ‘amateur’ eliminated from the Olympic Charter?
When was the first time the Olympic torch was lit indoors?
What was the longest torch relay route at the Winter Olympic Games?
What is the most medals won by any athlete at the Winter Olympic Games?
What was the warmest city to host the Winter Olympic Games?
When was the first Winter Olympic Games to have a dedicated athlete’s village?
When was the first time ice hockey was played on a smaller NHL-sized ice surface (60 x 26m vs 60 x 30m)?
Which country has won the most medals (Gold, Silver and Bronze) at the Olympic Winter Games?
Where were the first Winter Olympic Games held?
When was the first time that the Olympic Games were held by the sea?
When was the first time that Olympic speed skating events were held indoors?
Who is the most decorated Winter Olympian of all time?
What Winter Olympics host city is the first to hold the opening and closing ceremonies indoors?
Which Hemisphere has never hosted the Winter Olympic Games?
Where was artifical snow first used in the Winter Olympics?
Who was to become the first athlete to compete at both the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games?
“Jeu de Paume” referred to what sport in the 1908 London Olympics?
What is the Olympic Motto?
What colour is the background of the Olympic Flag?
In what year - the only year - was Cricket an Olympic event?
What do the five interlinked Olympic rings on the Flag represent?
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