Weekend Woodcutter’s Ultimate V8 Chainsaw  (1.4M)

Racing Meets Logging – bring on your Paul Bunyan!
“Log On” takes on new meaning for chainsaw hackers

Have you ever wondered what sort of equipment a racer from the
Pacific Northwest utilizes when he’s got some logging needs?

You, know, it’s raining in the Pacific Northwest, it’s a late
Saturday night, you pick up the chainsaw, and you look in the garage to the
old Harley that you just don’t ride very much
any more, and you go, “You know what – I’ve got an idea!”

Well, check this out – racing meets logging in a V twin chainsaw!
And if that’s not enough, you look at your spouse’s Ford station
wagon, and you say, “You know what, the next step’s a V6… and, of course,
if you don’t have enough power - if that log’s just too big - you go to the
V8, baby – that’s what I’m talking about!”

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