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Why We Need Libraries

How else are you going to verify Donald Trump tweets?

Why We Need Libraries thanks to Wayne Nowazek

Always speak the truth. - George Washington

Oil and truth will get uppermost at last. - Proverb

We have art to save ourselves from the truth. - Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Truth has rough flavors if we bite it through. - George Eliot

I took the initiative in creating the internet. - Al Gore

Man discovers truth by reason only, not by faith. - Tolstoy

Not truth, but faith it is that keeps the world alive. - Edna St. Vincent Millay

People will believe anything they read on the internet. - Abraham Lincoln

Truth is simply whatever you can bring yourself to believe. - Alice Childress

Hurt me with the truth but don't comfort me with a lie. - Unknown

You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you mad. - Aldous Huxley

Sleep is so cute when it tries to compete with the internet. - Will Ferrell

Tell the truth so as to puzzle and confound your adversaries. - Henry Wotton

Believe those who are seeking the truth. Doubt those who find it. - Andre Gide

Praise follows truth afar off, and only overtakes her at the grave. - James R Lowell

If you are out to describe the truth, leave elegance to the tailor. - Albert Einstein

The closer you are to the truth, the more silent you become inside. - Naval Ravikant

Valentine's day without your love is like a year without the Internet. - Santosh Kalwar

What happens is fact, not truth. Truth is what we think about what happens. - Robert McKee

A lawyer will do anything to win a case, sometimes he will even tell the truth. - Patrick Murray

My way of joking is to tell the truth. It's the funniest joke in the world. - George Bernard Shaw

Truth is not only violated by falsehood; it may be equally outraged by silence. - Henri F Amiel

Competence, like truth, beauty and contact lenses, is in the eye of the beholder. - Laurence J Peter

A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes. - Mark Twain

A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on. - Winston Churchill

Whoever is careless with truth in small matters cannot be trusted in important affairs. - Albert Einstein

There's an element of truth in every idea that lasts long enough to be called corny. - Irving Berlin

There are sadistic scientists who hurry to hunt down errors instead of establishing the truth. - Marie Curie

I think 99 times and find nothing. I stop thinking, swim in silence, and the truth comes to me. - Albert Einstein

Truth is mighty and will prevail. There is nothing wrong with this, except that it ain’t so. - Mark Twain

Such is the irresistible nature of truth that all it asks, and all it wants, is the liberty of appearing. - Thomas Paine

Individuals need to be willing to face truth about their attitudes, behaviors, even what we want out of life. - Joyce Meyer

The Internet has turned what used to be a controlled, one-way message into a real-time dialogue with millions. - Danielle Sacks

I don't want any yes-men around me. I want everybody to tell me the truth, even if it costs them their job. - Samuel Goldwyn

Until Facebook came along, there was hardly anywhere on the public Internet where you had to operate with your real name. - David Kirkpatrick

It is unfortunate, considering that enthusiasm moves the world, that so few enthusiasts can be trusted to speak the truth. - Arthur Balfour

Life is like a library owned by the author. In it are a few books which he wrote himself, but most of them were written for him. - Harry Emerson Fosdick

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. - Arthur Schopenhauer

"Truth tellers" are often called Dividers. But truth doesn't divide, it polarizes. It reveals hidden divisions that already exist. - Unknown

It is easier to find a score of men wise enough to discover the truth than to find one intrepid enough, in the face of opposition, to stand up for it. - A Hodge

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