“2 Pens” Award Program

Recognition for those who provide exceptional customer service

Ever notice someone who provides exceptional customer service? In recognition of those people - not just those who give 100% at work - but those who give even more than 289% at work, joe-ks.com has - as a New Year’s Resolution - created a new ‘2 Pens’ Award... Those mentioned below have gone ‘above and beyond’ the call of duty on their jobs, and have provided outstanding customer service!

The Joe-kster, in his visits to all kinds of service organizations, is looking for just such an outstanding person... Instead of receiving the customary single joe-ks.com pen (for ‘ordinary’ service), these recipients have been honoured with 2 pens, and given an ‘honourable mention’ here so that you can be made aware of their accomplishments.

This award will be given on a random basis, and subject to (1) selection by the Joe-kster; and (2) not being a relative of a joe-ks.com employee...

The very first “2 Pens” recipient is Jennifer W.
Jennifer W. - first '2 Pens' Award Winner

(Jennifer is on the left above, with her Manager, Theresa)
Jennifer works at the Olive Garden Restaurant in Langley, B.C. Jennifer is a very gracious, inspiring host and goes that ‘extra mile’ to look after your every need!

The Second “2 Pens” award goes to Wayne Dodding
Wayne Dodding - second '2 Pens' Award Winner

Wayne is a Service Advisor in the Honda Service Department,
Automall Drive, Abbotsford, B.C.
Wayne’s service department provides you with superb vehicle service, excellent feedback @ a great price - and a clean, vacuumed vehicle to drive home in!

The Third “2 Pens” award goes to Trevor, Sarah & Alexis
Trevor, Sarah and Alexis - third '2 Pens' Award Winners

A&W, Sumas Way, Abbotsford, B.C.
Exceptional “added value” customer service from the staff here!

The Fourth “2 Pens” award goes to Irene, Alice & Wendy
Irene, Alice and Wendy - fourth '2 Pens' Award Winners

for Outstanding Chinese Food & Even Better Service!
Mr. Ho Wonton House, Burnaby, B.C.

The Fifth “2 Pens” award goes to Chris Johnson Chris Johnson (aka Dr. Laugh) - fifth '2 Pens' Award Winner

of  www.drlaugh.com for his contageously enthusiastic seminars on restoring humour & humanity in the workplace!

The Sixth “2 Pens” award goes to Brenda of Fogg n’ Suds Restaurant, Campbell River for her efficient, friendly & prompt service!

The Seventh “2 Pens” award goes to Deborah D.
Deborah D. - seventh '2 Pens' Award Winner

of Budget Car & Truck Rental,  Campbell River Airport for her warm personality, enthusiastic & great service!

The Eighth “2 Pens” award goes to Larry Reimer
Larry Reimer - eighth '2 Pens' Award Winner

General Manager of  the old spaghetti factory, New Westminster for his excellent, consistent & warm customer service!

The Ninth “2 Pens” award goes to Wickham Havens Jr.
Wickham Havens Jr. - ninth '2 Pens' Award Winner

Flying J’s LLC Discount Tours,  Las Vegas, Nevada
(Grand Canyon by Airplane/Helicopter/Bus, Hoover Dam, White Water Rafting)
for his superb customer service re all things Las Vegas!
(did you know that part of the Berlin Wall exists in the men’s restroom @ Main Street Station Hotel?)

The Tenth “2 Pens” award goes to Mary Beth Woodruff
Mary Beth Woodruff - tenth '2 Pens' Award Winner

String Chamber Music Professor @ Biola University Conservatory of Music, Los Angeles, California
for her outstanding dedication, inspiration & encouragement to music students @ Biola!
Listen to Mary Beth online... (choose Instrumental / Symphony Orchestra:  Bach Concerto for 2 Violins)
(PS: two joe-ks.com pens in a 1727 violin!)

The Eleventh “2 Pens” award goes to Barbara Mitchell
Barbara Mitchell - eleventh '2 Pens' Award Winner

for her outstanding pies & smiling, personal customer service @ the Chilliwack Airport Coffee Shop!
... click here for mapquest.com directions to the Chilliwack Airport

We invite you to say hello to these fine folks, and encourage you to support their business. Provide excellent customer service and you too could become a ‘2 Pen’ Award winner!

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