Archives: August, 2004

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Setting your wakeup time to an unknown quantity

404 Clock for Computer Geeks

George and Tony may soon be separated thanks to recent advances in nanosurgery

Hope For Siamese Twin Separation

Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker

Ogden Nash Quotes

The Feudal World: the rise of the Manurial System

Medieval History by College Students

Unusual alternatives to common high-priced medicine treatment

Alternate Uses For Brand Name Products

How is your son doing?

Son Braggarts on the Golf Course

Golf clothes at par

Golfer Pants

Hopefully the Doctor can cure his snoring in time

Help For The Snoring Husband

Newfie Vet's 'Proctocol' Remedy

Cross-Eyed Bull

Making political connections

George Bush Quotes

Choosing a successful product name

Cornering the Mountain Bike Market

Waiting for a birthday celebration?

Why I Fired My Secretary

Worrying about where you live?

Canadian Snowbirds Moving To or From Florida?

What goes around comes around

Antique Regifting

Taking a chance with an auditor genie

Cowboy's Gift From Revenue Canada

Old Testament nationalities

Russian Paradise

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