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Mennonite Covid

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Little and often make much. - Amish Saying

Be what you wish others to become. - Amish Saying

Bend the branch while it is young. - Amish Saying

Worse than failure is the failure to try. - Amish Saying

A mistake is evidence that you have tried. - Amish Saying

Being human is a privilege, not an excuse. - Amish Saying

An ounce of work is worth a ton of wishing. - Amish Saying

Difficulty is a miracle in its first stage. - Amish Saying

Lying in bed dreaming never got the work done. - Amish Saying

Poverty is not a shame unless you are slothful. - Amish Saying

If you aim at nothing, you're bound to hit it. - Amish Saying

A narrow mind and a wide mouth usually go together. - Amish Saying

Give some people an inch and they want to be rulers. - Amish Saying

Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers. - Voltaire

Every man must live with the man he makes of himself. - Amish Saying

Big ships can only be launched where the water is deep. - Amish Saying

If you must doubt, doubt your doubts, not your beliefs. - Amish Saying

It takes both rain and sunshine to make the garden grow. - Amish Saying

The more you know, the more you know you don't know. - Amish Saying

Usually the less we know the longer it takes to explain. - Amish Saying

Don't pull up your garden to see if it's growing. - Amish Saying

People with weak arguments have to develop strong voices. - Amish Saying

The time to relax is when you don't have time for it. - Amish Saying

A man is never old until his regrets outnumber his dreams. - Amish Saying

A round wife and a full barn are the signs of good success. - Amish Saying

Making no choice when we have to choose is itself a choice. - Amish Saying

We don't realize how wonderful today is until tomorrow. - Amish Saying

A great deal of what we see depends on what we are looking for. - Amish Saying

If we growl all day we're likely to feel dog tired at night. - Amish Saying

The less a thing can be proved the hotter we get arguing about it. - Amish Saying

We are seldom aware of what's cooking until the pot boils over. - Amish Saying

He who strikes the first blow confesses that he has run out of ideas. - Amish Saying

The problem with a little sin is that it usually grows into a big one. - Amish Saying

The steam that blows the whistle can't be used to turn the wheels. - Amish Saying

You begin to slip when you'd rather win an argument than be right. - Amish Saying

If you want to keep a secret, don't whisper in your wife's ear. - Amish Saying

If you want a place in the sun, you've got to expect a few blisters. - Abigail Van Buren

The best way to succeed in life is to act on the advice you give others. - Amish Saying

At Motel 6 in Amish Country, I wonder if they leave the light on for you? - Jay London

If you think you have influence, try ordering some else's dog around. - Amish Saying

The way some people look for faults, you'd think there's a reward. - Amish Saying

Our fathers teach us what we should become, our mothers teach us what we are. - Amish Saying

Better to let them wonder why you didn't speak than to wonder why you did. - Amish Saying

It's not the revolutions that destroy the machinery, it's the friction. - Amish Saying

The archer who overshoots his mark does no better than he who falls short of it. - Amish Saying

When a person slaps you on the back, he may be trying to help you swallow something. - Amish Saying

No man is so wise that he knows everything, nor is any man so stupid he knows nothing. - Amish Saying

Death isn't the greatest loss in life. It's what dies inside of us while we live. - Amish Saying

If a dollar doesn't do what it used to, remember that hardly anyone else does either. - Amish Saying

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