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When was the first crossing of the Panama Canal?
see also corresponding 'Panama Canal First Crossing' SuJoku puzzle
What term describes the study of ridiculous conversation?
see also corresponding 'Ridiculous Conversation' SuJoku puzzle
What night marks the coming of Epiphany on January 6th?
see also corresponding 'Night Before Epiphany' SuJoku puzzle
Who was born on January 4, 1809 and invented a worldwide system used by
blind and visually impaired people for reading and writing?
see also corresponding 'System For Blind People' SuJoku puzzle
What superstition began when Babe Ruth was sold by
the Boston Red Sox to the NY Yankees on January 3, 1920?
see also corresponding 'Boston Superstition' SuJoku puzzle
What event occurs on the 12th day after Christmas,
celebrating the visit of the Magi to the infant Jesus?
see also corresponding 'Twelve Days After Christmas Celebration' SuJoku puzzle
What calendar determines the date of the Chinese New Year?
see also corresponding 'Chinese New Year' SuJoku puzzle
Chinese Zodiac Page
What’s the term for the amount of land which can be ploughed in a day by an oxen team?
see also corresponding 'Oxen Plough Team' SuJoku puzzle
What do the initials in C.S. Lewis stand for?
see also corresponding 'CS Lewis Initials' SuJoku puzzle
What national day is on December 27th to make sure you give it away before the holiday season ends?
see also corresponding 'National Day Of Holiday Season' SuJoku puzzle
What Christmas plant is Viscum associated with?
see also corresponding 'Viscum Christmas Plant' SuJoku puzzle
What plant is associated with the Christmas legend of Madelon?
see also corresponding 'Madelon Christmas Plant' SuJoku puzzle
Before turkey was introduced to Britain from the U.S., what did the wealthy eat for their traditional Christmas dinner?
How many gifts would you receive if you received all of the gifts
in the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas”?
What is the world’s biggest lottery, held in Spain every December 22nd?
see also corresponding 'Spanish Christmas Lottery' SuJoku puzzle
What Christmas food is made from “marsh-whorts”?
What country was previously known for 200 years as Rupert’s Land?
see also corresponding 'Rupert's Land' SuJoku puzzle
What part of a sundial casts the shadow?
see also corresponding 'Sundial Shadow' SuJoku puzzle
What happened to Ancient Greek athletes when they had a false start?
see also corresponding 'Greek False Starts' SuJoku puzzle
What can’t you lick on yourself (besides your forehead, neck or back)?
see also corresponding 'Impossible Lick' SuJoku puzzle
What did celibate priests In Ancient Egypt abstain from that was thought to be too exciting?
see also corresponding 'Non Excited Priests' SuJoku puzzle
What term describes a black and white horse?
see also corresponding 'Black And White Horse' SuJoku puzzle
What were spider webs used as a cure for in the Middle Ages?
see also corresponding 'Spider Web Treatment' SuJoku puzzle
In Italy, what are cuttlefish cooked in?
see also corresponding 'Cooking Cuttlefish' SuJoku puzzle
What is the official state sport of Alaska?
see also corresponding 'Alaska State Sport' SuJoku puzzle
What is the hardest bone in the human body?
see also corresponding 'Hardest Human Bone' SuJoku puzzle
Which country has the world’s longest coastline?
What is the better-known name of the rapper also known as Slim Shady?
see also corresponding 'Slim Shady Name' SuJoku puzzle
What surprise attack on December 7, 1941 resulted in the U.S. declaring war on Japan?
see also corresponding 'Surprise Attack' SuJoku puzzle
What man-made accidental explosion occurred on December 6, 1917 in a Nova Scotia harbour?
see also corresponding 'Largest Man-made Accidental Explosion' SuJoku puzzle
What holiday figure is celebrated annually in the Netherlands on Saint Nicholas’ eve (December 5th)?
see also corresponding 'Saint Nicholas Eve Figure' SuJoku puzzle
Who performed the world’s 1st human heart transplant on December 3, 1967?
see also corresponding 'World's 1st Human Heart Transplant' SuJoku puzzle
What do you call the bumper guards on the underside of a toilet seat?
see also corresponding 'Toilet Seat Bumper Guards' SuJoku puzzle
What is the name of Oscar the Grouch’s pet worm in Sesame Street?
see also corresponding 'Oscar the Grouch Pet Worm' SuJoku puzzle
Anemology is the study of what?
see also corresponding 'Anemology' SuJoku puzzle
What Australian marsupial can be Common, Northern Hairy-Nosed or Southern Hairy-Nosed?
see also corresponding 'Australian Marsupial' SuJoku puzzle
What is a skunk’s biggest predator?
see also corresponding 'Skunk Predator' SuJoku puzzle
Where does a guy get stabbed in the back, and instead of dying, he sings?
see also corresponding 'Back Stabbed Singer' SuJoku puzzle
What are castrated young chickens, prized for their tender white flesh, called?
see also corresponding 'Castrated Young Chickens' SuJoku puzzle
At Old English weddings, what did the guests throw at the groom?
see also corresponding 'Thrown At Groom' SuJoku puzzle
What’s special about the glue on Israeli stamps?
see also corresponding 'Israeli Stamps' SuJoku puzzle
What does a Pulicologist study?
see also corresponding 'Pulicologist Studies' SuJoku puzzle
What is the name of the geologic era we are living in now?
see also corresponding 'Geologic Era' SuJoku puzzle
The Canary Islands were not named for canaries, but for what animal?
see also corresponding 'Canary Islands Animal' SuJoku puzzle
What is the main flavour in the French drink Pastis?
see also corresponding 'Pastis Flavour' SuJoku puzzle
What was the original French name for what is now Djibouti?
What is the most common last name in the United States?
see also corresponding 'Most Common US Last Name' SuJoku puzzle
Which famous canal was inaugurated on November 17, 1869?
see also corresponding 'Famous Canal' SuJoku puzzle
What Polish city is the birthplace of the Solidarity movement?
see also corresponding 'Polish Solidarity' SuJoku puzzle
Born on 24 March 1874 as Ehrich Weiss, what did he change his name to at age 17?
Who invented the mathematical equal sign?
What singer received the most curtain calls after an opera performance?
What inspired John McCrae’s poem “In Flanders Field”?
see also corresponding 'In Flanders Field' SuJoku puzzle
Who was born on 10 November 1483, and started the Protestant Reformation in 1517?
see also corresponding 'Protestant Reformation' SuJoku puzzle
What sport requires players to slide stones at houses?
see also corresponding 'Stones At Houses' SuJoku puzzle
What was the name of the man cub in “The Jungle Book”?
see also corresponding 'Jungle Book Man Cub' SuJoku puzzle
Who was the first female recipient of the Nobel Prize?
see also corresponding 'First Female Nobel Prize Winner' SuJoku puzzle
Where is the wettest inhabited place on earth?
What British celebration marks the failed “Gunpowder Plot” of 5 November 1605?
see also corresponding 'Gunpowder Plot Celebration' SuJoku puzzle
What archaeological site is known as the “Lost City of the Incas”?
see also corresponding 'Inca Lost City' SuJoku puzzle
What country did Panama secede from on November 3, 1903?
see also corresponding 'Panama Secedes' SuJoku puzzle
What is the world’s most addictive drug?
see also corresponding 'Most Addictive Drug' SuJoku puzzle
How many noses does a slug have?
Who was the youngest man to receive the Nobel Peace prize?
What is the longest-standing language in Scotland?
see also corresponding 'Scottish Language' SuJoku puzzle
Which monarch is said to have given Sherlock Holmes his emerald tiepin?
FBI agents are known as “G-men.” What does the “G” stand for?
In 1775, what name did Spaniard Manuel de Ayala give to Alcatraz Island?
see also corresponding 'Alcatraz Name' SuJoku puzzle
What is the best-selling candy bar of all time?
see also corresponding 'Best Selling Candy Bar' SuJoku puzzle
How many carats is pure gold?
What financial disaster started on October 24, 1929?
see also corresponding 'Financial Disaster' SuJoku puzzle
What did Sir Thomas More call his fictional island in the
Atlantic Ocean that had perfect social and political systems?
see also corresponding 'Fictional Island' SuJoku puzzle
What do you call a small, 8-sided, stuffed ornamental pincushion?
see also corresponding 'Ornamental Pincushion' SuJoku puzzle
Which Major League Baseball team’s name is composed solely of foreign words?
When we was the first ‘We Day’?
see also corresponding 'First We Day' SuJoku puzzle
What do singers Bob Dylan and Judy Garland have in common?
see also corresponding 'Dylan Garland Similarity' SuJoku puzzle
What is the alternative name for the Mona Lisa?
Why is October 16, 1846 known as Ether Day?
see also corresponding 'Ether Day' SuJoku puzzle
Which character is most often portrayed on-screen?
The leek is the national symbol of what country?
see also corresponding 'National Leek Symbol' SuJoku puzzle
What is a group of rats called?
see also corresponding 'Rat Group' SuJoku puzzle
What name is given to the ground a skier would ski on and a fencer would fence on?
see also corresponding 'Skier And Fencer Ground' SuJoku puzzle
What’s the name of Liverpool’s airport?
see also LiverPool - putting the liver in LiverPool Page
What movie did Peter Sellers play in as cat-loving Dr. Pratt?
see also corresponding 'Peter Sellers Movie' SuJoku puzzle
What is the Classical Latin name for Ireland?
see also corresponding 'Classical Ireland' SuJoku puzzle
What is the scientific name for kissing?
see also corresponding 'Scientific Kissing' SuJoku puzzle
Before his victory at the Battle of Hastings, what was William the Conqueror called?
see also corresponding 'William the Conqueror' SuJoku puzzle
Which dwarf is the only one without a beard in “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”?
see also corresponding 'Beardless Dwarf' SuJoku puzzle
What was the name of the world’s 1st earth orbiting satellite?
see also corresponding 'Earth Orbiting Satellite' SuJoku puzzle
What is the only product or process named after the U.S. Patent Office?
see also corresponding 'US Patent Process Name' SuJoku puzzle
Who gave the shortest Academy Award speech?
see also corresponding 'Shortest Academy Award Speech' SuJoku puzzle
What is ‘trail mix’ called in the U.K., Australia and New Zealand?
see also corresponding 'Trail Mix' SuJoku puzzle
Where is the world’s largest fiddle located?
see also corresponding 'World's Largest Fiddle' SuJoku puzzle
What is the World Record for “Largest Human Mattress Dominoes”?
see also Human Mattress Dominoes pictures
What is the longest time any person has stayed awake?
Where did our current playing cards originate?
What city did Napoleon’s army enter on September 14, 1812?
see also corresponding 'Napoleon's Army' SuJoku puzzle
Where did bagpipes originate?
What What does WiFi stand for?
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