Archives: April, 2004

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Martha, Saddam and Michael - close bakemates!

Prison Bakery

Finding the perfect product

Army's 'Eat Through Anything' Liquid

Drastic improvement expected in company computer usage

Computer's Organization Plan of the Future

Battlefield casualty - sword of...

Suffer From Iron Poor Blood? (PG)

Advertising with a sense of humour

Advertisement Potpourri

Tiger practicing off helideck @ Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai

Tiger Wood's Dubai-ous Golf Course

Slow learner participation in school

Sentence Maker's Defeated Deductions

Serving breakfast at any time

Birthday Cards for 2004

What should Bubba do?

Ben Dover and Eileen Forward

Summer camping in Saskatchewan

Mosquito Hordes

Just in case you have an emergency...

Emergency Chores for the Spouse

History teaches us a lesson

1923 Leaders and Losers

Why you don't want to get between these two animals

What You Get When You Cross an Elephant with a Rhinoceros

Native Indian travel wisdom

Departing Buffalo

Making horse sense in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Amish Man's Occupation

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