Archives: April, 2005

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In keeping with fine Mennonite tradition, Menno Air builds brand equity

Menno Air Splits - Makes Basiness Sanse!

Planning for an Aardvark marriage?

Aardvark Marriage Insurance

When your cat needs a place to lie down

Suicide Cat

Those who can't dance should keep their day jobs

People Who Can't Dance

Bonfire Backfire - how to prepare yourself for combustion

Don't Play With Fire

Think twice about cutting off a cyclist

Cold Dip Cyclist Cutter-Offer

Last rights taken between two friends

Dying Pope's Last Request

Are you satisfied with your current salary?

Automatic Salary Review

Why poor planning won't get you away from Accident-Al paperwork

Bricklayer's Accident Report

How not to hot brand a horse - rib-crackler du jour

A New 'Brand' of Pain - OUCH!!!

Why the 20,000 Leagues Submarine sank

20,000 Leagues Under The Sea - the Real Story

Why you shouldn't clean your glasses for the hairstylist

Clean Your Lens NOT

Why get all dressed up?

Redneck Shopping Dress

Role reversal for the cat and dog - just ain't fair!

Sometimes Life Just Isn't Fair

Trying to find an illusive police wheel can be tire-ing

Police Penance - Find the Missing Tire

Build your next arc with computer screens!

Bridging the Computer Gap

Motorcycle for ladies with high heel suspension

High Heel Motorcycle

Planning on going to prom in a stretch Corvette?

Grad Prom in a Stretch 'Vette

How to make shorter employee bathroom breaks

Sitting On The Throne - A Tacky Experience

If this guy cuts off his dreadlocks, will he lose his in-hairitance?

Taking Donations For Scissors

Scientists discover new strain of dogweed – potted version

Dog On Pot

How to recognize a Redneck home - by its insulation!

Redneck House Siding

Purrfect meal for a baby's light snack

Cat Got Your Tongue?

Electrician makes 'short' work of a downside situation

Downside Electric - 'Short' Safety Program

Beware of slow cyclists on the road...

Cyclists Speed Limit Strictly Enforced

Prairie special - cutting the lawn with your motorcycle!

Saskatchewan Chopper Lawn Mower

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