riddzzle n. from "riddle" and "puzzle." A jigsaw puzzle made by taking some text, and turning each letter into a graphic image that starts with that letter.

List of Graphic Images



Sample Riddzzle Puzzles
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

Meet Lee Bradley (,
who creates Handmade Jigsaw Puzzles
With A Prime Number Of Pieces:
cwuzzles, ddubbulls, edgies, googoghs, mobuzzles,
poo bahs, puzzactals, puzzizzas, puzzories, quartychs,
ram curls, renewzzles, riddzzles and uzzles
(Lebsters Limited Edition Dictionary of the above weird puzzles...)

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Lee's Wooden Crossword Puzzle of the "Frog to Horse Illusion"!
(NB: Animated version of "Frog to Horse Illusion")