Archives: April, 2006

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Guys - test your handling skills!

Road Map for Men

Loud request to heaven for gifts about to be received

Toy Prayers

Looking for a challenge? Bear with us for the ultimate answer!

Preaching To A Bear

And you thought you had a tough job - this 'tips' them all

Elephant Circumcision

Those who get too big for their britches will be exposed in the end.


Modern technology helps men better listen to women

Breast Implant Breakthrough

Innovative chaperone for your daughter's next date

Trunk Monkey Chaperone

Highly supported by the safety-conscious Joe-kster himself!

New Blackberry Accessories

If you had a choice, who would you rather stay with?

Cure for Child Abuse

Bubba now has 2 best friends!

Redneck Dog

You know you're a 2006 redneck when...

Redneck 2006

Rednecks know how to use flower power

Flat Tarr

New Orleans appoints Noah as Project Manager

Rebuilding in New Orleans

Young chick's flowering future

Beauty That's Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Added service with your next gas fillup

5 Dollars of Gas

Watts You See Is Watts You Get!

Live Line Technique: Limits of Non-Approach

Boris remodels his World War II side car

Tank Bike

Heads-up followers of the Coke movement

Coke Heads

Leave your cat alone to play with itself forever!

Cat Flap - a Toast For Your Cat

Looking for a nice playground to take your kids to?

Pooped Out Playground

Bubba shelters his school day memories

Redneck Storm Shelter

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