Archives: August, 2005

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It takes a lot to get a Newfie down

Cheer Up - It Could Be Worse

Smart Consultant's Name: Bill Fast

Baby Names - Based On Profession

What happens if you say your prayers too quickly

Pre-Planned Prayer

Second Coming news from the Vatican

Pope's Good and Bad News Message

This Church denomination is under construction

Non-Denomination Church

Guide to determine the personality of your Doctor

Doctor Types

Looking for stunt-driven city life?

Stunt City

How to get more for less from a musician

Non-Fraternizing Musician

You can do almost anything with your feet

No Arms Mom - Amazing Inspiration

Need a hamburger? Have this guy get a 'sign'ed one 4U

Hamburger a la Sign - Only In Japan!

Abbott and Costello In The Computer Age

'Who's On First' for 2005 Computers

Powerful and hamming it up

Hamster-powered Cell Phone Charger

Scientists dig for original hi-tech clues

Telephone Technology History - Dig It!

Why guys need wifely protection at the beach

Wife Download - Beach Intervention Technique

The wife knows when to buy 2-for-1 specials

'For The Dog' Bowl

Never judge a book by its author

Books Never Written

Racing on the NASCAR circuit reaches lowest level

NASCAR's New Downhill Race Track

I would say this is a gimme...

Golf Gimme

'I think I've changed my mind about fat chicks!'

Suntan For Weight Loss

Help us name this creature... Whazzit's name?

Whazzit - New Animal Breed

Want something to crow about? This bird's 4U...

Dental Floss That Crows On You

When the dog becomes a backseat driver

Mommy's Driving Too Fast Again

How to adapt to changing winds

Bend-But-Don't Break On The Mountain Top

An Abbott & Costello 1941 math classic - creative counting 4U

Proof That 7 x 13 = 28

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