If it's Nae Scottish... it's Crr~ap!

Best of joe-ks.com's CRAPPy Acronyms

Svend 'Pockets' Ring? That's C.R.A.P.P.!That's C.R.A.P.P.!

Vancouver - Tired of boring, overused, and TOO MANY lists of dumb dubm Acronyms? Ever heard of someone strongly objecting to something, and exclaiming "That's Crap!"

Here's the start of joe-ks.com's own CRAPPy labels - and what better way to start than with one of our own Canadian politicians...

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Canada's World War II Invasion of Norway?

Submissions from ImmobileLobster
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Submission from Deborah Evans

Submission from George Davey


1st Submission from Vietnam Veteran Roy Nielsen

Submission from George Lott

2nd Submission from Vietnam Veteran Roy Nielsen

Submission from Shane Donnelly 

... and speaking of "CRAPP"...

"As long as people will accept crap, it will be financially profitable to dispense it."

Would You “Go” In This Glass Restroom?

Bad Gas Humour
Outhouse Disposal


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